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getting to know all (part 2)

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If any of you remember back earlier in the year (in the old forums), I had this post asking people about themselves. I feel it made the place more friendly and fun. It was also a very popular post. And since there's quite a bit of new faces around here, I thought I'd do this again. Remember, even though you replied to this before, there are still people around here that have no clue who you are, so kindly let us know again.

So once again, who the hell are all you people? Where does your nickname come from? Where are you from? Do you have a story to tell that defines who you are? What have you contributed to the Doom Community?

I'll, once again, go first. I'm Rob, and I'm 23 years old. I live in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. Been here my whole life. I'm going to school for programming right now, and already completed the LAN course a few years ago. My nic comes from the name of the title character in R.A. Salvatore's Demon Saga novel series, Elbryan. The 42 is the answer to life, the universe and everything, stated by the late Douglas Adams, the author of the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.

I LOVE Doom, Castlevania, Metal Gear, and just about any cartoon, especially Transformers, South Park, Earthworm Jim, and various anime. I listen to just about anything, except for rap and r&b.

I made my console Doom MP3s (the Elbryan42's Awesome Quality! ones), which I'm very proud of, and I also have an ftp with 3 gigs of Doom info and more.

Now all you wacky guys (and girls).

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My name is Nikita Ayzikovsky; recently, I've heard, it won the prize for the second gayest name ever. Luckily no one calls me that, except for my classmates (the poor souls just don't know any better).
I was born in Russia, lived most of my life in Ukraine, moved to Israel about two years ago and from there to Vancouver, Canada, a year ago. The side effect of that is that I know swear words in four languages :P
I'm 16 years old.

I'm a computer geek and music geek (I'm interested in all arts, but not quite enough to earn any noble title). I play all sorts of musical instruments, including bass guitar in school jazz band.
I mostly play Doom and ARC (a highly addictive free top-down multiplayer shooter). I know Visual Basic and *a bit of* C, Java and Z80 ASM. About a week ago I got interested in web development.

Things I don't like: 99% of modern music, sports except skiing and rollerblading, school, TV, Canada, people who just don't understand anything, waking up.

Things I do like: classical music, jazz, old Metallica, Nirvana, the Doors, Pink Floyd, Syd Barrett, Janis Joplin, all colors of the spectrum, alcoholic beverages, people who understand something, books, some really old computer games, going back to sleep after waking up :)

You can see my photo, a bit refined in MS Photo Editor, at

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My name's Steve. I'm 20. I got a speeding ticket as my only birthday present last April.

I hate my nickname. Back when I frequented the DoomNation forums (where I posted under my real name) I kept going on about how TeamTNT = Microsoft of Doom, until I finally got into an all-out war with the guy who ran it and a few of it's members and eventually I just stopped going to the forums. I went back in about a month later and saw something I wanted to comment on, so I was just gonna make up a nick except I couldn't think of one that wasn't totally either retarded or an in-joke, so I quickly posted as Lüt (the shortest-lived real-life nickname I've ever had) and it's stuck with me to this day. I just keep it because it's always a hassle changing nicknames and confuses a lot of people. It's not like a curse, I could just think of a million other things I'd use now.

I grew up in a little suburb about 40 minutes from Chicago IL nicknamed Action Heights for one reason and one reason only (take a wild guess). School sucked, but not in the usual way. I supposedly have a 144 IQ, even though I can't learn anything without a visual aid (unless I figure it out on my own terms or work one-on-one with somebody who actually knows how to explain something in plain english). I had a really short attention span in classes because nothing intrigued me. I was always thinking about big and cool things and the teachers wanted me to do X(254*764)-Y(1437-143)=Z/12 and shit like that. I was too busy being creative (in terms of writing books, planning movies, making Doom maps, designing other games and projects) to even bother with doing the work. Still, I got by with C's, some B's and A's as well, although the "officials" thought I was doing so "poor" not because I was too busy doing stuff that mattered, but because may I wasn't smart enough to be in the classes I was in, so I was always trying to argue their wise and all-knowing decisions to drop me into dummy classes because I "obviously didn't have the functionality to compete at the regular class level".

For family, I have 3 older half-sibs (my father was married one before): Ang, sister, 40. Sue, other sister, 38. Kevin, brother, 27. My father is retired. He never leaves the fucking house. Ever. He's a sorry waste of "human" life. He's a dumb animal. Pure evil. He is the epitomy of uselessness. The fact that he attempts to make decisions haunts me. What's even scarier is that he seems to think for himself. He doesn't seem to understand that nobody should care for him. He doesn't seem to understand that his life doesn't matter. He should not be allowed to make decisions. He should not even be allowed to think. He should be criminally charged with life in prison for wasting other people's air. Screw that, he should just drop dead, or blow his brains out. Rotten animal.

My mom is also fucking useless. She's fat. She's ugly. She smells bad. People as dumb and ignorant as her should be shot or locked in a closet. It makes me quiver to look at her. How dare she exist? She belongs dead in the sewer or locked in cages in an amusement park for people to spit on and throw garbage at. She's a disgrace to humanity. How can anybody possibly justify her being able to roam freely? People don't like seeing balls of fat with arms and legs walking around. How can she think that she matters? What does she think when she looks at herself? I hope she doesn't think "a person created in the image of Christ". Christ isn't a 2-ton sack of shit. His brain isn't decaying in layers of silt... maybe that explains her stubbornness and delusions, somehow thinking she's important, that there might be a single person who wouldn't want to see her splattered over some road with maggots and insects crawling in and out of her ugly corpse. She is the lowest point of human existance. She doesn't seem to understand that nobody wants her. She doesn't seem to understand that her life doesn't matter. She should be executed by the government.

My brother's just a fucking idiot. Comes over and coughs and farts and occasionally says something FUCKING STUPID after roaming around MY damn basement for 10 minutes, wants to do stupid shit like go to a movie but doesn't even ask, just kinda clears his throat until I ask him what the fuck he wants. He's an absolute bum. He's immune to beer: he has beer for breakfast, lunch and dinner, he smokes and buys new motorcycles every year, has some stupid $30,000 car which needs to be crushed under a fallen bridge (preferably with him in it) and has 10 totally functional computers, thousands of CDs and records and lives in a shithole apartment in the ghetto area about 20 minutes from here. His place looks like it got trashed by thieves, smells like curry from the all the damn towelheads in the rest of the complex, and he has AT LEAST 4 garbage bags and one sink full of empty beer cans every time I go over there. He makes all this money with some fucking stupid network job which he doesn't deserve. He farts around an office for 8 hours a day making more than I'll ever make and he doesn't know how to fucking use it for anything. "I think I'll buy a $30,000 car even though a $5,000 one would be just as great!" "I think I'll buy myself a new computer every few months and a new motorcycle every year!" while I sit here working at least 4 times as hard as him on things I will probably never make any money off of and wonder if I can afford some soundcard memory. Sorry for having fucking family plans, I guess I should just start being a selfish sloth.

