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Doom: Hell on Earth 3.4

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Sin – Part 4


A foul stench reached my nostrils and made me hesitate before opening the wooden door in front of me. I couldn’t tell what that stench was and that made me consider what might be waiting for me on the other side of the door. But I didn’t hesitate for long. My mission was by far the most important mission I had ever been on. If I failed, evil would likely shroud the universe, obliterating all sentient life. I had to continue. I pressed down the rusty handle.

The hellish, wooden door slid open with a grating sound and a horrid whine greeted me.

A disgusting arachnotron monster was waiting right outside the door. It pointed its plasma gun at me and I retreated back into darkness just as it fired its pulsating yellow energy blasts at me. I only just made it behind a wall solid enough to absorb the blasts. Snarling angrily, I cranked down a small lever on my plasma rifle and the weapon made a slight click and a short hum. Then I leapt into view and emptied several high-powered plasma balls into the bio-mechanical slimy brain, tearing the insect face apart and frying the repulsive brain.

The monster shrieked in agony as its brain was turned into a hot hamburger, but just as I opened fire with the plasma rifle, the hisses of several imps reached my ears and after I finished off the arachnid, a door into a small building opened and several brown humanoids with spikes leapt out of the doorway and lurched at me with saliva dripping out of their mouths. I let go of the energy weapon, which still had black smoke coming out of its barrel, and brought out my shotgun, blowing away two imps with a single blast seconds before they would have reached me. Their broken bodies flew into their kin demons behind them, knocking some of them backwards.

I quickly moved backwards while reloading the shotgun and fired into the crowd again, repeating until they all lay dead at my feet. I could hear several inhuman screams within the large fortress across a bridge that lead over a small river.

Now when the initial battle was over, I realized that the ground I was walking on was not typical Earth ground. It was a sticky, slightly elastic substance which I couldn’t tell what was at first, but I realized that it was the ground itself that made the horrid stench I had felt before. And now it occurred to me that it was because the ground itself was rotten. The ground seemed to be composed of solid bubbles of excrement brown, purple and poison green colors.

“Arghl!” I gargled and tightened my grip on the shotgun as to get my mind away from the ghastly realization and focus on my task instead.

I entered the smaller building where the imps had come from and had barely stepped inside when three former humans leapt into view, roaring angrily at me. All three were shotgunners. I leapt out of the way just as they fired. A stray pellet ripped into the armor vest of one of the possessed soldiers and it howled aggressively, before it blew off the head of one of its comrades.

Good work dumbass! You just made it easier for me
I rushed back into the room, blowing both remaining soldiers away with a precisely aimed blast from my two-barreled weapon, hurling the two soldier guys through the air before they crashed onto the floor, their blood and internals splattering all over the place.

I quickly raided the bodies and their weapons for ammunition before I stepped out of the back door of the building.

Right in front of me I could see the small bridge leading over the river. I could now smell that the water was rotten too. Evil eyes glared down at me from narrow windows in the fortress in front of me.


The room I entered was littered with burnt corpses of demons of all sorts. Revenants, mancubus demons, Hell Knights and even a few Barons of Hell were among the dead monsters. As I stepped towards the center of the pile of corpses, my eyes fell on a large device that I quickly recognized and my heart sank as a certain realization overcame me.

The device was the BFG 9000. The very same weapon I had given to the madman known as “The Hunter”. As I peered closer, I recognized one of the mutilated bodies as the very guy I had talked to a few hours ago.

There wasn’t much left of “The Hunter” Only his head looked remotely human and the face was so distorted that I wouldn’t have been able to recognize him if it wasn’t because of his black hair and beard.

The rest of his body appeared to have been burnt away. Whether he had been hurt by claws before his demise, I wouldn’t know, but his skin had been burnt away and what had been under his skin had been severely burned too. I did not for a moment doubt what had caused this horrid death.

I recalled my first encounter with that terrible fire demon and the data that I had read about it while I waited for Command to give me the ok to launch my fellow humans into space.

