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Guess the map [3rd edition] (ANSWERS REVEALED, THANK YOU FOR PLAYING!)

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Previous threads: 1 2


The idea is simple, you see screenshots of map layouts and you're free to guess as many maps as you can. Each will belong to a different wad to make things varied and interesting. Unlike the last two threads, this will follow a difficulty progression:


Easy: These will include maps that are from IWADs or very popular levels from very popular PWADs that are Top 100/cacoward winners
Medium: These will include PWAD levels that are usually popular, as in they are Top 100 WADs of all time/cacoward winners or runners-up

Hard: These will include PWAD levels that are less popular than the showstealers in Top 100/cacoward winners, as well as memorable levels from lesser known PWADs
Expert: PWAD levels that are much lesser known and usually not from famous cacoward winners/Top 100 wads, though there may be some that were from winners/runners up but are generally not well-remembered levels.
Master: More obscure than the Expert category but follows the same criteria. Soon we'll see even more obscure PWADs in this category.

Like before, the screenshots will be accompanied by a hint for each one. New hints will be delivered for all maps on the 18th of September. The correct answers will be given on the last weekend of September, which is the 25th. You may now guess away!









-Said to be the predecessor to the city and sandbox levels

-I always got that secret exit by straferunning instead of rocket-jumping







-One of the earliest-known slaughtermaps, nestled in the middle of an "innocent" team project

-A precursor to Plutonia's difficulty perhaps?







-Climb that staircase!

-The revamped version for Doom 2 added a new secret and some slight architecture changes







-Jimmy describes this map as one where you can get arch-vile blasted and hit by a lost soul mid-flight

-More or less inspired by 01







-Watch your step, and this has nothing to do with Doom 64 by the way

-This map inspired a Doom Core level which had gameplay going up the sides before going to the middle.









-This one recently had an anniversary edition

-Feel Supercharged with the weapons for this wad.







-For the longest time I always wondered how to enter that middle pentagram sector, until I realized I had to shoot a button far away.

-This started a small mini-series of gargantuan levelsets with the same name.







-A spacey show-stealer in a community project

-Has a lot of its design inspired by MAP19 of Deus Vult II







-It's possible to strafejump to get the red key right at the beginning

-It's an entryway of sorts







-Run through the streets with my brand new pistol...wait, I can die any time?!

-You see that plane? Well that's the start of the map actually.









-Those "DOOM" letters have explosives on them to end this homage-y level

-There's one part of this level which represents E1M8







-A rather notorious map to pistol-start, just watch j4rio's demo

-Those two big squares are where mancubi teleport in







-It's shaped like Dis, but it certainly isn't. Plus you're fighting a cyber not a spider here.

-The cyberdemon appears in the middle but can warp to the corners







-Still a fairly nice single level that made it to the top 100 WADs (not memorable maps though).

-Those are rocky outside areas on the left and right sides







-A cyberdemon is your final challenge to end this modestly dimming adventure

-Made by the author of Demonfear









-Think glitchier

-Don't just think glitchier, think of 1024x1024 glitchier







-I will take two WAD answers for this one or just the title if you so choose, but either way, it's definitely organized

-That part in the NE corner is where rockets come from the walls.







-It may be a 2048x2048 map, but you'll still take a while with this one.

-Uses music from Donkey Kong Country 3







-A neat techbase by a new mapper at the time with some fine bridges

-This isn't as deadly as it looks, but the wad is a "birth" of some sort







-A very Plutonia-ish level where you start in the middle, part of a sequel community project

-The authors initials, along with what looks like a stimpack, are right in the middle.









-There's a lot of Wolfenstein-ish architecture here, could this be a prequel to something?

-The level is Egyptian-themed







-Poor Joel couldn't handle the puzzles in this one, submitted for his second mapping contest.

-This wad appropriate uses Icicles as its music track







-Ever wanted to amalgamate the three Doom episodes into one map? The pentagram sector is where a lot of arch-viles congregate.

-The starting room which is in the lower left gets reused a number of times later on in the megawad







-An interesting forest/swamp combination with warehouses and an anti-aircraft gun.

-You're tempted to go fast, but those warehouses have necessary keys and the boss has the last one







-Another forest/swamp combination, much larger, and also the only Heretic map of this edition.

-By the time you get to this E3 map in the set you're probably familiar with several new weapons and enemies.


Edited by NuMetalManiak : Answers are now revealed

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I immediately recognised these:

01 doom e3m6
02 mm map23
04 btsx_e1 map19
08 cchest4 map20
09 scythe2 map06
13 dtwid e2m8
17 sf2012 map32

I was unsure of, and had to check the wads:

03 d64d2 map23
11 d2ino map23
15 darken map11

I don't think I know any of the others.

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I only recognize 3, one from each tier (heh)




1.- E3M6 Mt. Erebus

10.- Action Doom's first map (i forgot if it had a name)

22.- Frozen exuviae




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48 minutes ago, DMPhobos said:

I only recognize 3, one from each tier (heh)


  Hide contents


1.- E3M6 Mt. Erebus

10.- Action Doom's first map (i forgot if it had a name)

22.- Frozen exuviae




Mt. Erebus was always this small???, I though it was a big map 

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I only got three of these, and no more with hints than without.


