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A Zip of all my midis I've made. (24 midis)

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This is one zip file of my 24 midis. Most of them are unnamed, free for anyone to use in their project. I will write a small description of each midi included below.

The midis are meant for any normal sound font, the one I use is the one that comes with windows (Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth).

Sorry about the filenames, its a little messy. Sorry if this post is a little messy in general.



midi1 - A doom midi.

midi2 - Another doom midi, would probably fit an e1m2 type map or a map with just a lot of slime in it.

midi3 - Just another midi.

midi4 - Another.

midi5 - One of my best doom midis.

midi6 - A sort of jungle type midi.

midi64(7) - My first attempt at a Doom 64 style midi.

midi8 - This is another normal doom midi.

midi9 - Made to fit a e2m8 kind of midi.

midi10 - Just another regular midi.

midi11 - Very ambient midi. Kinda low effort just random water wave and helicopter sounds placed randomly. Probably might sound broken on most soundfonts.

midi12 - Another sort of Doom 64 midi.

midi13 - Sort of creepy midi I guess.

midi13(1) - This is sort of a 2nd version of midi13

midifirst - E1M1 type midi. I think this is my first midi ever made, or at least one of them.

midisecond - Another regular doom midi.

titlescreen - A Title screen midi.

1titlescreen - Another title screen midi.

intermission - An intermission type midi.

intermission2 - Another intermission type midi.

D_E1M5 - My remake from memory of Doom's E1M5 midi.

D_DDTBLU - My remake from memory of Doom 2's MAP08 midi.

Bloons Rock Party by Tim Haywood - Midi of this song

Freedoommap10 Remix - Remix of This Freedoom midi. imo by best midi, even though its just a remix.

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Is it okay if I use it for my game? (It's a project about making games for handhelds)

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4 hours ago, RetroAkaMe said:

Is it okay if I use it for my game? (It's a project about making games for handhelds)

Yeah sure I guess

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On 9/25/2021 at 3:46 PM, mxbobbie49 said:

Yeah sure I guess

Thanks. Nice songs tbh

I'll credit you if I can credit you somewhere in the engine

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