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Endless Random /idgames WAD Adventures #017

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Posted (edited)

A map i... half played before lunch, hope it will be accepted:


Depth labyrinth by Hennion Nicolas and Benayoun Laurent Vanilla Doom 2, 1995, played with Crispy Doom 5.10.1

[no screenshots, sorry]

A random wad I've got today, is a medium sized map sets in a MARBGRAY maze with almost the same height for all the map expect for a room with a stair and a lift that leads to a lava lake with a island in the middle with a plasma gun. Monster placement is genuinely the worst, way too empty and where the strong monsters are, it's filled with... Explosive barrels everywhere? Also the maze isn't that hard to navigate, but you have a wrong key that does nothing to unlock new parts of the maps, making this map unbeatable. Great.

Also, I'm pretty sure to have played this map on a shovelware disk i have at home, but with a different name and more difficult?

Anyway, is another bad maze map. I wonder how two people did this, but two other people made a even more blander boss map. Got bad luck this day on the random search, i guess.


Don't worry, I'm writing the second half of the review for DMP 2018, i have wrote the last levels of vanilla megawad i played today... Just have to copy it here next time, maybe with more maps too!

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Posted (edited)

Day 5: WOOO https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/wooo


Jokewad that I played a while ago, and never finished, which was the right decision. But, I went through it again, and, seeing as it is a jokewad, I am going to comprehensively explain every joke it contains:

  • One of the maps contains some scrolling text about "Go kill the demons Sgt. Taggart", and despite its appearance of trying to adhere to a serious military theme, it's actually exceptionally generic and most of it is just one room copy-pasted over and over
  • The map 'Doom 5' is broken, trapping the player into a tiny room. This was clearly ahead of its time, predicting both modern games being extremely unfinished and broken, as well as the Doom reboots' gameplay style locking the player into a room making for a more linear form of gameplay than its predecessors. Or maybe it just sucks.
  • Doomguy racing isn't a joke, but you go fast, and going fast is fun, so it's the highlight of the WAD.
  • Whoa I'm In Some Room With a 14 Year Old Cure Fangirl starts with you being harassed by a skeleton, for which reason I can only assume Cure fangirls are associated with being anorexic. Not that I have any idea who Cure is, so the joke's lost on me, maybe I just made up the joke myself and it's completely wrong.
  • Inside Nyan Cat's Anos has a mangled .midi of the song, and an anus.
  • This Map Sure Does Belong In This Wad has a self-aware title. 


As you can see, the WAD contains a grand total of 6 jokes, 5 if we add the criteria that the joke has to be in the actual level and not just its title. Despite this, it's a full 30 map megawad. The most elaborate joke of the lot was Doom 5, and to be honest, that was my joke, I made up all those inferences, it's just a shitty broken map. Doomguy racing is sort of fun, but if you want to have fun going fast, just go play a Quake jump map. Somewhat predictably, this is something I would hesitate to call a jokewad, most of it isn't attempting to be comedic in the slightest, because to see the jokes, of which there are very few, you have to get through the other 25 excessively long and tedious and 'deliberately bad' levels, (no IoS, at least) which are something we get plenty of on Doomworld even today, people who make maps that they put no effort into and say "it sucks lmao" because I guess they're too insecure to actually work hard on something and face criticism for it. Maybe I have no room to make such comments when I've not made any maps myself, but I'm going to do it anyway, if you're going to go through the effort of making a map and submitting it online for other people to play, I think you can also put in the effort of actually making it good, which these levels are not. There really isn't much to say about these maps, because they all incorporate awful design ideas, and they just leave a foul taste in your mouth, there is a fine line between parody and just making something bad with no inherent humour in it. At this point, I think I've become disillusioned with jokewads, I enjoy a good laugh just like anyone else, if you take Valve games as an example, all of them have plenty of humour in them, which I would argue has been a major contributor to their success and lasting recognition. The reason I say this is because I enjoy comedy, but if you read all my jokewad reviews back to back you'd probably think I'm just some boring mug who has no sense of humour, but it's not my fault. These levels are "bad on purpose", and that's the whole joke, you take any of the shite 90s maps I've played on ER/IWA, and change the title from "the Phobos techbase" to "the techbase of testicles :)" and it's still a shite 90s map. Yes, actually, This Map Sure Does Belong In This Wad, it's around map 20, at this point you've seen so many maps that are boring at best and painful at worst that you've got no reason not to see it, it's not like there's any actual major change that might be a source of comedy. There's nothing good about the gameplay, there's nothing funny about what is purportedly a jokewad, it's just plain bad, emphasis on plain. 3/10.

