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Having trouble getting Phobos Anomaly Reborn to work

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Hi all, I am using gzdoom and Doom Launcher. All other Wads I've tried have worked perfectly but when I load up PAR in Doom Launcher, the game just starts on the first level of Doom 2.


The menu graphics are changed to reflect PAR. I've tried launching in GZDoom directly also and tried "-deh PAR.deh" to see if that file needs to be used.


Any help would be appreciated.

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You need to run it with the Doom 1 wad and not the doom 2 wad.


If you have the iwads (Ultimate Doom, Doom 2, etc) in your GZDoom folder if you drag the wad onto GZDoom launcher you end up with the following menu




Select ultimate Doom and you're good to go.

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Amazing, Magicana! Thank you.


Looking forward to trying it out, and lots of other great WADs when I work out which to try!

Edited by AdamBeGood

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On a side note, can I load multiple files and launch in Doom Launcher, ie. Brutal Doom and Brutal Wolfenstein. Or is that done on command line only?

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