My sisters on the other hand, rule. Which explains why they live so far away and I only see them about once a year for a few hours.

There's a fine line between "father" and "dad" for me; the guy I call "dad" lives on the other side of the country, I've known him for a little over a year and I've never met him. For all I know he could be some dirty old man who gets off on young guys and wants to rape me, but it beats any other options available now. As long as he stays on the other end of the monitor, it's fine with me.

Anyways, want my life story? Alright, I don't remember too much from when I was young, except I wasn't very popular (I believed in the way I was being raised at first). Well, OK, cut to 9th grade, high school. I guess I can pass as one of those geek-to-cool-guy whoever's you see popping up on Jenny Jones and stupid shows like that, when I got to high school everything kicked off for me. I was good entertainment, a master at causing trouble without getting caught, yadda yadda yadda. I was also bluntly honest about everything, so I guess enough people liked that that I got a massive group of friends going, and I had two computers in my house so we'd DM and Co-op in Doom and Heretic and WarCraft 2 into all hours of the night and stuff, and then go to school and harass Dr. Zamir, the german teacher and a few select other teachers the next day.

Junior year sucked; I got accused of stalking some other dude. I got suckered by the school pig and administration board and signed a confession (to "avoid long court-proceedings which could make me a 5-year grad, somebody who almost any employer would pass up") which was supposed to just get me a quick suspension, but ended up in a ward for about 2 weeks. After I had signed it, the next day the officer "discovered more incriminating evidence" which he couldn't share but would require I be kept out of school till I pass the ward study. I was just supposed to take a few tests, but it ended up being a whole ordeal, just sitting around listening to other stupid punks talk about their drug addictions while the doctors were out playing golf. I saw my "doctor" about 10 minutes in those 2 weeks. It totally threw off my career and everything else that was going. We had a big battle with the school, which my incompetent fucks of parents couldn't begin to hack; they believed all the legal bullshit the school threw at them. There was actually no legal reason for me not to be able to go back, but if I was to come back this other kid's parents would have "had" to move him to a different school. Of course this guy was a football hero and I was somebody who never did anything extra-curricular, so guess who couldn't come back to school that year?

Then they tried to pull this huge case study but I didn't cooperate. I went to this other psychologist instead, at first I was pissed but then it turned out to be cool: he played Doom and Quake a lot, and during the "sessions" we talked about the games and some music and we even DM'ed on my maps a few times (all while my parents paid the bill). And he liked me, he knew there was nothing wrong with me so he gave me a good report (basically) and the school had to let me back in. So I was way behind and everything was fucked up and I didn't give a shit.

I finally got back on a regular school schedule my senior year. Early that year, I got a call from an Army recruiter, talked to him a bit and joined the army. Fresh start, right? Just about. Got to boot camp, did a good 4 weeks, then the old ward visit popped up. I had told my recuiter about it and we dismissed it as a bunch of BS, but then I got to the point where I either had to be charged with fraudulent enlistment, which would go to court and involve accusing my old recruiter if I wanted to go free, or take an honorable discharge. I took the honorable discharge and left a week before graduation.

OK, so I'm back home. Now what? Sit around and get fucking miserable for the last two years. There's been so many times I shoulda moved out but couldn't. The housing here is absolutely insane. Three of my friends who are making an average of $15 per hour had to ditch their one-bedroom apartment because they couldn't afford rent and food at the same time with all their finances combined. I was supposed to be living out of my office about 4 months ago, but who's a bunch of fucking lazy bums who take over 4 months to process a fucking application? Northwestern University of course.

Everybody I know is a fucking bum. I was gonna sell my old drumset about 9 months ago for some extra cash, but I loaned a cymbal and double-bass pedal to my friend "for the evening" about a year ago and just got the double-bass pedal back last month, cymbal still on hold. I had to threaten legal action to get a car stereo and amp back from another "friend" who I lent it to over 2 years ago for 2-3 weeks when I wrecked my car and couldn't use it in my new one. The guy who plays bass for Dying Corpse hasn't done shit with me except once in the last 9 months. I mean, Dying Corpse; take 4 hours and record a fucking album. It's a fucking joke. The band is a joke and the concept is a joke, and he can't even handle that. My other friends are out-of-state and the two in-state I'm lucky to see 4 times a year they're so damn busy all the time. The rest of my friends were too busy getting drugged up or drunk to actually do anything, thus they're not my friends anymore.

Which means I have a lot of time to myself. I write all kinds of music, have two novels going, do websites and try and teach myself things like Photoshop and other weird music and graphics programs in my spare time. Hopefully one day I can make money off of these talents/skills.

Most recently, I've been working on Doom Millennium. I've been the only person working on this for the last 9 months, except one guy who I *think* might be doing some engine bug-fixing. Last time I mailed the team, I got three responses. Don't you hate it when everybody fucking disappears and leaves you with what should be distributed among at least 10 people? I do. Where do you even start?? I dunno.

I listen to music a lot. Almost all I've listened to the last 4 months is Das Ich. They've got everything, and then some. Some of it is NIN-Downward-Spiraly, some of it is classical, some of it is orchestral, some of it is electronica... but it's all dark, moody and sometimes Satanic music. They also did a super-creepy movie soundtrack and teamed up with death metallers Atrocity for a
9-track album called Die Liebe. If you need one single song to sum up their general feel, get Egodram. It's a rather short intro for the album of the same name. Another great introduction to their earlier stuff is Sagenlicht (you HAVE to listen to that song LOUD).

Musically, I basically like anything that isn't generic or simplistic. Each record I listen to has to break new grounds in some way or another. That eliminates about 90% of the artists around, and about 98% of anything you'd find in Best Buy. I like most everything, from heavy metal to classical to electronic to noise (and even some country) but very very few things actually impress me. I've been meaning to set up a webpage for the very few songs that have impressed me, but never got around to it because nobody will see it and nobody will give a shit.