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Month 5 Day 13


I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop.







Mangler History:

The Manglers began as a small group of friends who met at C.W. Post College/LIU in the Fall of 1991. Known for acts of public drunkeness, the Manglers were a familiar sight at all social functions at Post which searved Alcohol. Headquartered in Brookville Hall, the Manglers attempted to break every law in the book. Drinking in hallways, Around the World Parties, defacement of public property, lewd behavior, and harassing and deflowering young ladies were just a few of the acts committed.
In the Spring of 1992, a run-in with the Resident Hall Director resulted in the split up of the original Manglers. The Manglers survived this, and continued to party at Post till the last group graduated in 1994. After which, the Manglers began to spread throughout the country. From the beaches of California to the Jersey Shore, the Mangling continued. Then something terrible went wrong...
In 1999, Mangler member Stretch believed he was close to discovering the "all-unifying theory". During an experiment while trying to test his theory, Stretch mutated himself into a hideous beast. He, in turn, began to mutate his fellow Manglers into killer Party Animals. All hope was lost, until one Mangler stood up to defend the free world -- Arbouet.


Oh look ! Another university wad from the 90's before it became taboo ! This one has two maps separated in two wads (Mangle1 and Mangle2) and also a resource wad (Mangler) , which bring a lot of new sounds and weird graphic replacements ! You can play the maps without the custom sounds and sprites if you hate absolutely cheesy  and silly stuff.


Of course , expect two school-themed levels with extremly rudimentary aesthetics which were enough to make you hate going to school.The first map looks rather like a fortress because of the usage of brown and gray bricks and the second one looks like a subterrean brown base rather than a cafeteria. Indeed , you can see some tables and chairs but absolutely no window...


However, I really liked this wad , especially for all the graphic and new sounds which create a really fucked up and wacky ambiance. I think this wad is worth checking just to see how the author reskinned the monsters. For instance, all flying monsters were replaced by heads and the lost souls will perpetually say "hello there" until you kill them. You can collect "new" goodies like alcohol botlle to regenerate your health and hamburgers which act as armor shards. At the end of each level, you have to kill an handcuffed blue guy which is just a new version of the icon of sin. 


The new statbar look even weirdier with a static "doomguy" face. It seems more like a decapitated head to me but whatever...


Gameplay-wise , the first level was surprisingly hazardous because of surprise slow crushers and the second one has few ammo and totally out of place nazis. Nothing special to say nethertheless. Just expect randomly scattered monsters.


A pure rubbish university-themed wad which shows a lot of creativity concerning sounds and graphics.


File 2) Viscera! by Tom Proudfoot (1995)





My 10 best deathmatch levels, designed and playtested over several months. Designed for -altdeath.


A full episode of classic DM maps. Nothing special to say about the gameplay. They are well built with a lot of varied interconnexions.

The thing I would note is that most of the maps use a dominant texture to the point that sometimes it feels like it's monotextured. I find that it helps a lot to have varied and interesting themes.


My favorites are :

- the red cave in map 03
- the cement complex in map 04
- the desert landscape with stucco textures in map 08
- the small grey base in map 10.


File 3) JennyDoom for Doom1. by I know who I am and I'M sure you do too. (1997)


Regular Doom but with some new wall textures. I wonder who these pics are of.????


I already met Jenny in Month 5 Day 2. Sorry I pass for this one. Why can't you just be an easy-to-launch wad file instead of an old executable???


File 4) Remains by @_Mud (2019)





A Gzdoom map which, according to the author, isn't extremely ambitious. Nonetheless, I think it is a very solid piece of work for a level made in 10 days.


Remains is a medium-sized map set in a base lost in the mountains. I think the big strength of the map resides in its atmosphere. Indeed, the gzdoom effects are used in such a way as to create ambient sounds: mud cascades, wind, light rain which drops land on the mud puddles... Moreover, the author did not use music in such a way that it reminds me a bit of the Half-Life universe.


I also particularly enjoyed the progression. The level remains quite classic with gates and lifts but with more original passages where you have to swim in the _Mud (sorry for the pun hehe). In the same way, it is possible to go under bridges and other structures that are only possible with the Gzdoom format (unless I'm wrong...)


