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There are many mods which I love but I'm gonna list some:


1. Brutal DOOM

2. Beautiful DOOM

3. Touhou DOOM

4. Brutal Wolfenstein 3D

5. Golden Souls 2

6. Castlevania: Simon's Destiny

7. Golden Souls

8. Complex DOOM

9. Combined Arms

10. Extreme Weapons Pack (Don't ask why)

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In no specific order:
High Noon Drifter
Brutal Doom 
Beautiful Doom
Final Doomer
Death Foretold (D4T)
Embers of Armaggedon
Doom Incarnate
Enhanced Vanilla Project
Project Brutality.

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Here's a small list of my personal made mods that I've shared for others to enjoy.


Vanilla Styled Weapons only mods:

1. Weapons of Earth Revised:    https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/downloads/weapons-of-earth-revised

This is a pure weapons mod designed around Doom model. So most weapons are similar to their original placements. The high lights are a manually cocking shotgun mechanic on the 1887 but shoots as strong as the SSG and replaces the normal shotgun. The SSG replacement is a Full Auto Shotgun. Minigun is replaced with rifle that has a scope and super accurate. Chainsaw is replaced with a Sniper Rifle. The pistol shoots slower but hits harder. The Rocketlauncher is a manual cocking single shot grenade Launcher. When I built this mod it was heavily inspired by the weapons of Terminator 2. The Unarmed also got a custom job too.


2. UAC Weapons of Phobos- This one would be cool to use in a BTSX type environment because the weapons are a bit more futuristic. Pistol is very vanilla but it has a Plasma Ammo based Altfire. Shotgun has a railgun type mechanic. The RL is a full on Rail Gun that also explodes on walls. SSG is just a basic SSG for mechanics but I added a kick style visual to its firing. All around this weapons mod plays odd but is really fun.  https://www.moddb.com/games/doom/downloads/uac-weapons-of-phobos 


3. LazModRedux Doom 4 Weapons pack + Movement perks(Patched!!)-- This is a simplified Doom 4 weapons pack that tried to keep a Doom 4 feel used in its grand daddy mod Lazarus Mod 3. It's an extremely OP powered weapons mod that is not good against Vanilla monsters.  https://www.moddb.com/mods/lazarus-mod/downloads/lazmodredux-doom-4-weapons-pack-movement-perkspatched 


4. Perfect Dark for Classic Doom V 1.1(updated 3/23/21)  

Redone weapons for Classic Monsters. Weapons loadout, and damage is mirrored to be vanilla. 


Monster Packs:

1. DooM THoTH:Theatrical Horror of Hell's Terror Monster Pack: This mod actually has mutiple monster packs that are just iterations of how it looked over time in its versions. I'll post the 2 versions I feel do it the most justice.




This pack is a tiny 3.8 KB text file PK3 that adds zero new graphics. It does change how the monsters look and fight via Decorate rendering options. It uses the original Doom sprites, but uses the GZD engine to make them look and fight differently. Most monsters are vanilla style to their original versions but there are some monsters that got completely overhauled like the Hell Knight, Pain Elemental, Cyber Demon, Archvile and Spider Mom. If you want a challenge with a Classic style look then this is a really good monster pack for that. The name of the Mod itself should imply that this was meant to be hard, but its not as bad as most people would think. All the monsters in this version, for better or worse have their vanilla Health values.  This version of Doom THOTH by far and away exemplifies what  I wanted this mod to be like.


  B. And for Reference purposes. This is the OG version of Doom THOTH.  


The other versions listed other than the BUVRO version are ummm more player friendly than this monstrosity. This one is not impossible, and even super fun in it's own right, but it is a Pain in the Booty.


2. projectMSX_Enemies_only-- This is the monster pack I built off of the original Project MSX mod. All the monsters perform they same as they did originally.




Full Gameplay mods that don't include maps.

1. ReBUVRO The Rebuilt smooth animations-- This is my most used mod for playing anything that is straight vanilla. Its a Decorate text file PK3 that uses the original graphics of Doom and smooths out the gun animations and Enemy animations for Walking and Deaths, and minor adjustments to attack animations. The key thing here is that ALL the crucial weapons timings, monsters movements and monster attacks are at their vanilla speeds despite how it may look visually. The only thing that is not vanilla speed is the monster death animations which are sped up to look a bit more realistic. Shotgun go boom, imp on floor instantly if dead.  https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/downloads/rebuvro-the-rebuilt-smooth-animations 


2. DAICHBADV 1.2--- This is another Text only PK3 ( notice a trend here? lmao) of re imagining doom under a different set of rules. DAICHBADV stands for Doom As It Could Have Been Advanced Vanilla.  Basically all the weapons have altfires, Zombies throw grenades, Imps can choose between 3 different fireballs, Pinkys shoot fireballs, You can throw grenades if you are using Fists or the Pistol, Shotgun has to reload, SSG can shoot single barrel, Plasma gun is a Napalm Cannon. And Player Movement is less slippery and the Jumping is similar to quake physics. I had a lot of fun with this particular mod and tried to make it very satisfying to play too.  https://www.moddb.com/games/doom-ii/downloads/daichbadv-1-2 


Other GZDoom addons.

 1. Castlevania 3 for Simon's Destiny v 1.2--- This is a mod I built for Castlevania Simon's Destiny. It adds randomized monsters and a host of randomized loot and weapons instead of the Score Items.  https://www.moddb.com/mods/castlevania-3-for-simons-destiny-addon/downloads/castlevania-3-for-simons-destiny-v12 


2. Castlevania 3rilogy TC for Simon's Destiny-- This is not the same as the other file listed above. This one needs both Doom 2 and Simon's Destiny to run because it has episodes and maps. It also has more characters than the Castlevania 3 version, and all around more content in it's presentation.  https://www.moddb.com/mods/castlevania-3-for-simons-destiny-addon/downloads/castlevania-3rilogy-tc-for-simons-destiny 


For the Castlevania mods, I seriously recommend that the Description of the mods be read because it'll help with how to play it.

