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El juancho

Episode 5+ Boss Behaviour Discussion

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16 hours ago, Xaser said:

I'm not sure why anything else is being discussed? Why is this poorly-defined "default" being left in place to trip up future wads?


16 hours ago, Graf Zahl said:

What puzzles me is what even warrants a discussion here. Vanilla has no episodes above 4, so what baseline does this have to be compatible with?


I am not sure if you are referring to Crispy Doom here, but the point is that I don't have a UMAPINFO parser in this port, Still, I want to enable players to play Sigil E5 as intended. So, I need to hard-code some things. Of course, general Vanilla compatibility is always the higher goal, but I still want to keep the Sigil experience intact, so I had to find a compromise. Vanilla compatibility issues with episodes >=5 have never been brought to my attention before, so please excuse if my previous approach was too much focused on getting Sigil right and broke other WADs. /o\

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