The level is quite classic in terms of combats: no big traps or arena fights and a rather moderate bestiary with zombies and mid-tier monsters. I had quite a bit of fun even though the scarcity of ammunition proved to be quite frustrating at times.Even more, the zombiemen have been improved to fire several shots in a row so don't underestimate their powerfulness !


On the other hand, I'm not a big fan of lift doors. I understand the futuristic aspect but they are quite annoying to use in my opinion and don't add much to the gameplay. I think it's one of the rare complaints I have to do about this level.


A rather modest gzdoom map but which does not disappoint at all, on the contrary. I also liked the little credit map which doesn't bring anything important, but shows the meticulousness of the author , even for little projects.


File 5) Death Pit by Voodoo Master (1998)





A good deathmatch wad. All textures are alinged. The gameplay is good. You can use the BFG, SSG, plasma rifle, and rocket launcher in this level, and there is enough ammo to use. For a better description of this level, go to my website.


A particularly simplistic deathmatch map where you start on a high tower with all the useful weapons to defeat your opponent.


The "Death Pit" is not really a death pit because if you fall, you will land on the concrete. The Doomguy can't handle some liquids but tolerates big falls.


Otherwise it's wrong, all the textures are not aligned. The grey brick for example is extremely misaligned. 

The author also stated that this is a good deathmatch map. Well I don't know, but I believe there is far better...








I got terminated in Asylum of the Wretched due to the critical lack of ammo and health.




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Posted (edited)

R.J.G. Stark Base was easily one of the worst wads I've played in years. What the hell was the beginning? It was painful and slow. I quit many times before forcing myself back.

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Posted (edited)

Doomworld Mega Project 2018 by TimeOfDeath and the mystery gang - Vanilla or Limit-Removing (DMP2018CL2) or Boom (DMP2018CL9), 2018, played with Crispy Doom 5.10.1


Part 2 of the review, where i completed the vanilla\LR megawad reaching the part where big part of the challenging maps are, played 6 maps in a afternoon yesterday!


MAP12: Underhalls from Memory by Killer5


killer5-1.png killer5-2.png

killer5-3.png killer5-4.png

killer5-5.png killer5-6.png


Playing this map made me think of decino's comment on Doom the way we remember it E1M7: "this is Episode 1 cursed". Here, this is MAP02 horribly cursed. WAY TOO MANY chaingunners, a plataform puzzle section drown in the darkness that needs to be completed using the invuln effect palette (thing that i can't do), something like 5\6 cybers in the map and a lot of archviles. I had to noclip for reach the brown structure at north of the map since it can't reached by normal methods, at least for me as well after the yellow key room i've been stuck after i shooted the switch that released ANOTHER cyberdemon in a tight corridor. Knightofdoom midis are epic. Best nightmarish version of MAP02 i have ever played, but one time is enough for me. I see now the nominee of Killer5 maps are thought are real.


MAP13: Okura Swamps by gaspe




A classic 90s style map (i don't remember now the author that inspired gaspe for this map) by a connational of mine sets in this unique-looking small fortress where green and brown colors are the kings of envoirnment here. Even with it's small ammount of enemies (80) the map is still pretty challenging and fun to play. Fun stuff!


MAP14: Azazel Installation by JudgeDeadd





Another time a castle-like structure surrounded by mountains and canyons, nukage rivers crosses it and the blood is all around the castle. Fells legitametely a City/Hell structure that could be good as a IWAD level, only with more details and monsters. It's a really great and epic map, second best after Brutana. Is that good!


MAP15: Dark Terminal by Jthom






A techbase is a techbase, long is long... but it was also pretty boring and broken in some parts for me. This is a big and long brown metal techbase pretty remniscent of TNT maps, thematically is not bad and the doomcute in some part of the maps really saved this from the oblivion. But some broken doors that i didn't get why they didn't work on Crispy Doom and the sadistic choice to put a horde of chaingunners with two archviles beyond a nukage room without any way to get a safe point and the even worse part of NOT HAVING AMMO ENOUGH TO BEAT THIS was the worst thing of this map. But overall, it was ok. With the above problems mentioned been fixed it could be even better.


MAP16: Caina by DMPhobos





Ah, this level really demands to have a hellish sky, with the city sky this map looks weird. But over this, it's a well done map based upon the Doom "Inferno" episode maps originally made for the infernew project before bonnie leaved it to a comatose state for years, with lots of charming details and a very TWID-esque feel on it. Gameplay is pretty challening and fun too. Charming map that needed a different sky, but still a great map.