Same goes for movies; I can pick apart just about anything. I don't think I've seen any movies I would give more than an 8/10 overall score to, out of probably at least 1,000. But I get such mediocrity and even utter crap (Matrix, anybody?) thrown at me that I kinda get numb to it and watch it anyways. One movie I personally enjoyed was Dark City. It needed some plot work and some touchups on those special FX, but I can totally relate to the character's feeling of being totally confused and played with, and the whole concept of the movie just kicks ass, even if it does get a bit cheesy at times. The other movie I enjoyed for a while previous to that was Independence Day. I just liked imagining it was real. The movie needed some work, but again I loved the concept and implications it carried.

OK, I'm just gonna stop now before I overload the servers.

This should probably count as 20 posts for me anyways...

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I live in a small city in Alberta Canada, im 16 years of age, my favourite games are Doom, Resident Evil, Half-life etc.
I like the Resident Evil novel series and I also like the first two Doom novels.
My favourite music bands are Korn, Tool, Ramstein, Our Lady Peace, Stained.
I like zombie movies, not much more to say, but the spiderman series are my favourite, so is Xmen, I always watch X-files. I always watch wrestling, mainly WWF and I enjoy backyard wrestling, sometimes I wrestle as well, almost broke my leg last weekend.
I also like to read and write and work out, and I hate school and im a depressed soul.
And Doom world is a habbit of visiting, yah know ?

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Hmm... Well here I go again.

The name's Chris. I live in Aberdeen, WA which is 50 miles west from Olympia, the state capitol. I lived in Aberdeen my whole life. I'm 18 and turning 19 in about 3½ months.

Well, my nick obviously comes from a Protoss hero from Starcraft. I was in a hurry the day I registered, so I picked something that first came to mind unfortunately. The 982 you can figure out by looking at my birthdate: 11/9/82. I'm planning on changing my nick to something else sometime since I am kind of getting sick of what it is right now especially with the 982 in front of it.

I enjoyed Doom ever since late '97 when my cousin introduced me to it for the first time. We had no way of getting a computer back then, so I couldn't experience any Doom game back when it came out and was disappearing from the shelves in every store. My first time I actually played it was when I bought it for the SNES. We finally got a computer Christmas of '99, bought Ultimate Doom sometime early 2000, bought Doom 2 later on that same year, then registered here March of this year.

Did I contribute to the Doom community? Look at link below. You'll find my version of the PSX sounds wad featuring elbryan42's PSX/N64 wavs, my first "paper wad" called Forlorn Fortress converted to a real map, and so on. You'll also find the Stone Stratagems wad. (elbryan42 loves it; Shotgun Bill hates it)

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My real name is scott and i am 18, I live in dayton Ohio USA. I have been a member of these fourms for as long as they have been around, joined days after they were made. I was originaly known as doomgod1234. sephiroth is the name of the evil villian in final fantasy VII. I have been dooming it up ever sence i found the doom shareware cd in a pack of other games. Doom is the one thing i remeber the most from my late child hood and teen years, oh and the music i cant forget that also chicks too. My parents are drug addicts and so was much of my family so i learned to be self relient over the course of many years. as for my taste in other things i am really into music and computers. the best, and true, music would have to be rock/metal. fuck that boy/pop shit and gang rap is just gay. how many rap songs are about screwing hookers and robbing a gas station? Also i think brittney spears is a dirty ass slut, how many stars get a tit job at 17!? I also got into computer when i was very young. my school showed me basic programing and how the computer works and is put together. To this day i still play around with computers. I have never made any true doom maps by my self because i never have any good ideas or time. well that is me for u. many of u new people are about 13-16 at least those of u who have talk to me on aim

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Hi. My name's Jimmy, I'm 17 and I live in Bristol, in the UK.
I listen to Heavy Metal mainly, although I do like some other stuff.

I am 'Computer Literate' which basically means I'm a geek who knows fuckloads about computers. It's what I'm interested in, and it's a good prospect for a job in the future.

I have an older brother, who, all in all, is OK. He can be really annoying sometimes, but he's cool. He's a DJ in a metal club.

I first got into Doom at school, when one of my friends installed it on a couple of school computers and we played Co-op. We thought we were gonna get suspended when the System admin found out, but he just asked if he could play! quite cool.

I haven't contributed much to the doom community. I have released one WAD, which was singles player, and had two levels. I am contributing quite a bit to Fraggles Freedoom project.

Life story? why not.

I was born in Southampton, a shithole in the south of England. I don't remember my real father at all. I think met him twice when I was old enough to remember. When I was five my mum had met my Step-father, who she later married, and we moved to Fort William, in the highlands of Scotland.

Scotland was cool. It was a really good place to grow up. I didn't have to worry about anything other than falling inot rivers or down hills. It was a fairly small town, with little crime. School there was OK, apart from the fact that I had a slight behavioural problem, which got me onto quite a lot of trouble. High School in Scotland sucked. The place was a dump.

Just before we left Scotland, my mum got a diagnonsis that she had a rare condition called Marfans-Syndrome, which basically means that her body cant hold her ligaments and bones together.

When I was 11, we moved here, to Bristol. When I got around to going to school here, I got incessantly teased for my scottish accent, and my behavioural problems came back. I got into a lot of shit again, and nearly got expelled four times. The only reason I stayed was that I took an IQ test when I was 7 and scored 126. I was 'clever' but towards the end, I just went astray somewhere, and started being really lazy. I didn't revise or anything for my exams, and scraped through with the minimal requirements for college.

By this time, my step-father had turned out to be a right cunt, so my mum kicked him out.

I chose a computing course at college, which turned out to be rather shit. It centred around electronics, and use of computers to work out the outputs of circuits and shit. I found it really boring and useless, So I quit.
That pretty much brins me up to date. Now, everything has gone to shit, my mum's dying, and I don't know what the fuck's going to happen when she goes.

Sorry If I bring the mood of the thread down.