1. E3M6 (Mount Erebus)

3. The Spiral from Doom 64 (MAP23 of Doom 64 for Doom II)

17. Brookhaven Hospital by TimeOfDeath (MAP32 of Slaughterfest 2012, MAP12 of ESP) - I had to look up the name and map slots, I just remembered it was a ToD map featured in ESP and as a secret map in one of the Slaughterfests.


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My answers:


  1. Doom 1, E3M6
  2. Memento Mori, MAP23
  3. idk
  4. BTSX, E1M19
  5. This is one of the master levels, has slow moving floors at the start, don't ask me to remember the name... 
  6. umm..
  7. eh
  8. probably one of the two CC4 space maps
  9. Scythe 2, MAP06
  10. okay what
  11. D2INO, MAP23
  12. well
  13. Switcheroom, E2M8
  14. A Hidden Mountain Factory
  15. fuck my memory... final map in The Darkening
  16. .__.
  17. WTF
  18. a
  19. yes! that one, yes, no idea
  20. i am confusion
  21. did i leave the stove on, because my brain isn't working right now
  22. Joel?
  23. Eviltech, MAP32
  24. oof
  25. ...


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I have added some new hints, maybe this will help with guessing the rest of the maps. The answers will be given next weekend, on September 25th.

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Here goes my second attempt:



03. Nope, never played that

06. I'm gonna say it's a MajorArlene map, Technicolor Antichrist Box

07. seen that text in the map before in other maps but I've still no idea...

10. F

12. yet another wild guess, some Killing Adventure map

13. In that case, it's DWTID E2M8 and not switcheroom

16. is that in claustrophobia 1024? idk

17. you know, I did think of that TimeOfDeath hospital/hotel sort of map in SF2012 the other day, because I saw part of it in a stream once, but was unsure...

18. well, doomwiki gave me the answer, it's 2048 Unleashed m25

19. Birth...day Bash? 

20. mmm, NeedHealth's map 23 in Interception II, yeah I see the start point now...

21. i hate it here...

22. sorry I never played the icy edition of this one, it's something Exuviae by dobu

24. ?

25. I'm gonna say, from the first hint, and how conspicuously similar the northern part looks to this, that it's Master of Chaos E3M2 (never played, but I had read the blog long before).


It could have gone worse! ......

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I said I would do the answers on the 26th, but I decided to have the answers revealed on the 25th so that I can get started on 4th editions thread. These Guess the Map iterations will be bi-weekly for reference, so answers are revealed on final Saturday and the Sunday after is the next edition. Anyways, here are the correct answers to the maps:


1. E3M6, Mt Erebus, Doom (everyone who guessed got this one)

2. MAP23, Showdown, Memento Mori (correctly guessed by RjY and Gal)

3. MAP19, The Spiral, Doom 64 (guessed by Shepardus, also for those who said it was the D64D2 version, there are a few geometry differences such as different ceiling decor and an additional secret area, so it's not the D64D2 version).

4. MAP19, Bingo Pool Hall of Blood, BTSX E1 (guessed by RjY and Gal)

5. The Catwalk, Master Levels

6. Technicolor Antichrist Box (guessed by Gal)

7. Cheogsh (guessed by Shepardus)

8. MAP20, Interstellar Sickness, Community Chest 4 (guessed by RjY and partially guessed by Gal)

9. MAP06, Temple Entryway, Scythe 2 (guessed by RjY and Gal)

10. Action Doom MAP01 (guessed by DMPhobos)

11. MAP23, Barrels O' Fun, Doom 2 In Name Only (guessed by RjY and Gal)

12. MAP07, Tech Center, Dimensions of Time

13. E2M8, Vault, Doom the Way Id Did (guessed by RjY, Gal, and lokbustam)

14. A Hidden Mountain Factory (guessed by Gal)

15. MAP11, Stone Tyrant, The Darkening (guessed by RjY and Gal)

16. MAP04, Illegal Block Size 1024, lilith.pk3

17. Brookhaven Hospital (MAP32 of sf2012 or MAP12 of ESP, guessed by RjY, Shepardus, Gal)

18. MAP25, Acid Reflux, 2048 Unleashed (guessed by Gal)

19. MAP10, Hell's Furnace, NOVA: The Birth

20. MAP23, Asbestos, Interception II (guessed by Gal)

21. The Portal by Laz Rojas (prequel to Astrostein)

22. Frozen Exuviae (from Vinesauce Joel's second mapping contest, guessed by DMPhobos and partially guessed by Gal)

23. MAP32, Jose Maria Moreno, Eviltech (guessed by Gal)

24. MAP04, Sunset Forest Zone Act 2, Super Sonic Doom

25. E3M2, The Dead Marshes, Masters of Chaos (guessed by Gal)


galileo31dos01 had the most correct guesses but as always this was not really a competition since there's no prize to offer. Everyone who played and got at least one right (or even if they partially got one right) is a winner.


Thank you for playing. Stay tuned for the next round!

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