MAP17: Salutations, my fine collective! (?) by RaphaelMode





A small and easy breather map by the one and only RaphaelMode, it's one of his usually weird maps that includes some sort of phylosophycal and hard to understand for me, ignorant being, to understand and some helpful of not doing this in a jury duty. A nice map that makes your brain breathe a little after the hordes of demons you fought.


MAP18: Sludge Outpost by Pegleg





Oh, i see how the author made a "new" green sky in the map, interesting approach! However, we return back to indoor maps in this techbase sets under a sea of nukage, nice design choices and a challenging gameplay, even if without many monsters around, but the few used are arranged well. Cool map.

Now to the boom-compatible megawad (DMP2018CL9)! I don't want to talk too much about MAP01 since it's my map, i don't have any type of interesting trivia to wrote about this that isn't


And now, a little review of a map i've played this evening:


Skylab by Matt Robinson - Vanilla Doom 2, 1996, played with Crispy Doom 5.10.1 and TNT for changing things


DOOM0000.png DOOM0001.png DOOM0002.png

DOOM0004.png DOOM0005.png DOOM0006.png

DOOM0007.png DOOM0008.png DOOM0009.png

A overall average map with some interesting choices like the dark outdoors, that there is two ways to reach said area from two different paths, the overall try to create a sort of void sections in some part of the maps, the escher-like wooden room at the corner at the outdoor area and the fake exit door traps, is a kinda abstract techbase that also (unluckily) have some weird choices like a pitch black stairs and really asshole-ish situations like the crushers room before the red key. Monster usage is high but used sparcely, with the expection of one giant arena room that works as the "slaughter" section of the map. Nothing else to say, is just ok.


And after this little intermission, i'll return to DMP reviews, now, to the boom-compatible megawad!


Doomworld Mega Project 2018 by TimeOfDeath and the mystery gang - Vanilla or Limit-Removing (DMP2018CL2) or Boom (DMP2018CL9), 2018, played with prboom+ 2.6.1um fork and complevel 9


MAP01: Toxic Tower by Walter "daimon" Confalonieri

I don't talk about MAP01 since it's my map and i don't even have any kind of interesting trivia about this map to wrote down, i'm just satisfied on how it comes out.


MAP02: Northern Powerhouse by Zan-zan-zawa-veia\yakfak






A pretty long and unique looking... Tech Fortress? sets in this sort of alien-like abstract world all filled with weird but extremly functional texture usage, layout is pretty open and extremely puzzle-oriented, the gameplay is a really clever usage of resource starvation gimmick, where every bullet counts between life and death. However, i din't find the red key and some parts are broken for me, most certainly i take some wrong path while playing and some parts aren't appeared... however, this is the map takes me the more time to be completed with it's 30 minutes in, also thanks for the free usage of Pain Elementals here and there... However, very good abstract map!


MAP03: Amide Linkage by CarboxylicAcids




A "Micro Slaughter" sorta prototype that is actually a highly populated BFG-centric slaughtermap that actually takes something like 6 minutes with che-*cough*cough* courage in your heart with the most absurd and scary number of arch-viles i'd ever seen so far.... Overall, a nice map.

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Day 6: Skylab https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/skylab


Emil Cioran once said, in objection to the pursuit of scientific knowledge, that "the world doesn't deserve to be known". Even if I'm overselling it greatly, by contributing to the ER/IWA, I am a historian of sorts, and Skylab is the same kind of historic knowledge that doesn't deserve to be known. It's not bad because of outright malignance like a Terry trap, it's not bad because its architecture makes no sense and has no actual connection to its stated theme, it's not even bad because it is generic, the Doom equivalent of a Call of Duty or Assassin's Creed developed by a team who lost any creativity or interest 6 games ago. It is bad because it has nothing at all to show you, the only reason I can see anyone obtaining enjoyment from this would be if you showed it to some hermit tribe who were far too fascinated with the concept of being able to press W to move forward to notice the gameplay, of which I cannot say anything positive. Summarised, it is very long hallways, with nothing in them, no decoration, and more critically, no cohesion between them, I mentioned jump maps the other day, and this is what this feels like, a map so tedious to traverse it almost feels like I was supposed to be using rockets to increase my momentum, I think if I played Knee Deep In The Dead, for the 100th time, I'd have more to say about it in regards to the combat, and I would have a great time explaining my fascinating journey if I played KDITD blindfolded. Here, it's a bunch of big fucking hallways that don't fucking go anywhere. In fairness, I am off my head as I write this, but this experience almost feels like purpose-built kusoge, deliberately obscenely awful to play every second. 1/10.


