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Rebooted Sprite making Contest

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I've  been working on a project called Enterprises: Rebooted for the last eight years, and I'm nearly done.


However, there's one monster type that has alluded me, mainly due to it's sprite being too much for me to handle making at this time: a clown. Yes, clown. Because of that, I have a contest in order: whoever can make the best set of clown monster sprites will have them featured as a monster in Enterprises Rebooted, with proper credits, of course!


I'm hoping that this will get people's creative juices pumping, and allow them to make something truly different!


The details of the clown go as follows: it should be around the size of the Revenant, will have a squirting flower attack as the melee, and will throw pie projectiles and mini grenades. I may just make the pie and mini grenade sprites myself, but you can try your hand at them too, if you wish. Don't worry about the sounds or about implementing the DECORATE details, as I will handle all that.


Any and all can enter!

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