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Ode to the Odonata - a single map for GZDoom

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I'm truly honoured to have this made for my birthday, Jimmy. Absolutely fantastic map through and through! And as I said on discord:



Thank you once again for this; I'll be revisiting this map and midi several times over for sure!

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The feeling in the music and map is just so... good. There's really no way to describe it, it's like a serene sense of calm and a breath of fresh air. It has the wonder of an entire megawad in a single level. Bravo Jimmy.

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Another terrific map and phenomenal gift for a friend, Jimmy. Everything flows beautifully, the music is grand, the design is sublime. A big barrel of fun from beginning to end.



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✓ Kept mentally praising Jimmy for this amazing "speedmapped" castle romp

✓ Teal skull acquired equals a happy feeling

✓ Third Boomstick. Man, you sure recommend those!

✓ Noticed similarity to Supplice and Eviternity

✓ Laughed when asked to

✓ Scratched my head at not finding the cult classic Revenant stairwell

✓ Lost track as always, peeking with "hello?" at emptied chambers

✓ Found a room with a dangerous enemy. Was there some progress? No. Boomsticked him anyway.

✓ Wait, they actually say "Schutzstaffel"?

✓ Left the surprise room and headed to the leniently guarded exit.

✓ Decided to replay on UV because I got curious if that unlocks more exciting trouble. Awesome map.





Edited by game

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Knowing all the references, especially that one key fight, made this really cool. Touches like that make this one of the best birthday maps I've played. 


FDA^. I made sure to get lost a bit to listen to the MIDI properly. :> 

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The atmosphere is phanomenal!

The fading in at the start, the music and transisions,

the custom textures,

the open map, the combat flow.


I've played a lot of custom maps, but this one is by far my favourite <3

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That was really nice level with good music. I didn't catch up some contexts(I guess, I shouldn't), but nevertheless it only proves that you both care about each other. 

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Nice map! Great midi, too. Well balanced. Very enjoyable first playthrough.

I'm not too savvy when it comes to memes so unfortunately i couldn't fully appreciate the "craiving my croissants"-joke. It's probably very funny. ;)

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Another terrific map as usual - @Biodegradable came to help me not get lost but this was far easier to navigate than Nameless. A nice short beautiful map and fun challenge.  




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