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Month 5 Day 14


I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop.


File 1) D! 2.0 beta (build 06) upgrade patch (1995)





This patch will upgrade D! version 1.5 to the new D! 2.0 public beta (build 06).

If you do not have D! 1.5, this will install a public beta of the D! 2.0 DEMO version (some slight crippling of the features).


I tried to launch an old executable via dosbox but it crashed.... So I don't know what D! exactly consists.


File 2) Sycraft Doom 2 soundtrack by @Armaetus (2009)



This is a WAD containing the music created by Sycraft but at a reduced size for convenience. The music files inside the file are 80kbps stereo MP3, so if you wish to listen to the original files, check the very bottom of this text file.


It's not the first time I download musical wad by Armaetus (formerly Mr. Chris). By reading the description, I wrongly expected to listen a totally new soundtrack. Actually, it's just some remixes of Doom 2's midis. I respect the work but a lot of soundfonts already do perfectly the job.


I still took the time to listen to everything, but unfortunately I think that this wad is not very useful.



I stop here for today.


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Phew, took quite the break there. Anyways, here's Nitro's Doom (Cool beans: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/m-o/nitdoom )


A megawad, that means I had to play Map01 with d_runnin in the back. My god is this level basic.


A very short and very uninteresting Map01, I had to spice it up with the snes Doom soundfont to not fall asleep during my playthrough. The combat is basic with two somewhat nasty traps for a map01, the texturing is filled to the brim with Stargray and barrels & you get a rocket launcher with 20 rockets when you find an unmarked secret at the start with no hints whatsoever! The rest of the level beats itself when you borrow the chaingun from a chaingunner.


There is nothing else to say about this map.


I give this map 2 out of 10 Slade crashes.


guess what?



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Skylab (1996) by Matt Robinson


Play Settings

Source port: glboom+, complevel 2

Difficulty: Ultra-Violence


Sorry to anyone expecting map-by-map reviews of WOOO or DMP18, but there's no way I'm going to find that kind of time this week. Fortunately, it looks like Walter has us covered for this adventure.


Anyway, Skylab. As plain-looking as they come, with some hilariously obvious secrets, but my standards for 90s maps are so low that by sure virtue of handing over the rocket launcher and using some revenants and chaingunners, this exceeded them. There is absolutely nothing else that I can add to the reviews this map has already gotten. It exists, it proceeds for a little bit, it ends. Doom at its finest.


Grade: 5/10



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2 hours ago, ICID said:

Sorry to anyone expecting map-by-map reviews of WOOO or DMP18, but there's no way I'm going to find that kind of time this week. Fortunately, it looks like Walter has us covered for this adventure.


Hey, just for DMP 2018.


...for now!


No really, i think i'll do only DMP 2018. If i have time, i'll talk about woo too if you really wish. Also, are double spoiler acceptable?



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Day 7: HAZCHEM https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/g-i/hazchem


On account of its miniscule length, 26 enemies on UV, there isn't much to say about this one. The first map by someone who clearly didn't come back again, and given the tone of their readme, the armchair psychologist in me says it's because they lacked the self esteem to want to subject themselves to criticism, but no bother. With its aforementioned short length, I only have any memory of three rooms, two if we exclude the exit (at least there's no archvile in it), the first one involves taking down some basic zombiemen with some pistol fire, the next involves dealing with some imps throwing fireballs from above as you as you deal with some narrow platforming, although I didn't fight them, for some reason when I have to navigate around narrow platforms I get the idea that I should ignore them completely and just run along, which when I write down sounds like a preposterously bad idea, but it worked out for me here. The level uses a bit of STARTAN, which never looks good, but apart from that, the manner in which the way the level is constructed is anything but amateur, although it feels like one room that's meant to be part of a bigger complex, it evokes cut content more than first level. Its combat is completely unremarkable, and the level looks just okay, and it's so short I would say it's probably not worth your time, but there's good precedent here, if the ideas were expanded upon, it certainly would be. 5/10. 

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HAZCHEM (2016) by Ashicide


Play Settings

Source port: gzdoom

Difficulty: Ultra-Violence


Pretty fun a- oops, it’s already over. I feel ridiculous reviewing a map that’s just four small rooms in a straight line – it’s like reviewing one of those free samples of cheese you get at the grocery store. It’s pretty good, I guess, but it wasn’t even on my tongue long enough for me to get a real sense of the flavor.


