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Destroyable column

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I saw a short clip of someone having built & scripted a destroyable column in Doom. Unfortunately, I didn't bookmark it and cannot find it anymore...


But the idea seemed so interesting, that I had to try it myself. So I created a multi-ringed, fully-meshed column with 83(!) sectors and wrote a script.


The script is better than the original since it did not check if the shot passed the column's inside and hit another part from the back.


I managed to do just that; now, the player can stand still and shoot the column right through.


There's just one thing: I (still) can't get the Z coordinate of the projectile impact. There are topics in progress on doomworld and zdoom that I created for this.


That's why the appearing damage always starts in the middle of the column and increases before anything behind it can be hit (which could be improved by having the Z coordinate^^).


But it's fun to play around with :P


Latest Update:

  • made script dynamic by removing almost all fixed numbers (still needed: floor- & ceiling-heights of the room the column is standing in)
  • parameters now are sector (the outer linedef) and startsector (the first sector of the whole column)
  • added second column to example wad


To Do:

  • get Z coordinate of projectile impact for smoother destruction
  • spawn some kind of rubble spawner at impact coords


All you need for personal use is:

  • copy/paste or create the mesh like in the picture below
  • number the sectors the same way
  • right click outer linedef one by one and enter sector number and the starting sector of the column
  • adjust the ceiling & floor height value at the top of the script


Download:  column destruction.zip



column structure + linedef setting



Edited by vedan

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Fun concept, I like the ingenuity! Have you explored the built-in "destructible geometry" (aka Linedefs with health) function in GZDoom? It might add an extra layer of control to your set up. 


1 hour ago, vedan said:

fully-meshed column


On a separate note, I'm curious what you mean by "fully-meshed"? Do you mean fully textured? Unless you're importing models Doom doesn't use meshes.

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57 minutes ago, Bauul said:



I tried to describe that all vertices of the rings in the column are connected to form sectors, that's all.

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