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Bedroom Productions - an album by me, including some MIDIs

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Also on Bandcamp: https://ivanastan.bandcamp.com/album/bedroom-productions


Hey all! I'm Ivan; if you know me for anything it's probably MIDI projects like MIDIocrity, the Ultimate MIDI Pack, and the unfinished Double Impact MIDI Pack. Here's an album. The name "Bedroom Productions" was initially the name of an album of "low effort" tracks I was planning to publish as my music setup was falling apart. Problem was, well, my music setup was falling apart; I later got more into MIDIs, and producing good sounding songs without all the physical setup. I decided to turn it into an unfocused collection of tracks that didn't fit elsewhere.


Because this includes tracks from as far back as 2019, expect the quality to be very inconsistent. I hope it's at least listenable.


There are ten tracks on this album, 5 MIDIs and 5 old non-MIDI tracks:

  1. In Case of Fire, Use Shotgun (Eternal MIDI Pack)
  2. Canon in D for Synth Quartet (Unreleased, 2020)
  3. Eternal Arcade (Eternal MIDI Pack)
  4. Just one minute (Unreleased, 2019)
  5. Midnight Chorus (Unreleased, 2020)
  6. Phalanx of the Fallen (Dragonfly's MIDI Challenge)
  7. Just another minute (Unreleased, 2019)
  8. Revenant Capoeira (TNT: Evilution MIDI Pack)
  9. Vs. The Assault Quindecapod (Double Impact MIDI Pack)
  10. Librivox (Unreleased, 2020)


At request of Rich Nagel, "In Case of Fire Use Shotgun" and "Eternal Arcade" may not be used for commercial purposes; all other tracks may be considered public domain. "Phalanx of the Fallen" is heavily inspired by "Legion of the Lost" by Jonathan El-Bizri and "The Godhood Suite" by James Paddock, but I believe it to be sufficiently different as to be an original track.


My previous album:


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