Floor cracks always look cool. Platforming is always bad.  Decent sense of lighting, not as much of a sense of combat. Not sure why one of the yellow doors opens onto a texture of crates. Also not sure why this is a Gzdoom exclusive. Also not sure why it exists. Can I go now?


Grade: 2/10



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Month 5 Day 14


I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop.


File 1) The Tunnels by Dominique Lavergne (1995)






Same as previous Tunnels.txt


The author did not lie. Tunnel.wad consists indeed of a vast network of narrow tunnels occasionally connected by large spaces. The level has no real theme considering that the choice of textures is particularly inconsistent. However, I suppose that it takes place in a rather "urban" universe because of the textures of crates, cement...


In any case, the progression becomes quite quickly redundant and confusing after a while because of the many mazes and teleporters leading to quite random places. On the other hand, this aspect did not prevent me from enjoying the level because the level is full of enemies and ammunition (often unavoidable boxes of shells ) to take them down. Of course, the placement of the latter is rather dull but not frustrating.


I must point out that I really liked the peculiar use of the crate textures in some places and especially the beginning. The author sometimes used textures that generate tutti-frutti in vanilla. It's obvious when you consider that most of the rooms are monotextured.


A long and quite adventurous map, not really worth playing today but I enjoyed it.


File 2) Infinite Ammo Patch for Doom2 by Mike Fisher (1996)


This is the most SWEET patch out there, it has infinite ammunition, all enemies float including cyberdemon and spider mastermind, the boss shooter shoots out cyberdemons that walk on air, the players sound like arch viles, the rocket launcher sounds pretty cool, cyber demons can kill you because rockets are EXTREMELY POWERFUL! You have 10,000 energy points to spare, it just totally RULES!!!


I was expecting a classic deh file but it was a pat file which I absolutely don't know how to launch it. I tried launching it via Dosbox and crispydoom but it sadly didn't work. It sounds fun just by reading the description.



I accidentally blew up myself with the numerous barrels in the DM map Anyone's Frag (I already played this map before....)




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Doomworld Mega Project 2018 by TimeOfDeath and the mystery gang - Vanilla or Limit-Removing (DMP2018CL2) or Boom (DMP2018CL9), 2018, played with prboom+ 2.6.1um fork and complevel 9


3rd and last part of the DMP 2018 review, if i can stand anymore to maps that requires more than a hour without cheating to finish. I've also added the day i've played the maps while writing the review.




MAP04: (Untitled) by DAZZER




A cool map with pretty nice details and design, works as a little breather map from the previous entry. But even with it's short of monsters, this map is kinda tought and challenging. I really liked the new sections of the maps that appears when you hit or shot a switch. Cool little map.


MAP05: Heart of Monstrocity by riderr3





I know already this author for his Deadly Standards series maps and other projects, i like his maps... expect this one, sorry. I see that the author take a lot of time in making this map, it's a very large and adventouros Petersen-ish city map with lots of toxic liquids and lots of platforming, the gameplay is pretty nice for the monster usage, giving you little groups of enemies to fight, as well as some puzzles... idk if i made a mistake during the play but i found myself stuck after reaching the bloodfalls switch "maze" (felt a little irritated because FUCKING MAZES) and the noclipped trought the map and cheated all around, but then i just give up and finished the map at his half cheating. Intersting concept and design, but too tedious for me. Midi is pretty neat.


MAP06: timelord by JadingTsunami





Another kinda breather map from the previous one, is a really interesting map that uses the stock resources with a time travel involving story that make start our Doomguy in a far west village at the start (and i'll want to say that i always love to see this theme more in Doom maps!), then goes in a Rocket-centric (both for guns and enemies) map sets in a medieval fortress, then you go in the future of techbases and futuristic plasma guns and arachnotrons and at last you enter into a void dimension where a giant flesh island lies in the middle of it with a boss fight against the spider mastermind and a way too fast lift puzzle that includes a little switch hunt as well. Noclipped again because i'm too slow to solve the lift puzzle, overall a very cool map with a really unique theme!




MAP07: Carnage by DanielAlexander




Another "Micro Slaughter" style map that can be easily finished in 3 minutes, really. Gameplay is revolved upon two major guns, the rocket launcher and the bfg, wth the SSG as a optional gun if you don't want to waste the other guns ammo. Pretty neat detaling, clever usage of monster hordes and arch-vile traps. Nothing else to say, plain and simple fun map. 


