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I want Doom 1, I get Doom 2.

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I've been trying to find a source port of doom, but it always runs Doom 2, and i cant find any options to play the original. (P.S. I need a port for speedrunning)

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If you have both doom2.wad and doom.wad in your source port's folder, it will typically default to Doom II. You can use the command-line flag "-iwad" to specify which IWAD you want to load, e.g. "-iwad doom.wad". You can also configure a launcher such as ZDL with the locations of your source ports and IWADs, after which you can select the one you want to use through its interface and it'll take care of launching the source port with the appropriate parameters. Some source ports come with their own built-in launchers that achieve the same purpose.


For a source port specifically for speedrunning, see dsda-doom.

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3 hours ago, Shepardus said:

also, where can I get IWADS?



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I'd recommend the Heretic/Hexen Collection through Steam or GOG, Strife: Veteran Edition, and Doom 64. Apart from Hexen 2, all of them use Doom's engine or a variation of it, although Strife: Veteran Edition and Doom 64 have specifically tailored official ports (by Nightdive Studios). But you can run pretty much all of them, except Doom 64, on a few sourceports.


DSDA-Doom is a good sourceport for Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom, and Heretic, as well as community-made WADs. I know it's a speedrunning sourceport, but I like it for vanilla/vanilla-ish wads. As for Strife, GZDoom and Chocolate Strife, but you have the option of using an updated version (SVE.wad) or the original (strife.wad). Since it has voice acting, you also need to load voices.wad with one of them. Hexen will run on GZDoom and it's forks, but I'm unaware what other sourceports will run it. 


Doom 64 is a bit different, since the official port was made by Nightdive and is designed to be faithful to the original game as much as possible. So it's the best way to play Doom 64 the way it's intended. In addition, the game engine framework (KEX Engine, specifically KEX 3) it uses is based on Kaiser's Doom64 EX sourceport. If you go to https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Entryway and look at the Doom 64 and Nightdive pages, it'll tell you that.


And, when it comes to launchers, ZDL and hobomaster22's DoomLauncher are pretty good. I prefer DoomLauncher because it's somewhat more expansive to me than ZDL, but it's up to you which you prefer.

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Chocolate Doom supports all of them too.  That is, if GZDoom isn't your source port of choice

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