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Perhaps I should make a levelset...

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I've noticed all the praise I've gotten from people about my other two maps. Thing is, I want people to actually play my maps, so I'm trying to organize a 6 or 7 map WAD. But perhaps I could make it bigger...with contributors help.

The thing is, I want my maps to be balanced as much as possible. I don't want to have a map where a highly skilled player can rule the map with just one gun, and personally I am not fond of maps where there is one 'ruling' weapon, like the SSG in the majority of the greenwar maps. In a word, if some guy is exceptionally good with some weapon...any type of weapon, I want him to be challenged by those of lesser skill.

This is kinda the criteria I'm looking for...

* No symetrical maps, either four or two ways. Unless you make one side drasticly different than the other (for example, my current map should be symetrical two ways from left to right, but age and corrosion has drasticly altered the way it looks.)
* No extra anything. Work with what DOOM2 give you. (I might put in a blank flat/wall patch for one of my maps, but for this purpose I don't black isn't really considered a texture)
* Health and armor should be sparse. Stimpacks should be the healthh bonuses in your map, and maybe a medkit in an out of the way place. Armor bonuses should be used if you want armor.
* Give the player a shotgun. Make the single SSG (only one please) in somewhat easy to reach place, in a heavily contested area. Put Chainguns in sort of 'in between' places where tailoring a place to hold a heavy weapon wouldn't make sense. Rocket Launchers should be hard to reach if the map is cramped, otherwise put it out of the way but accessable. Plasma and BFG, one or the other, preferably BFG if the map is cramped or has obstacles to hide behind. You don't have to put in either. Chainsaw maybe for fun but put it in a craney where the player won't accidently pick it up in a firefight.
* Backpacks should be put in the map in place of where you might have wanted another SSG. Make it in the same sort of place you would make a chaingun.
* No bland architecture. Make it unique, and make it so there are multiple parts of a map, as opposed to making a bunch of look-alike rooms. (Of course, if you want to keep one theme or texture set, play around with it a bit and find different combinations.

Would anyone else perhaps want to work with me on this DM wad?

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Full DOOM2.EXE compatability is required (I would have written that, but the class bell rang). This means no VPO, etc. Tricks like invisible bridges and other things that are allowed by DOOM2.EXE are fine though.

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Little Faith said:

It is probably best to make it compatible with ol' Doom2.exe as this will ensue it a larger audience.

A slightly larger number of potential players maybe, but a LOT less potential contributors.

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I'd love to make some DM maps, but I'm not all THAT great at mapping. I'll contribute one or two maps for it if you like. I can do some good maps, but it just takes me some time.

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Hey, I got this cool DM map, oh, wait damn. It's symmetrical, but small, and detail though. Should be balanced. I'll have to upload it sometime.

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Well, its based off a building that has partially collapsed. So it looks symetrical when in fact its not, which doesn't break the 'symetrical' rule. What you see is the final product, minus the detail.

I want to know, though, if the play is up to the standard of my first two maps...


...in terms of playability.

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