MAP08: Things go wrong for Doomguy when he goes out for a nice quiet game of snooker (?) by Scotty




Third "Micro Slaughter" map by Scotty, a Slaughtermap author that makes pretty tought maps, but this one is more on joke-y and "light" side, i don't have any idea of what kind of game snooker is, but the map was quirk and fun!


MAP09: Cavern Complex by NetherStorm





A dark cavernous map that despite having a shorter number of monsters and they are almost pretty much cannon fodder, mostly zombiemen and lost souls, with more slightly harder counterpart in the... what is this, a brown techbase? Some sort of temple? Anyway, that place that looks made by sentient things. What i was talking about? Ah yes, play time was much more longer despite the slighty light counterpart to battle, overall a pretty nice map but i'm not a fun of blocking hanging corpses in the caves.


MAP10: The STUCC by Pinchy





Pretty cool and fun map that is... a zombiemen slaughtermap of sorts? Anyway, that enemy is used here in masses. Thematically the map is pretty strong, looks like something that comes straight out from Jimmy or to be a level used in Alfonzone. Very cool stuff, i would liked to reach the outdoor area at the exit instead of walking over the exit line and finish the level. Oh well, still a good time. Only issue i found is stuck monsters in some parts.


MAP11: Flaccid Beginnings by TimeOfDeath





Now, how the fuck can a strong puzzle oriented map that uses misaligned BLACKWAL almost everywhere and popping archviles every then and now that also have the considerable amount of 999 monsters be somehow very fun to play? Put a BFG, a lots of cell packs, a reasonable horde of monsters in tight spaces and a man can be happy. At the start it was kinda annoyng with small group of monsters and arch-viles that comes out after you kill them, plus the cluncky puzzles and some stuff that needs speedrun trickery to be passed but at the second half of the map things get fun and juicy. I've noclipped in some parts since some puzzles doesn't seem to have worked, somehow. Anyway, very fun map that give me small "adrenaline rushes" when the BFG carnage starts. Very fun stuff that i didn't care if i passed half hour on this.


MAP12: Day of the Rope by Scype2k (WARNING: HEAVY IMAGE SPOILER)











WOW, THIS MAP IS WONDERFUL! It's been a very long time i've played something so unique and fun, everytime there was some boom trick that leaved me astonished by it's genius. Sure, big part of them are pretty cluncky and it shows (especialy the mechanical arm that takes you up the sewers and the "walkable" ladder, but it's still a really impressive of Boom features and trickery i have seen. Scype2k, if "3 is a crowd" is at this levels or even higher, i should play it! I never played it so far. But i want to say this is your Magnum Opus of your mapping carrier.
Anyway, this a epic adventure map that uses one of the most "ugly" themes in Doom 2, Wolfestein maps. But instead of the usual rectangular affair that everybody thinks, is a story-driven map where the nazis helps the demons with their invasion in this death camp / lab / palace where marines are condemned to die, become zombies, become corpses and repeating this cycle for "eternity", until the day you find a switch that destroy the death trap and put you in the sewers and then to a  infiltration mission where your aim is survive and escape this nightmare.
The usage of boom special effects in this map is top notch, making this a build-like map with also a lot of cure for detail, layout and doomcute works. It makes you forgive that you played this map for almost a hour! Really, the best map in all the megawad, hands down.




MAP13: Master Procrastination by Ninehills42







A pretty populated but kinda basic brown structure that is a sort of church\techbase\flesh arena with a classic slaughtermap and the major points being in the details and the pipe organ doomcute structure for me.The layout is good and interconnected, so it's a good map but with nothing extraordinary in it.












A huge beast with 1616 monsters inspired by a mix of Odissey of Noises and Industrial Zone, mostly populated by hordes of angry zombies. Conceptually this looks like a epic adventure, but for me it was a epic chore mostly on the weapon choices of having only the shotgun and chaingun for the majority of time (c'mon, i have to go around this city for 30 minutes for just having a SSG?) and some obtuse puzzles like the one in the brown brick building. I felt most of the time to leave the map, but my completionist part of me is stronger today, so thank that for finishing this map! Interesting concept but boring play in reality.


And with this, i've finished Doomworld megawad project 2018 maps review! Yay! Go me! Go fuck yourself, Doom 2! I think that for a day or more after this map, i don't want to see a demon sprite or i'll think i'm going to puke.

Overall, a pretty good megawad with no real downers or ugly maps in theme and quality, but with a pair of maps that are boring for me (MAP05 and MAP14).


