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alternate download mirror for the Underworld Episode

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I want to try out the underworld episode which is currently on the /newstuff chronicles, but when I click on the wad, the page won't show.

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A lot of the time it does that, probably 'cos there's too many people on it or something - keep trying and eventually get through (or try the main archive, as it doesn't do it much there). I was going to recommend a decent mirror (http://ftp.gamers.org), but that mirror seems to have gone down. You could probably get it from Spike's homepage as well.

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Weird, I was sure I was using that mirror the other day so I did some investigating. It seems ftp.gamers.org is an alias for the upload site archives.3dgamers.com (and so only accepts ftp connections, not http) There is still a gamers.org download mirror but it's here.

Anyway, the relevant download link is: Underworld (txt)

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