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Internet Gaming via JDoom? Howto?

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Well, today I tried to play JDoom online but unfortunately I failed :(

I tried to retrieve a serverlist from the masterserver but there were none available. Then I tried to play with my friend via direct connect by typing in the console "net connect <hisip>" but it didn't work. It seemed like JDoom didn't even try connect to him. It quite says after typing: "Connection Failed" :(

Can anybody help?

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I'm assuming that Jdoom will connect via TCP/IP like Zdoom does. So, first make sure your computers can "see" each other by pinging each other. Have him ping your IP address and see that he gets a reasonable number (not more than a few tenths of a second). Ping his IP address from your computer too. Once that's worked out, you can look into whatever the Jdoom issues might be...it does sound like Jdoom doesn't see the network if it did not try to find the other player.

I'll go look for some Jdoom docs.

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I see some interesting things in the Jdoom docs. Have you followed all of the instructions, such as this:

2. Initialize the service provider, i.e. the network protocol.
First set the service provider's configuration variables, for
example TCP/IP's "net-ip-port". Then give the network
initialization command, for instance "net init tcpip".

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