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hands down, wad author rules

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I used to be a DEU fanatic, feeling as if though I had total control over my map, being able to insert and position the vertexes myself, but now after using Wad Author for a couple of weeks I have finally realized what I have been missing all this time... I don't think many realize how powerful WA really is... you can cut, copy, and paste EVERYTHING, you can easily add sectors within sectors, or even paste a cut sector into an already existing sector and it will restructure both sectors to correctly join them... is it just me, or is Wad Author the god of level creation?

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Its just you.

DoomCad 5.1!!!!!11 its grate. learn to map using it, and you never put a linedef wrong.

because putting a linedef wrong means you have to delete it and that crashes doomcad!

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