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Haste – 17 Short, challenging Boom maps. From difficult to slaughter.

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27 minutes ago, Walter confetti said:

Oh boy, it's like the hardcore version of Micro Slaughter, isn't it?

Not necessarily. I haven't played the Micro Slaughter project, but I suspect some of these maps (but not all) should be easier than some of those.

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1 hour ago, Walter confetti said:

Oh boy, it's like the hardcore version of Micro Slaughter, isn't it?

I'm curious of this, when possible I'll download and give a look.

While the project started off as being micro slaughteresque, it quickly turned into many of us just making a bunch of weird junk :)

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roughly 5 – 10 minutes long, made by many slaughter mapping veterans


After Micro Slaughter Community Project, it's so nice to see an another wad with a similar concept. Nice work!

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Congratulations on the release! Really looking forward to digging into this. The screenshots look awesome, it's always a treat to see vanilla textures getting this kind of love!

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Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesssssss. Excellent. Postpone everything. I anticipate later today very highly as of now.

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idk if this is worth mentioning, but animating flats break hugely on Eternity v3.40.46 (which is not a remotely current version but I was just using it to sightsee). The classic animating flat bug where every flat becomes an animation.


At first I thought it was because the ANIMATING lump refers to flats that aren't in the final version (no flats in the wad seem to be animating) but removing those didn't fix anything.


Next I noticed that the vanilla animating flats are defined "backwards", where "first frame" is blood3 and "last frame" is blood1, etc. However, when I removed those definitions too, it still didn't fix it.


Finally I tried removing the ANIMATING lump completely, and although that did work I don't think you'd find it an acceptable solution. Idk what could be causing this bug, or whether its worth troubleshooting further since it doesn't seem to appear on prb or a current eternity.

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I’ve been having so much trouble with longer maps lately. This sounds really enticing! I’ll have to check it out.

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14 hours ago, Insane_Gazebo said:



Haste contains 17 maps roughly 5 – 10 minutes long (with a couple of exceptions) made by many slaughter mapping veterans largely using vanilla textures.


The project originally headed by Scotty, started as 5 – 10 minute maps that could easily beaten by less experienced players, even on UV. The project eventually expanded beyond that scope a bit with some longer/more challenging maps after I took over.


Maps are difficulty balanced and can all be completed from a pistol start. (I’m too young to die/Hey not too rough haven’t been tested yet, so hopefully there aren’t any issues on that skill level.)


The level of detail and monster count in the maps can vary a fair bit, but the maps are ordered roughly in order of difficulty and length.


Some of the later maps are very difficult on UV – you’ve been warned :)




Expect maps by me and the following cool people:




Stuff I still haven't done:


Fixing whatever bugs people inevitably find.

Readme with resource credits etc.




  Reveal hidden contents




Have fun!

Wowsers, 17 short, monster-filled levels! This I might like.

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Phenomenal set of maps, I've got nothing but praise for this. Really looking forward to a final release to be able to run these maps.


Small issues;

Map05, there's no teleport destination for the lines tagged with 25, so a rev cant teleport in.

Map13, the intermission picture, Benjo's name is offset left instead of centered.

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Just had a playthrough on HNTR. Blasted through it, very fun stuff. My favorite maps were map04, map09, map14, and map15. 

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