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Well, my real name's Justin James, I'm 18, and I'm getting a new car two weeks from today.
I love Doom, Undying, Thief-any shooting/sneaking game that scares the bloody hell outa ya.
I live in a small suburb in North Carolina called Waynesville, that was founded in 1865. I've lived here my entire life, and probably I will stay for the rest of my days.
I got my forums name simply enough-I like Doom and technically, I'm a boy, hence, DooMBoy.
And I've never gotten a speeding ticket, either, though one of my friends nearly made me wreck the other night when I was out on the town.
I don't like chatting online as much as everyone is supposed to, but's that's because I work a lot and do not have time for that. In fact, I just got here from work.
Did you know that I'm an assistant manager now at the place where I work? I'm the youngest yet to be put at that position! I bet you also did not know that I post up a large majority of posts at work! The Head Boss Guy (who I'll call The Head Boss Guy, forget his name) doesn't care if I post all day. He just wants me to do something other than just sit on my ass all day, waiting to go home. Not like I have much work here, anyways. THBG does a lot of it, and I occasionally fill out a couple of order forms and sign a few shipping crates. Nice work, if you can get it.
I enjoy listening to a variety of bands, namely Staind, Kid Rock, Fuel, Tantric, Godsmack, Linkin' Park and a host of other rock and metal bands.

Well, that's pretty much a brief synopsis of who I am, and where I live and work. I will not dare to describe what I look like, for fear of katarhyne wanting explicit sexual favors from me. Not only that, I suspect a lot of you are raving psychos in real life(especially Mac), and you would probably stalk me down if you knew what I looked like.


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my name is harvey, i am 15. i live in the most awful city in misery/missouri. People like to steal my stuff. I am also a virus to computers. i have yet to release a map, because when ever i get half way through i find out that i can do better. i also make crap ass models, very crappy. i like kmfdm, mdfmk, strapping young lad, ministry, blah blah blah, and i like girls too. this is quite possibly my longest post, ever. i like doom. my class mates keep asking when im going to shoot up the school. i just make posts that take up space, heh. thats about it, bitch.

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Well, my name is Dan. I'm 18, and from Fredericton N.B. in Canada, and damn proud of it!! My nickname comes from the enemy that absolutely infuriates me in ANY Doom game... moreso Doom 64, cause the bastards are faster and deal more damage. So I thought it was kinda classic. I conrtibute getting the word of Doom out here to all! There are frey FEW Doom fans where I am... but I am slowly turning that around. I just hooked my girlfriend ;)
Anyway, I like most punk/metal. My fave band of all time is the Misfits. yaddiayaddiaya.

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Brian, 50, lives in a village in England called Little Lever, it's cool as there is a district 100yds away called Nob End, which cracks me up, havn't lived here my whole life, yet. Semi retired, build computers and sell them for fun and money, love Doom, it's the only game I play, although I have been tarrying with Soldier Of Fortune lately. Used to run the UK's largest Doom games BBS, for huge profit, with 35/39 phone lines and over 1,300 members, all paying monthly to chat/play Doom etc :) Then the Internet killed that http://www.forest91.freeserve.co.uk/. happy days
Married 27 years 1 daughter, 1 son, grandson http://www.fodders.btinternet.co.uk/wads/joe.jpg that's daughter/son-n-law and grandson
http://toke.ath.cx/DoomersPictures/FodAndMod.jpg that's me and the mrs

http://www.geocities.com/dominator00_uk/0004.jpg that's the son, he was born on my birthday, which was cool, and daughter's son was born on her birthday which was weird :)

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OK, let's see here.

Name's Andrew Reed Stine. The "Reed" is a bastardization of "red," the explanation my parents is that they thought I'd have red hair (my dad has red hair), and apparently that was the best thing they could think up. Interesting trivia, if I was a girl, my name would have been Laura. Just in case you were wondering.

I was born on May 3, 1981, in La Jolla, California. I lived in La Mesa, CA my entire life, my parents having moved from Santa Monica to La Mesa the year before I was born. I have one younger brother who was born in 1984, named Jeffrey.

I don't have any sort of sad stories like other people have related -- my parents are still married, neither are fuckups, etc. My dad is an accountant, and for most of my life he was worked out of our house, so I never grew up with the image of a father leaving for work in the morning and returning in the afternoon. Instead, my dad would always be around, albeit down in his home office a lot of the time. My mom is a housewife and always has been since I was born, although she has her CPA license too. She taught me to read at a very early age -- from what I have been told, I knew the alphabet before I could even talk. When my mom told her mom this, she didn't believe her, until she tested me herself -- apparently she named letters, and I would point them out on a chart or poster or something.

I went to a private Montessori preschool, starting a year earlier than normal. When I finished that and went to the local public elementary school, the principal decided I was too young to go into first grade, so I had to repeat kindergarden before I could continue.

In my elementary school years, my favorite activity was reading. This was before we had any sort of computer, and I wasn't allowed to watch TV a lot of the time, so reading was the only fun thing I had to do. My parents recognized this interest and bought me all the books I could want. My favorite reading material wasn't storybooks or fiction but fact books -- I would read and reread books that were filled with nothing but factoids. I also had large collections of books about dinosaurs and outer space.

Elementary, middle, and high school were all very easy for me, primarily, I think, because I had read so much when I was a little kid. Since my parents had given me so many books about so many topics, I had learned the vast majority of the things taught in school long before the teachers presented it. However, this also made me lazy. Since I already knew so much of the stuff being taught in school, I almost never had to study, and I usually did my homework during class. This laziness has now caught up with me in college where the topics being presented are NOT things I learned when I was little.

My parents could tell that I was mastering my schoolwork easily and so they gave me other activities/exercises to fill my time. In the 7th grade, I took the SAT and scored a 1050; my parents signed me up for a three-week away-from-home summer school where I took a college-level course in Logic. In high school, my parents signed me up for a correspondence course in expository writing, where I was given various prompts and my essays were read and critiqued by a professional. Etc.

When I was little I was never very good at sports -- I played AYSO soccer and Little League teeball/baseball, but I sucked at both. However, in middle school I grew a LOT -- I think I was 5'9" or 5'10" before I left middle school and I am 5'11" now -- and in 9th grade I joined the high school football team, where I played as a offensive lineman and defensive linebacker for two years before deciding to stop because of a knee injury which was getting reinjured more and more often.

When I went into high school I came from a middle school which was not a normal feeder, so I only knew a handful of people, whereas most people had all their middle school friends that they already knew. I only had a handful of real friends during high school. I got my first girlfriend at the end of 10th grade and we stayed together all through high school, breaking up only after college started. Looking back I can see now that I invested too much of my free time in her, and due to that, in the second half of my high school years, I drifted away from all my other friends as I spent most of my time with my girlfriend.

