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"Spawner" Gamemode

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I don't know if this sort of Gamemode exists yet. I am simply posting an idea. Current name is a placeholder


So, Imagine Doom 2 but with someone controlling the monster spawns.


2 Teams

The Players.

The Director.


The players goal is to get to the end of the map and reach the final map to kill the Icon Of Sin (The Director).

The Director's goal is to prepare defenses in a level by putting monsters at certain points of the map to stop the players.


The Players have a limited amount of lives and if those lives reach 0 its game over and the director wins. The players could also buy lives if needed (at a high price)

Players can earn coins to purchase guns, ammo, or armor. The players can earn coins via killing monsters, picking up coins that is pre-set on the map, and completing a level. Players lose coins if one them dies.


The Director gets coins overtime, he can choose to upgrade his coin production via spending coins. They can earn more coins if the monsters they spawned kill one of the players. 



The Setup Phase


A 1 Minutes setup phase is given to both teams.

The players will use the coins they earned to buy items and weapons, and think of a strategy.


The Director uses the coins they earned overtime to buy monsters and put them on the map. 





The players get a limited arsenal




Chaingun (Purchase only)

Plasma gun (Purchase Only)

Rocket launcher (Purchase only)

(I decided to not put the super shotgun since the thing would just blow most of the monsters like pinkies and chaingunners)

(yes, i know its just the original doom 1 arsenal so shut up)


As for the director, the director can't spawn certain monsters such as:


Lost Souls

Spectres (Because it wouldn't matter if they were in the roster anyway)

CyberDemon (Because the players would just circle-strafe around the thing)


(The Pricing for monsters are based on how dangerous they are to the players)



(It Wouldn't matter but what the heck)


The map balancing for this gamemode is very basic.

The mapset should appeal to both The Players and The Director.


The Players should have a room to make preparations and enough health and ammo pickups for the players to use. but not that many.

Overall, the maps for a gamemode like this require basic mapping etiquette but with a little spice.



(Again, I don't know if this kind of gamemode exists, i already tried to search for a gamemode like this but to no avail)

(I don't know if this is possible in the doom engine, probably with the GZdoom engine with a little tweaking but still it would be a pretty hard gamemode to make)

(I already made maps for a gamemode like this, most of which are unfinished since well.... there is no gamemode like this that i could find)

(I could try and make this happen, but your talking to a 16 year old with no experience in scripting, programming and creativity. i really could only make maps and custom sprites but even that took way too much than it need to be)




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