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MaTT [TiK]

IRC at school

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Since downloads are disabled here, and I never remember to bring in mIRC on disk, I can't get into the openprojects server. Does anyone know a good Java IRC client that either lets you connect to any server and any channel, is designed specifically for openprojects, or is set to go straight into one of the doom channels? I'm sure there used to be one on doom2.org, but now I can't find the URL, and the site's changed, so I dunno if it's still there.

Also, is there another port I can use to connect to openprojects if I do manage to find a working IRC client? Cos I think the school's firewall blocks all the main IRC ports, e.g. 6667.

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Most welcome. That's the exact thing I was looking for when I found it. It took me about a week of searching. I wanted to connect at school and all the mIRC pages were blocked (later on I found that you can go to thekoala.com and download mIRC) and I was looking for something like this. Now I just take a CD to school that has all kinds of things, including mIRC.

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I've been searching for something like it for months, but I couldn't find anything, so I'm really glad you told me about that. I'm sure there used to be loads more things like that a couple of years ago though.

Yeah, I started bringing stuff like mIRC in on CDs, but very few of the school computers have CD-ROM drives for some reason, and even fewer have ones that work - most won't open.

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fodders said:

Openprojects is changing to freenode.

Ahh yeah, I see what you mean now - irc.openprojects.net no longer exists.

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