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haruko haruhara

Why are the zdoom Brazilian doom modders make the best mods?

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There is imp hunter who made gears of hell


There is Daniel who made neodoom 


And RiboZurai who made the sans mod


The best one is gears of hell now any questions on this topic


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59 minutes ago, Teo Slayer said:

Do not forget SgtMarkIV who made Brutal DOOM. He is Brazilian as well

I wouldn't have forgotten about that if I knew were he was from thanks for the information



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In general Brazil has an huge amount of mappers and modders for a multitude of games. Lots of great Counter Strike mods and maps come from Brazil, some Quake stuff, plenty of Doom stuff, Half Life mods. They're awesome.

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I played neodoom recently and a lot of maps felt terribly unbalanced due to some ridiculously overpowered monsters ( I think about the vixens...)


And the maps have quite bland visuals but I liked them otherwise.

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2 hours ago, Scuba Steve said:

Tangentially, ACE team--who created the landmark mod, Batman Doom--are Chilean.

are you trying to say that we, southamericans...that we ''rules''?

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Posted (edited)

I enjoyed the first NeoDoom even though it has its issues (e.g. a rather large mess of custom resources, overpowered vixens and a scattering of X-rated stuff) - it was one of the first megawads that I played through, and I enjoyed most of the maps, the atmosphere, and the custom soundtrack.  I couldn't get into Final NeoDoom though - it comes across as technically superior to the original in some ways, but I don't like the gameplay or the music as much.  I didn't know that Sgt Mark IV is also Brazilian, but fittingly, I think Extermination Day feels in many ways like a spiritual successor to the first NeoDoom that has a lot of the same charm and less of the rough edges.


Like a number of others, I went through a phase where I played most things with Brutal Doom and then the novelty wore off, but I'm currently working with DavidN's BDLite quite a bit, and without Brutal Doom there would be no BDLite.

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