I had an interest in journalism in high school and took the journalism class my freshman year. The school paper was still halfway decent back then, and I managed to become a news editor for the paper, a rarity for a freshman. I didn't take journalism sophomore year, and came back junior year, where I became editor-in-chief of the school paper. That year, we wrote stories criticizing the school and administration for policies and decisions they made, and we even had a front-page story written about us in the San Diego Union-Tribune. I got my picture in the paper for that, as well as some quotes. However, as a whole the student paper was becoming crap as the class was getting known for being an easy-A, so I decided not to take the course again my senior year. I've seen copies of the paper nowadays and it's atrocious.

Our family's first computer was a Commodore 64 which I never learned to do anything but play games on, and a 286 which we used solely for word processing. We got our first "real" computer, a 486, when I was in the seventh grade. Not too long after getting that first computer, Doom came out, and that stupid game has been ru(n/i)ning my life ever since.

When I applied to colleges my parents were not totally aware of the intense competition that exists nowadays since I am the oldest child in the family. I applied to Harvard, Stanford, MIT, Rice, USC, UCLA, and UCSD. I had a 4.7 GPA, a 1530 SAT score, and shitload of 5s and 4s on various AP exams; however, without many notable extracurricular activites and no contacts/family at any of the schools, I only got accepted to USC, UCLA, and UCSD. I chose UCLA. If I could go back I would have applied to some other first-tier schools which were not right at the top. My parents have realized this and when my brother applis to colleges this fall I am sure he won't make the same mistake I did.

I currently have junior standing at UCLA with a major in astrophysics. I'm living on my own in an apartment close to campus and I'm working for the summer as an intern at Variety magazine. My GPA sucks -- quite a bit under 3.0 -- because I never learned proper work ethics when I was little, and the material now is so hard that my old habits of coasting through just don't fly.

I have a terrible habit of wanting to try my hand at everything. Counting just stuff on the computer, I've tried programming, web design, comedic writing, modeling scenes, modeling characters, animating, skinning, writing music, making a Doom TC, reviewing computer games, speedrunning, Flash animation, erm... and lots more stuff I can't remember at the moment.

I listen to all sorts of music. If you took a look at my playlist you would wonder what my deal was -- it's got rap, rock, pop, classical, techno, um, everything but country probably. The six buttons on my car radio (I have a 1991 Lexus ES250 that I bought a year ago) are currently set to rock, Top40, pop, classical, rap, and oldies.

The other day I tried to think of what my favorite movies are. My favorite action movie is Terminator 2, which is as close to a flawless action movie as exists; my favorite adventure movie is Raiders of the Lost Ark; favorite sci-fi movie is Total Recall; comedy, Army of Darkness; fantasy, Conan the Barbarian. I don't really like horror movies; if I had to pick my favorite horror-type film I might have to say Jurassic Park, because it was scary etc, but I just really like dinosaurs. I don't think I have a favorite drama, since I rate movies by how much I would want to see them again, and most dramas, you wouldn't really want to watch them over and over like that.

Umm, that's about it, I guess.

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Let's see, where to start?

My name is Joshua Andrew Hicks and I'm 21 years old. I'm five foot eleven, weigh 260 pounds and am approximately six and a half inches long. I have cavities and I wear glasses. My hair, when ponytailed, goes about seven inches but I'm about to chop all of this annoying shit off.

I've been playing video games since before I could comprehend words. I remember playing Space Invaders in the arcades when I was a kid. I'd come home to a TI-994A which was really great... at least, until those bastards in Japan released the Nintendo which ate up a good four years of my life.

My family is pretty standard fanfare. My mom is a worker and she has a noble spirit but tends to get annoying. My dad gives sermons at the local Church of Christ. You can guess why I haven't gone to Church in thirteen years. My brother is an asshole of incredulous proportions, it seems like everything he's ever done has just been to piss me off in one way or another.

Well, the dick's married and I hate his wife too. Luckily I never have to see them anymore. THANK GOD.

School sucked. I was a large, verbally abusive child who loved to get into fights. I remember in 3rd grade the jock kid tore up this drawing I was doing, so I snuk up behind him in recess and slammed his face into one of the poles on the swingset. Fucker. Then I went to his birthday party.

Fifth grade was great. I got jumped at recess and two guys held me down while the other one stomped on my balls for a while. As soon as I found out who it was I charged him in class and began choking the piss out of him and slamming his head against the window. It took the teacher and two classmates to pull me off of his ass, when I yelled, "I'll fucking kill you asshole!" Being 10 was fun.

So from then on out I didn't have PE, I had to sit and talk with a Psychologist. What a dillhole. I mean, how much of a fuckup do you have to be to be the shrink for 10 year olds? Jesus. I don't even remember what I told that piddley douchebag but whatever it was it got me kicked out of school. Either that or the fact that I was such a damn troublemaker.

Then I went to a ghetto school. Being 1 of 3 white kids in class is great. Every day one of us got beat down by 10 or 13 black guys. 'Cuz, you know, we're white, they can't have that shit. This is about the time I developed the habit of staying in the back of the class and just being ready to either fight or fly.

I didn't do anything all year, getting a good solid F, until the last two months when I did so much A work and extra credit I passed with a B. The teacher asked why, I just said I didn't want to waste my time. =)

Sixth grade started out like a nightmare. Six girls had to be excused from class 'cuz they got pregnant. SIX. Little whores weren't even 11. Fucking ghettos. My teacher used to be a Marine and I guess they never gave him his personality back. He yelled at me 'cuz I put a slash through my 7's. What a dick. I fucking hated him. Push ups? Fuck you bucko.

The class was really crowded too, so they hired a new teacher. Fresh from college. Easy pickins. =)

However, I wouldn't go to her class, I'd be stuck with that fuckhole Mr. Tony. So, I intentionally puked all over him one day. Fucker. I got out of his class real quick. Hahah.

Then middle school. This was generally good memories. All the black kids called me 'big head', so I called them 'little dick'. It worked out well. I basically just glided my way though. I cut two months worth of class in 7th grade. Damn Super Nintendo. =)

Then High School. First day the English teacher on the first floor was shot in the gut. Over the next two weeks five more people were shot. Then, a few more weeks later, they put up metal detectors.