A tall, skeletal being with a rather high intelligence and with terrifying powers. This monstrosity could not only bring back downed demons even from death, but had a thoroughly dangerous attack. I wasn’t sure exactly what it did and neither were anyone else who had witnessed this terror in action, but this thing used fire, making the fires of Hell swallow the victim.

Just as I thought these thoughts, I could hear it somewhere. Almost like an evil laughter, yet not quite. I didn’t care whether the sound was a mocking laughter or just another distorted sound made by these things, but I knew that with one of these freaks around, I was in grave danger.

I needed to get that BFG. I slipped the combat shotgun into the holster on my back and sprinted towards the BFG.

A sudden bonfire leapt up from the floor in front of me, stopping me dead in my tracks. I swiftly pulled out the combat shotgun again. It was not a conscious action, but my hellish experiences had given me a certain instinct that worked better than any conscious thinking.

As the flames quickly died away, the thin, golden yellow-gray colored frame of an archvile stood before me. It let out its weird battle cry. I fired the shotgun only to see that it barely had any effect on the monster at all. I spun around and made a mad dash for a pillar nearby. The spiritual transparent flames that the archvile conjured up began to dance around me. Just like the fiery souls that danced around me in my most frequent and worst nightmare. I didn’t give myself time to think whether I would make it behind the pillar before the archvile fried me or even to think about the pain that I might fell if it did fry me.

And suddenly the flames around me died away. I was behind the pillar. A terrifying heat wave rocked the pillar, but nothing happened to me. I heard the archvile howl in frustration. I swiftly clapped the barrels open and shut, bringing two more shells into the firing chamber of the shotgun and leapt around the pillar. The archvile rushed straight at me. It moved incredibly fast and its movements were smooth and well-coordinated.
I waited with the shotgun in my hand, slightly fascinated, but at the same time filled with so much hatred that if glares could kill, I would have reduced the monster to ashes by now.

The monster stopped and raised its arms, fire already leaping from its arms. I fired, aiming straight at its chest.

The bulk of the pellets slammed into its chest but a few ripped into its face. The monster jerked backward and let out a short scream of pain. I gritted my teeth and reloaded the shotgun. The monster recovered frighteningly fast and with an angry hiss it raised its hands again. I fired again, but this time I didn’t hit it in any of its more vulnerable parts, yet some of the pellets penetrated its skin and I saw tiny squirts of blood splatter onto the floor. But the monster was still busy conjuring up fire and my instincts told me to move. Now. I swiftly backed around the pillar and made it back into safety. Again I felt the heat wave slam into the pillar. I had only two more shells left before I had to replace the clips in the drum. I broke the barrels open and shut and leapt out of hiding again. I almost bumped straight into the archvile and with an irritated hiss, it took a swipe at me with its long hand, but I ducked under it and fired the shotgun, aiming upwards. The blast blew its head off and tore its chest cavity open. I heard a brief death howl from the monster that was quickly interrupted. The headless monster staggered around in front of me for two seconds before it fell to the floor, it’s blood spilling out on the floor, mixing with the blood of several other dead monsters.
Who’s laughin’ now freak? I thought giving the dead archvile a hard look.

I was pleased to notice that I hadn’t given the monster time to resurrect the other demons and with determined strides, I went over to the BFG and gave it a quick check. To my delight, the advanced weapon wasn’t damaged.

Good thing our weapon engineers made this thing so solid I thought relieved as I brushed off a bit of dirt from the large gun.

I checked the ammo counter to see that it was at 65 cells. I attached my plasma rifle to the BFG through a device I carried in one of my utility bags and pressed a certain button marked “transfer”.

The two weapons began to hum and the BFG rapidly drained the energy cells from the plasma rifle, adding them to its own energy pool. There was a low beep which informed me that the energy cell transfer was complete and I unplugged the plasma rifle and clapped the BFG together before putting it into my backpack, leaving the empty plasma rifle behind.


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Very nice work, I really like how described the Arch-Vile flames as...

The spiritual transparent flames that the archvile conjured up began to dance around me. Just like the fiery souls that danced around me in my most frequent and worst nightmare.

Love the description of it being like fiery souls than had danced around him in his nightmares, wonderful :D

Keep up the eggzeelent work Dsm! :D

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