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Name your favourite mini mods that ante up your gameplay

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there are far too many mods out there to keep track of, and even with famous setups (e.g. DraugraKs Build) that serve as a solid blueprint, I found that some mods I love most are missing.


So here's my list of absolute must-haves of mini mods (not big ones such as Project Brutality, but compatibility is always a BIG plus):



As for HUDs, I like switching between Neko's Hud and the Ultimate Doom Visor.

DoomHD Textures & Objects are quite nice and a good alternative to ZDHTP, the Liquid texture Pack 5.0 (or 4.0) is also a must.

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I don't usually use mods, but the one with the mini map in the hud the crosshairs and the damage numbers is great!
Does anyone else wear the watch on the hud? nobody? ok ... i'm weird

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Thanks for posting about DamNums! I forgot what it was called, and have been looking for it.


I usually just load Dead Marine, and occasionally Jimmy's Jukebox if a map doesn't have custom music.

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So this is kinda like a "post your vanilla+ set-ups" question? :)


I like to roll with Dead Marine as a base and load Precise CrosshairDamNums, MetaPropsFancy WorldWeapon SwayMirrored DeathsHellscape Navigator and Graveyard on top of that. Doesn't touch gameplay (with the exception of the Nightmare skill in Dead Marine!) and adds some visual / audio flair that doesn't deviate from the old school id feeling, at least in my opinion anyway, hahaha!


Corruption Cards is also awesome but does deviate a bit from the vanilla feeling, kinda adds a roguelite element to the game, which makes replaying maps super fun!

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