How in the fuck could anyone learn anything at this school? I could never hear the teachers. The kids were always fighting or smoking or fucking right in the class and no one seemed to give a damn.

First day seminar I heard the Principal say that over 900 freshmen had to be expelled for being over 21. Hmm, well, McDonald's still isn't hiring in that area... I wonder why.

Basically I was just beaten and tormented and had to take it under the stress of being knifed or shot by fifteen black guys that basically just hovered around me for being white. I was an invader. One day I just snapped and I punched one in the mouth, punched him in the kidney, kneed him in the ribs a few times and shot his ass down the stairs. I thought the rest would beat my ass but they were too busy laughing.

"Haha, you gotcho ass beat by sum fatass cracka! Haha!"


Well, the next day he flashed a knife at me.

Luckily it was Friday, and I said fuck it and moved. Fuck that. School isn't worth dying over, especially some bullshit school that I could never learn anything at anyway. Besides, because of the immersion I was suddenly speaking Ebonics. Yo, and all that rot.

Onto a few towns over (not even 20 minutes away) and I was in a 99% white Christian school. God it was dreamy. Jocks, rebels, whores, prudes, everyone just blended together. Let your freak flag fly. For the first few weeks I kept a brick in my backpack out of habit and was still pretty much inable to communicate with anyone... but after a while I loosened up and just enjoyed myself.

I think I learned a few things too, like how to pick out seeds while rolling in the back of the class. =)

Way too much happened in High School to go into here. Fights, accusations, dates, DOOM, alcohol, socialization, hanging out with stoners, being a miscreant, generally good stuff. I spent most of my time in High School either (a) playing Final Fantasy 3, (b) playing Chrono Trigger or (c) playing DOOM. Mostly C. It probably took up at least 70% of my free time. =P

Hell, I even lost my virginity to a girl before I kissed her (and I don't mean I just shot off randomly either, dickheads! =), talk about friendly people.

Sittin' in class, pullin' hairs out of my teeth, playing with my lighter in my pocket, talkin' with tons and tons of coolass hippies and freaks, and somehow I still managed to get good grades. Until the end, though, when my grades just sorta went haywire.

I started smoking cigars when I was 16. That explains the gaps I have in my mouth between my teeth and my gums. It sucks. Don't smoke cigars, stick to weed and cigarettes. I know cigars taste a helluvalot better, but still, they rot you out too quick. Damn things can give you cancer even if you don't smoke 'em. Just imagine sugar but at 1000x proof, that's what I'm talkin' 'bout! =)

I was 18 and waiting to fail my Senior year and I'd have to make it up with another semester. At that point I said fuck it, dropped out, got my GED, and went to work before the school year was even spent out. I was making a good $25,000 a year right then and there, of course, the work was absolutely unfuckingbearable.

I was SO happy when I got fired, I actually skipped on my way to my shit car. I was fucking overjoyed.

I cruised for a little bit, taking in some unemployment, then I worked for a temp agency for heavy labor. Boy, talk about shitty work. Ever been in an aluminum smelting/molding plant? Ever hung around a pool of molten metal kept at a good 2800 degrees farenheight to keep it liquid with a fourteen foot tall torch on it? In a record setting summer?

I would go in, sweat like a bitch, bust my ass, then go outside to my car that was sitting in the direct 100 degree sunlight all day and SIT IN IT TO COOL OFF. I knew something was up when I was doing that.

Then I, of course, got fired for a BULLSHIT reason. They were firing long term employees 'cuz their pay was too high so I figure them to be some real cunts anyway. No loss.

A little more drifting and I found my way to the job I still have. I love this job. It's hot. It's smelly. It's dirty. It's easy. It pays very damn well. If I stick with it I can be making a ton of money in some years. There're people that have worked there for 50 years. I think I'll probably do the same, unless I can somehow afford a 'formal' education in computers.

I honestly don't see any other way out of my current position in life.

I'm sitting here right now, inspired by Lüt's wonderous post, relaxing after a good day's work. I have a Gateway P3 450 with a Voodoo 3 that I can't upgrade and 256 megs of ram, 192 of which are mine.

Jeez, you fuckers yell at me to get AIM and then you're never on. Well, except for Goku and his supposed nail.

I was recently laid off because of the economic slump. In that magnificent few months of unemployment paychecks I forced myself to learn some things on the ol' 'puter that I've been procrastinating, such as Wad Authoring. That and sleeping 10 hours a day, that's important too.

But now I'm back to work, raking in the cash, and I'm plotting on ordering myself a custom system. I'm thinking more along the lines of P4 now then Athlon... well, since two new flavors of Athlon come out every week and there's no price difference anymore. Oh well.

PolackNinja out, yo.

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name:Predescu Laurentiu
location:Craiova, Romania, Europe
height:190 cm
weight:110 kg
hair:short, brown
occupation:hardware engineer, nerd
likes: DOOM, Quake3, Starcraft, Diablo, DeusEx, Blade of Darkness
dislikes: Desperados, Baldur's Gate, DeltaForce
free time occupation: beer, net, loud music
affinity: electronics, computers, hardware
AIM handle: maga998

resident member of Doomworld.com

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Name = Nathan Lawrence Berry <hmm Fruity! heh heh
Age = 19
Location = Australia. Canberra. <It is the capital belive it or not. Most don't

Height = 5'10 (175cm)
Hair = Pointing in random directions


Wasting time on Computer. Games, Mp3's,Modding (Trying)
All Doom's, All Quake's,American McGee's ALICE.
Project IGI, STVoyager: Elite Force. Worms: Armageddon.
((That is Cool shit)Worms is.)
Both GTA's (I WANT GTA3 ON PC. PS2 Bastards)
You don't know JACK trivia. (funny)
Total Annihilation. Hostile Waters: Antaeus Rising
Need For Speed (most of)
(Not even half of my games, cant remember me others.)

Music: Bon Jovi, Mettalica <Any. Nevermind that older or newer crap, AC/DC, Guns N Roses, Six N Out <British cricketers on this forum would know this guy. British Cricketers can't play....heh heh.
Run DMC, EminEm(NOT STAN), Placebo, Smash Mouth, Offspring
D.A.A.S = Any Aussie here who has seen GNW should know these guys. (hmm Maybe not)Collective Soul, Rammstein.
Limp Bizkit, Monty Python, Red Dwarf, The GOON SHOW. <Fodders was Prolly round about 5 when these guys were around. To give you an example of how old (and Weird) my taste in Music is. so I would be surprised if anyone knows them, Well if you do then COOl.

