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The BEST Way To Play Gran Turismo 2

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I didn't know about Duckstation until now, it might be worth taking a look at it.


I wonder how good I can get stuff like Spyro or hell Ridge Racer Type 4 looking on this.

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hah, thanks for the video! i was using duckstation for gt2 already after years of epsxe, but had no idea that silent had patches for the japanese 1.1 release, nor that he had been working on additional graphics improvements. was stuck playing at 30 because i've always preferred the japanese release's racing music (and wanted to learn the language too), so this comes in really handy :)

by the way, might be worth mentioning that enabling cd-rom read and seek speedup greatly helps when navigating menus - makes checking out dealerships and especially tuning shops much less tedious, and doesn't seem to have any serious side effects that i know of.

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