Edited by kalensar : editing mistakes

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11 hours ago, eharper256 said:

Time for more shameless self-promotion?

Obviously my favourite as I made it (haha).

You made that? 

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Randoom is pretty fun tbh. One I keep comming back to. Works on ANY Doom or Doom 2 map sets.




Load order is randoomv1_1.wad + randoom_addonv1.wad (Addon is only if you wanted some extra weps)


Can just be played with the randoomv1_1.wad if you are going for full vanilla experience. I played and tested these both in GZDoom and Zandronum so it should play on both engines no problem.


In case you were wondering what sort of mod this is, it's a total monster/item randomizer. Be careful though... sometimes you can get trapped if you kill a monster in a tight area if it drops a torch or a giant dead tree apon death.

Basically adds more RNG to your average doom play through.

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Supercharge and Smooth Doom. Otherwise I like my doom to be as chunky as possible ;)

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1. Doom RPG + DRLA                   // not a split, but the combo. Together they're absolutely killer, incredibly addictive.
2. Lithium 
3. Wrath of Cronos

That's the stuff. Everything else is meh in comparison, by far. I'd like to get a good grip of Hideous Destructor as well, but can't make myself.

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Heres a fun old video of Doom Thoth Original version where I was doing a campaign run through. This was using vanilla weapons versus the monster pack. This was the recording of Dead Simple + Tricks and Traps.



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13 hours ago, N2Roficial said:

You made that? 

Yes of course. You can follow the link to see it's my topic (and/or my youtube channel, or my topic on ZDoom forums respectively).


Obviously, a few bits and bobs are resources from the community, and some stuff is originally from Hexen, but nearly everything used is edited by me in some way and credited. Lots of hours in SLADE and Photoshop over the last 18 months or so. But fun stuff, I like making mods, and I'm a jack of all trades when it comes to software, rather than a super-expert in one field.

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So many. Currently, I've been obsessed with Combined Arms V.2.0. Seriously, this mod needs more love, it's so amazing! The gameplay is so much fun and so well balanced. It does things that other weapon mods only dream of.



Some of my personal favs include DRLA, Supercharge, LegenDoom, La Tailor Girl, Final Doomer, High noon Drifter, LT Typhon, Nashgore and Colorful hell.


Also gonna promote my enemy replacement mod, Angelic Aviary. It's been in development for almost 2 years and is nearing completion. Very few people make custom enemies for Doom and it's a real shame. Currently at over 2000 frames of custom animation with 15 unique enemy types. Highly balanced for Vanilla gameplay, but playable in most map packs with most other mods.


Edited by RomDump

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Some of these mods are just enhancement mods, but eh, you can check them out.


-VBLUD  by Nash, because Nashgore is a little still little bit too much for me


-CBLOOD by Nash, again. This mod is change to Caco, Baron and Hell Knight blood to their respective color. But hey, isn't that thing has been done to death 5000 times already? Well this is different, because this one work with (almost) any mod! (even the one who have custom monsters, because it just works for some reason). And because of this I started to think that Nash is actually a ZScript magician from another dimension.


-Final Doomer by Sgt. Shivers and Yholl. This is one of those weapon mods that just feels "right" to me, it's not over the top, it's doesn't have a tons of weapon (see Russian Overkill), and (almost) all of the weapon has its purpose, so yeah this is one of my favorite of all time. (though I'm not a fan how the super shotgun and plasma gun reload animation looks)


-Beautiful Doom by Agent_Ash. Why? Because its weapons animation feels like a better Smooth Doom. And if you ask me, yeah I disable most of the fancy particle effects.


i think that's it? so yeah i guess

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^retro fx bnoise dither + gothic monsters + walpurgis + darkdoomz












- BRUTALV21.10.3
















Edited by game

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Doom 4 Vanilla is the most impressive gameplay mod I have ever played.  If we include gameplay mods with maps the Golden Souls is amazing and I love all of them.  As well as Final Doomer, I think it's the least Russian overkill weapon pack that currently exists that isn't the extreme weapons pack.

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Lost Civilization, Hellbound, Brutal Doom Starter Pack/Extermination Day, A.L.T., Unexpected Retro Experience, Three's a Crowd, No End in Sight, Dead.Wire, honorable mention for Diabolus Ex


Gameplay changing:


Brutal Doom/Project Brutality, Hideous Destructor, Shrine 1-2, Golden Souls 1-2, Strange Aeons


Total Conversions:


Hedon, Adventures of Square, Ashes 2063/Ashes Afterglow/Ashes: Dead Man Walking, Rekkr

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14 hours ago, lokbustam257 said:



iT's a cool mod that replaces violence with funny content; hearts, pillows, female demons. Family-friendly in the most ironic way. I remember the guns felt a bit underpowered and a few demons lacked replacement so I'm hoping it will still get an update.

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I like all the usual suspects like Smooth Doom, Supercharge, Beautiful, etc. so rather than waste time reiterating what everyone else in this thread has said I'm just going to shout out a super underappreciated mod that I've been digging: Wolfman's Gameplay Modification: RevampedIt's just a rebalance mod, but it removes RNG and serves provide a bit of a faster paced experience. Enemies are a bit less squishy, but so are you. It's pretty well balanced and is pretty fun to mess around with.

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