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*Exciting New Series for Doom -- worth a reading!*

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Silence pervaded the winding corridors, composed of sterile metal. In some places, the panels were torn off, revealing frayed wires, spraying sparks, and the damaged ventilation system. An eerie white mist filled the hallway, billowing from the damaged heating pipes. All the while, the soft glow of the safety lights pulsed a dull yellow at ten foot intervals. Corpses dotted the passway, as they fell...some were marines in their heavy armor, claws raked through the kevlar and bled them to death as they fired off their last rounds into the vaguely humanoid figures...their corpses strewn at equally haphazard locations. These naked creatures were covered by a leathery skin marred with bumps and irregularities. Curving spikes protruded from their shoulders in a menacing array like satanic daggers in a ravaged body. The red glow that once emanated in their eye sockets was extinguished by the .45 caliber bullets that shredded their body. The silence was overbearing...

Then, at the mouth of the corridor, a massive door opened, creaking in it's tracks. A 6 foot figure stood there, trembling, a shadow in the mist of the vapor spray from the heating pipes. He shambled in, walking heavily, fatigue drenching his body...he gingerly stepped around the bodies of his fallen comrades, though he knew none of them, and the emaciated bodies of the fallen beasts.

He stumbled further, tripping on his own feet until he came to a an opening in the wall, a crater left there from an exploded waste barrel. Setting his pump-action shotgun at his feet and unbuckling his bandoleer, laden with 24 slugs, he slid down the wall and crumpled to his haunches, feeling the slight moisture soak into his uniform. His helmet was slick with sweat and was an encumberance, he thought. He loosened the neck strap and layed it at his side. Lifting his hand to his face, he held it there to see how much it shook. He was a wreck...But he had to regain his breath or he'd be another body on the cold steel grating.

His battle-fevered mind drifted back to what had happened earlier...closing his eyes, the voices rushed back into his skull...

"Goddammnit Trevor, are trying to get us fucking killed? Stay with me!"


"How much do you have in your clip and your sidepack?"

Trevor's hands fumbled with his .45 caliber standard-issue pistol. "I've got 9 rounds in my magazine and two clips in my pack."

"And how's the leg? Will you be able to hold out till we get to the med lab?"

"Yessir, I'm fine, sir." Trevor was clearly lying. His leg was still oozing blood, which stained his leg from the thigh all the way down to the calf. A huge laceration made a lateral mark on his trousers, with shreds of muscle sprouting from the wound.

"Good. That'll last you until we get to the armory. Let's go, and this time don't try to play leader, stay with me."


He tried to navigate his way down the maze of corridors, but everything looked so alien, so strange with only the safety lights on and with the heavy mist from the broken pipes filling the halls. As he walk-ran down the corridor, he looked over his shoulder to make sure Trevor really was still there. He was. Good. He had to wipe the eye-piece of his helmet periodically to clear the fog that came from the humidity in the air.

"All right. Right past this door we should find an intersection. If we turn left, we'll be well on our way to getting to the armory."

Suddenly a low growl rumbled from behind the door that was only 7 feet in front of the men. He signaled to Trevor, indicating that he should cover him as he opened the door. Carefully, he stepped 5 feet over on the left side and hit the door switch with the flat of his hand. The heavy steel-alloy door strained as the failing hydraulic system struggled to heft the door upward on it's track. The door shuddered half way up and he could see a couple figures shifting in the dark on the other side of the door, low grows rolling in their throats.

The door groaned and finally made it all the way up. One of the two figures on the other side rushed out, jaws gaping, and leapt at Trevor. Trevor fell back and shot several rounds into it's chest but before he could hold it off any longer, his throat was clamped shut in the vise-like grip of it's massive maw. As the teeth punctured his throat, he bled to death as the beast fed on his still warm body, his heart yet beating.

He stood, aghast, but he had little opportunity to contemplate what had just happened as the other figure darted out from the darkness at him, passing through the soft yellow glow of the safety light. He could see it rather clearly, it had a large, box-like head and most of the head was composed of an ever-salivating mouth, lined with wicked looking teeth, obviously made for rending flesh. Two small eyes lay in the back of the skull, filled with a sharp pulsing light filled with unbridled hatred. The rest of the seven and a half foot body was bound with muscles, vaguely resembling a huge ape.

The creature charged him and struck him to the ground, but he kept a clean bead on it's head. He fired two successive rounds into the skull, blood gouting into the air, with flecks shimmering in the soft lights. It's body went limp and it crumpled to the ground with a dull thud.

There was nothing he could do for Trevor, or what was left of Trevor, who was being feasted upon by the other demon...or whatever it was. His only chance was to run, though he hated himself for doing just that. He picked himself up and ran for the other side of the doorway. He slammed the door switch and it began it's downward shudder to close him off from the beast on the other side. The hydraulic shifter failed halfway through and he could see the demon pick up it's head and snarl vindictively as it shifted it's attention to the fleeing marine. It stepped closer, it's claws clacking on the metal grating. He had no further choice, he simply had to run if he wished to live.

He held his shotgun tightly and turned left at the corridor, sprinting as quickly as his body armor would allow. He turned left, right and so on until he was sure he lost his pursuer. The problem was that he wasn't very confident he knew where he was.

"I'm going to have to stop at the computer station for an automap...though I'm not even sure where that is either," he thought aloud. He guessed as he could, trying to find a familiar sight that would help him gain his bearings. He staggered down the hallway...

...He opened his eyes again, regaining his focus. He realized where he was. It seemed he'd have to go through the barracks to get to either the computer station or the armory. So be it, he thought. Achingly, he picked up his weary body and re-attached his bandolier and picked up his shotgun. With fears bounding in his tattered sanity, he staggered down the hall again, heading for the next door...


Well, that's it for the first installment of my new Doom saga. I hope it was enjoyable and please let me know what you'd like to see in future postings of more Doom saga. :)

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"New" Doom saga? Does that mean that it takes place AFTER the events in Doom and Doom 2?

Anyway, you've done a mighty fine job here. I see quality in that bit of writing and you've kinda attacked it from a new angle, starting out with the "present" situation and then explaining what happened before in flashbacks - I like it.

So far, I miss a bit more backstory: What happened to Trevor's leg? Where does the story take place? Lots of things. Maybe you'll tell us more about what happened before the current events in later chapters?

Anyway, keep it up.

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When I use "new" for this Doom saga, I mean new as in fresh. :) This takes place approximately between episode one and episode two of Doom I in terms of time placement. As for Trevor, one can only guess how he was injured, whether it be an imp scratch, an injury sustained when running away, etc. I plan on posting new additions for a contiguous story as regularly and often as possible. By the way thanks, DSM, for the kind words. :)

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I'm wondering on how far to take this...since it's based around the middle of Doom I if it should stretch to and through Ultimate Doom, Doom II or even Final Doom. If anyone has any suggestions, please share.

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I'd kinda like to see something new instead of yet another retelling of the original Doom storyline. We haven't really seen many stories based on Thy Flesh Consumed or on Final Doom (we've barely seen any such stories at all), so I'd pretty much like to see this move into the fourth episode of UDoom - preferably to see some nice interpretations of this fourth episode.

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