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DooMer 4ever

The New Oldstuff Chronicles #9

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I know there aren't many reviews this time, but I decided to post this anyway, knowing that this will most propably be the last review set for 6-12 months (at least from me, maybe black void will still continue) because I have to go to army. So, I'll be back if doomworld still exists, WWIII has not been started and I'm still interested in Doom and I'm able to play it ;) Goodbye.

tyhall15 Sparkle Tom 45 %

The architecture, texturing and the amount of details of this level are really awful. The reason for the "high" points is the monster placement. It was interesting enough to make me play the level interested nearly all the way through. The ending is boring though because when you've killed all the monsters there you need to find all the keys and no new monsters will come to the area. There should have been less ammo and health though.

twohouse Michael Lundy 48 %

Two house levels. They're a little better looking than usually but they still have many of those annoying house level features: there are too many doors, many emty rooms (though not that many in this one) and too much ammo. Texturing is sometimes weird too, in one room there is an uac door for example. The moster placement was better than usually, extra points for that. There could have been some keys in the levels too I think...

twilab Andy Badorek 50 %

One big averagely detailed wad. Same textures have been used too many times making the level look a bit boring. There could have been a bit more of those bigger monsters too especially because there was too much shotgun ammo due to the shotgun guys. There wasn't high amount of medikits but the level was still too easy, at least so I think if I can complete it at the first try, or maybe I'm just too good a player ;) A wad with sounds you don't wanna use included.

twad TOM 15 %

In the readme it says that there are four levels, but actually there are eight. Levels 7 and 8 have no monsters though and the final level has only few sectors, so maybe maybe the author has meant only levels 1-4 to be played. That would be kind of weird though because the only map I played interested was map 06 which was actually quite good. The other levels are awful, a lot of copy paste has been used, rooms are too big and monster placement boring. So, if you want to try this wad, you might want to skip to map06. Btw, if map05 is a finished level, it is one of the worst levels I've ever played.

turdhil2 David Kratz 5 %

The gameplay in this level surely is annoying: lots of barrels, teleports, and walking through walls. I did give some points though because - uh... No, I don't know why. Maybe because it's so old and not THAT bad comparing to some of the levels I've played.

turbo_12 Shawn Thomas 25 %

It's too hard to find the way on this wad, mainly because there are so many teleporters and some walls you have to walk through too. The monster placement is quite good though and not too easy either. The architecture is very simple but doesn't look exactly bad, texture use is often too simple though.

tun-run Russel Pearsson 80 %

This level looks very good. It's well detailed and most of the textures have been chosen well. Unfortunately I couldn't enjoy the gameplay that much: The map is very linear, which usually is ok to me, but for some reason it was a bit annoying in this map. Possibly because of the very tight ammo placement. You get very little ammo in the level, just so much that you have enough to kill the monsters that get in your way. So, if you get chaingun ammo you propably need to use it. Health was also quite sparse, so if you lose too much health, for example when you open a door and get shot by chaingunners waiting for you behind it, you propably need to load your game. The final annoying thing was that you cannot kill all the monsters, there just isn't enough ammo for that, at least if you don't get some secret I missed.

tunnels Wesley Fredrick 40 %

The name of this wad really describes it well. It's a level with very tight tunnels and some small rooms and outside areas. The tunnels are tight but they are filled with strong monsters so the level isn't easy. Even the final cyberdemon room is far too small and makes the fight pretty annoying. Pulse rifle is the main weapon of this level and I have never liked that much. Good challenge, poor gameplay, ok looking texturing and detailing.

tunnel11 Dominique Lavergne 35 %

This level has far too much ammo and health, but it was still kind of fun to play. If most of the medikits and ammo boxes would be removed, I believe this would be a decent level. The monster placement was interesting, but it had too many maze-like parts though.

EDIT: oh, I almost forgot, TNOC award goes to tun-run by Russell Pearsson. Interesting architecture but too strictly planned gameplay.

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Thanks much for going through the brain damage for us on these maps.

I just love these oldstuff reviews and hope they can continue.

Best of luck and safety to you while you are gone. We hope to see ya' 'round again.

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Note: Twilab also appear in Memento Mori as map 21. The Memento Mori version is the superior one.

Anyone noticed the numerous E2 references in it. It is basically an E2 potpourri.

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