Habits = Teetotaller, Mr No Smoke. Mr Install Doom on school network. Mr Local Footy Team Supporter.
Hmm Asleep yet? heh heh

Occupation = Full time Chair Warmer.
heh heh. Thats got me covered.
I think.

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My name is Kenny Deriemaeker, and I'm 16 years old. I'm about six ft. tall I think (183 cm), and weigh about 170 lbs (85 kg). Lord DickHead measured six and a half inches last time I checked. I'm heterosexual, for those with doubts.

I'm from Belgium, which explains why 99.6% of the Earth's population can't pronounce or spell my name correctly. Belgium's a flat, triangular patch of grass right smack dab in the middle of Europe, about half the size of a typical American State. My country is known for its many fine export vegetables, the inventor of the Saxophone, and our government's inability to solve political murders or cover up our many child porn networks.

I was born on 26th October 1984 in the town of Veurne, about ten miles from the Belgian coastline (which has a whopping length of 40 miles). From 1984 to 1987 I lived in Köln, Germany because my father was stationed there. He's been in the military for twenty-five years - he was part of the UN troops that went to Bosnia in 1992. He got back in one piece and is still alive and bitchin'.

My mother isn't a particular pain in the ass - she's just way too worried about me, my sister, and things in general. She cleans mentally handicapped people's rooms, both at home and at work :) My sister's 19, and her name is Kelly. You can see how original my parents are. She's studying to be a journalist.

My first experience with videogames was in 1991, when I got a Nintendo for my seventh birthday. It ate up three years of my life. In 1996 I got my first PC - a Pentium 100 with 8Mb RAM (later upgraded to a whopping 32Mb, so I could play Quake2) and a 1Mb video card. I spent most of sixth and seventh grade playing Duke3D, and learning how to make maps for it.

I got my nickname from Zork I, a text-based adventure game from 1981.

I first discovered Doom in 1997. I'd heard about it before (I think I saw E1M1 once over at a friend's home in 1994), though the first time I played it was when I found the shareware version on a CD somewhere. I got hooked, as they say, especially because I found hundreds of FAQs, editors, user made maps etc. on the CD as well. I made a few levels for the shareware version with WadEd, then bought the Depths of Doom trilogy for about $15 somewhere.

I moved on to Quake and Quake2, then was shocked by Half-Life. I first played the Half-Life demo on my shitty P100, and was still gripped by the throat.

Last year I bought my current pc. It's a Pentium III 900Mhz with 128Mb RAM and a GeForce2MX. More than speedy enough for today's games, though I've been saving for an upgrade since I heard the first rumours about Doom 3's system specs.

To get the money for an extra 256Mb of RAM and a GeForce3 (or whatever it ends up being), I'm currently working my ass off in a local supermarket. This particular chain of stores is well-known in Belgium for the many customers that were brutally killed by a terrorist group in the Eighties.

I've spent most of my time behind my PC for the past six years, though I've always tried to fend off the Geek Demon whenever it appeared. I'm not overweight or particularly ugly, though I'm not in shape at all. I keep telling myself I should work out, lift weights, yadda yadda, though I don't have enough character/motivation/whatever to actually do so.

When I was 12 the school psychologist told me I was the smartest kid in my class, possibly the smartest in the whole school (which isn't hard in a country of pig-farmers, but nevermind). I'm quiet and shy, especially with strangers. I dress in black, I shave my own head and I cultivate a nice pair of sideburns.

The past year has been pretty interesting for me. I was lucky enough to have Zaldron and deadnail write articles for my homepage (http://lordflathead.doomcenter.com -- accept no substitutes !), and got a fair share of attention. I worked on Reborn, a Quake 3 TC that got foxed by id for using Doom material. Right now I'm playing around with Adobe Photoshop, 3D Studio Max and Visual C++. I hope to one day write a decent 3D game myself with OpenGL.
I have someone from id in my ICQ list. Wahey.

My sincerest apologies to the people who stayed awake trough all of this. You will receive your reward in heaven.

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I'm a H4X0r
i'm buds with w4ng too so yeah

i'm 16, my name is david and i'm from a computer called Tiny.
i enjoy doom, grand prix 2, f1 games, nascar games, wolf3d, nfs2 and stuff
i love music - alice in chains, pearl jam, nirvana, soundgarden, smashing pumpkins, incubus..
i have a g/f - rebecca and i had a job for two days once.
and i'm gonna surf on artifical reefs in 2 weeks time so heh, YEAH!

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I saved the original "Getting to know you all" if anyone wants it. Here's my original post there:

Hmm. This really is a wonderful idea, even if I've never seen most of these people. Where to begin?

My name's Katarhyne Lynn Stone, and I'm soon-to-be 19 [update: I'm now 19]. I live in Nederland, Texas, a little shit-town just east of Beaumont, Texas, which is about an hour east of Houston.

A lot of people comment that I'm not a very normal person. That's okay, my entire life has been abnormal. I think I'll pull a Lut here and ramble on for awhile.

When I was born, I was a very strange-looking child, even for a newborn. I was bright red, blood-red, as my skin was literally transparent. Still is, actually. Also, I was born with a heart defect resulting from my unique condition, Turner's Syndrome. About 99% of babies born with Turner's Syndrome die within one week of birth.

Normally, girls are born with two X chromosomes, and boys are born with an X and a Y. I was unlucky enough to be born with only one X. I'm wholly female, obviously, but unfortunately (or fortunately, for some of you sickos out there), I'll never grow up - I'll never go through puberty. I'm stuck four feet tall and flatchested for the rest of my life. Add on top of that albinism, and...well, it's not hard to understand why I'm not normal.

That's why I prize the internet so much. Here, I can talk to people without being judged automatically. I hated school. Noone wanted to talk to me. Noone even wanted to be associated with me. So I withdrew - I discovered machines and never turned back.

I love machines. All types - especially cars, guns, and computers. It's a very male trait; odd, considering my rampant femininity, but nevertheless, I've never cared for people. I guess that's why I'm such a bitch sometimes on these forums and on the comment threads. Forgive me if I've hurt your feelings. I really am a nice person, if a bit cliquey.

I love to help people, too. Some of you have benefited from my assistance (like Herr Heinemann), and already know that, but don't hesitate to ask me a question, especially about anything hardware. I enjoy shop talk.

Getting back to my life - I hate my parents. And then, of course, I'll be hypocritical and say that I'm daddy's little girl. But honestly, my parents don't know how to love me. It's not their fault; I'm a freak, I understand that. But they've never made me feel loved. Nor my brother. Why?

Because, well, to be blunt, we're rich. We're loaded. We're fabulously wealthy beyond your wildest dreams and damned if we can't fix a problem by throwing money at it, at least, according to my parents. And that includes familial obligations, like being affectionate with your children.

Family life in our home has always been awkward. None of us get along, save my brother and I, (and there's six of us in the house) because our relationships are just too awkward. My father sits around, works (he works perhaps 60 hours a week, since he works out of home, and doesn't care to see any of the rest of us, apparently), and drinks beer. Occasionally, when he gets really drunk, he decides that it's time to show his dear sweet daughters and sons how much he loves them and gets all maudlin, but...::sighs:: It's all fake. My mother keeps to herself as well, at home, usually either out in her garden, or reading, but she goes out a lot, too, alone, or even with other guys sometimes. My dad doesn't care - he never has. I think my mom has even put nude pictures on the 'net.

My older brother Michael and my older sister Chelsea (fraternal twins, just like my brother Zak and myself - another oddity of our family) tend to ignore me. I'm the archtypical 'bratty kid sister' in their eyes, and perhaps, sometimes, I am, but I still wish they'd either A) move out or B) be a little friendlier. You know, act like we're siblings, not roommates. I'm not very close with them at all, and that's not helped by the fact that they're 10 years older than I am.

My twin brother Zak is about the only person in my non-internet life I really give half a damn about. He's my fraternal twin, and he's about the biggest potsmoker in Texas, but, he's still a sweetie. He's probably gonna start hanging around here and in #doom more often, now that he's kinda moving away from his druggie friends and more towards our mutual computer-geek friends.

Anyway, if you think I sound interesting, IM me or something (AIM: Kyutika) sometime. Or come find me on OPN. I'm shy in person, but online, I'm pretty brazen. ::smiles::

Maybe one of you can still my perpetual boredom for a few minutes.

From Texas with Love,


You know, it occurred to me later that I hadn't really said anything about gaming and my likes and dislikes and such. Hmm. I like techno music, the harder the better (especially gabber/speedcore/terrortrance and such - http://www.mp3.com/hyperdriver is my favorite band), and I like metal and rapcore, too, but really, I like all music to varying degrees.

As far as gaming and related stuff, I enjoy all 3Dness, whether they be 3D action games (Quake3, UnrealTournament) or 3D world simulations (Half-Life, System Shock 2, Deus Ex, Black and White), or even 3D Winamp plug-ins. I love 3Dness.

I've always enjoyed the thought of virtual reality. I used to read usenet newsgroups through a BBS here locally, and I eagerly anticpated the release of Doom, even back in 1993. I was only, what, 11? Gah. I preordered it from iD software, and I remember vividly how excited I was when it came in. I grabbed the light brown packaging, tore it apart, removed the treasured and long-awaited version 1.1 commercial diskettes, and installed it on my computer. I tried to set it up for my Advanced Gravis Ultrasound, but...well, that wasn't working, so I had to default to my Sound Blaster 16. That computer was a 486DX2/66Mhz with 16MB of RAM. I loved that machine. That machine was the only reason I even made it through middle school - it and the 386/40Mhz before it. And, of course, Doom ran like a dream.

Doom scared the piss out of me. Literally. I'll never forget the first time I ever played E1M8 and...well, let's just say I had an accident.

And of course, before Doom (and even afterwards, for some of these), it was Wolfenstein, and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, and Captain Comic, and Zork, and Kroz, and ZZT, and Jazz Jackrabbit, Traffic Department 2192, Dark Ages, Tyrian, Linewars (and the sequel), Epic Pinball, Fire Fight (much later, actually), Laser Squad, the myriad AD&D games, both gold box and '3D' versions, Catacombs 3D (much earlier), and...ahh...Commander Keen, of course, and I can't ever forget One Must Fall: 2097. What about Infocon's great Battletech games, or Mechwarrior? Such nostalgia.

Anyone here ever play Princess Maker? The second one remains one of my favorite games of all time.

Anyway, enough of me pining for the golden age of DOS and shareware. As far as my involvement in the doom community goes, I've never done any maps, graphics, or anything, that's been released. I've done a ton of sound replacements and .deh patches, but none have seen distribution. I even re-did all the sounds in Immoral Conduct, since the ones they have suck. Bad. My uncle owns a gun shop. I know what guns sound like. Those aren't guns. (well, some of them aren't)

Oh, and disregard the picture of me here on doomworld. I keep telling lingweesa to take it down, and...gyeh.

Did I get it all this time?

/me it up.

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I would love a copy of the original post. Can you email it to me?

Ooops.. sorry. never noticed the link. Disregard this post.

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@ lord baztard

Eminem (NOT STAN)? That's funny, I hate almost all rap, Eminem: Stan is the only rap song I can bear listening to.

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same here. stan is the only good rap song in the last 10 years. rap hasn't been good since mc hammer and fresh prince.

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same here. stan is the only good rap song in the last 10 years. rap hasn't been good since mc hammer and fresh prince.

I remember when I was in 3rd grade, I listened to MC Hammer. I had no idea of rock or metal so I took what CD's were given to me for christmas or whatever and listened to it without complaining. My favorite artist was Micheal Jackson for half a year as a result:P

I was a screwed up kid from 5th grade and below.

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I remember when I was in 3rd grade, I listened to MC Hammer.

Heh, I used to listen to the Weird Al rendition of his song, but that's it.

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Liam: hehe... nice sig. never noticed the quote from south park before. last nite kyle had a hemeroid on his ass that almost killed him.

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Liam: hehe... nice sig. never noticed the quote from south park before. last nite kyle had a hemeroid on his ass that almost killed him.

I saw it. I love south park.


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Oh, and disregard the picture of me here on doomworld. I keep telling lingweesa to take it down, and...gyeh.

What is it anyway? It kind of looks like some character from a Japanese anime or something.

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