Best Maps:


1) Day of the Rope by Scypek2
2) Brutana by Pcorf
3) Azazel Installation by JudgeDeadd

4) timelord by JadingTsunami

5) The STUCC by Pinchy


Hardest/Longest maps that make me want to quit this damn game:

1) Messy Bedroom by Roofi
2) Doomed District by Jjp
3) Underhalls by Memory by killer5

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I'm happy you had the patience to finish my (a bit) fucked up map Walter !




Month 5 Day 15


I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop.


File 1) 4Corners.wad by Dave Johnson (1997)





Large size level. Very playable wad built in the classic Doom style with attention to detail and design. Comments welcomed to Email address. Really designed for 2 to 4 players although 1 player can complete level.


An actually pretty large hub-style map where you start in a small court surrounded by 4 doors where 3 of them require a colored key. You indeed have to explore 3 distinct parts in order to get them. It was a very good map with a good sense of aesthetics, easy and fun gameplay and above all a midi rendition of Metallica's "Creeping Death". Long live the 1990's, yay!


Most of the sections are particularly interesting because of the size of the spaces and especially the work done on the shadows that allow to emphasize their structure. Moreover, the texturing is sometimes quite unique, especially the first section using prolifically vine textures. On the other hand, around the half of the map, we explore an extremely dark cave which is in my opinion the insipid part of the map. The luminosity is so low that it becomes boring in the long run.


The fights are nothing special, but I liked sometimes how the monsters come out of the ground to add a little dynamism. There is plenty of ammo and health so there are no objectively frustrating parts.


Very good hub-style map.


File 2) 8-BALL.WAD by Dave Everett (1995)






This is a THEME wad. Gee, I wonder if you can figure out the theme by it's name. It's kinda tight for 4-player, but it's a neat layout. There should be plenty of ammo and weapons to please anyone.


An extremely standard deathmatch map consisting of two 8-shaped "arenas" located side by side but linked by teleporters.


Actually there is nothing else that makes you think of the black billiard ball but the two 8's make me think of something else if you know what I mean hehe.


Besides, this map is very familiar to me. I think I've seen this map before but with some erotic pictures inside...


File 3) WIRE2.WAD by Gene Field a.k.a. Wireless (2005)





Well, here it is. Thanks for all the great feedback on the first one (Killme.zip) in this lib. As before, no monsters to get in the way, just good layout and opportunity for strategy. This one is E1M2. Good luck and I'd appreciate any feedback....


An old 1994 DM map for Ultimate Doom uploaded in 2005.


Wire2 is one of the maps that I explored very partially because I quickly pressed one of the switches that turned out to be the exit. However, I don't feel like restarting the map so fuck it.


I have to say that we start in front of a space marine, which leads me to believe that the author did not know how to place player starts. 


Besides, the layout seems to me too complex for DM because of the many narrow corridors in particular but not only. Aesthetically , it looks ok for a 1994 map.


File 4) MarkRoom 3 (Deathmatch) by Mark Griswold (1994)




This is another in the arena-like series of my wads. (There are now 3 and more on the way.) Markroom3 is becoming my favorite. The wad is one room, but it has many sub-parts. The 2 main parts are the Stair Sections and the Floor Sections. The Stairs are elevated above the Floor sections and contain mostly ammo and armor. The Floor sections contain the weapons and the teleport Ladder. The Ladder can be used to traverse the room instead of the Stair sections. There is a Green Ladder which runs north and a Blue Ladder that runs south. Remember this. The Ladder can create some great teleporter races. \ Now, since you're probably confused and don't know what the hell I'm talking about.... Play the damn level and see for yourself!


Another DM map from 1994 that I accidentally exited because of a randomly placed switch without indication.

From what I saw : a very interesting architecture with curved stairs, weird triangles drawn on the ground as teleporters and some imps.




I tried to dodge many lost souls while being low-health in A Grenade Down the Middle but I explode myself while trying to kill the pain elementals.




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Month 5 Day 16


I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop.


File 1) Every Which Way but Out by Peter Guts (2012)





One puzzle after another. Solve them all and may be you will live to go on.


One pseudo-puzzle map using Heretic as iwad which actually means "Heap every wall in order to find all the unmarked doors to progress". Also , most of the map is monotextured with gray bricks and has a very simple underground architecture. It contains some slightly more visually interesting parts thanks to the use of textures of another colors. In counterparts, the maze full of doors and small 64x64 rooms was maybe one of the most boring passages I met in a Heretic level.


Gameplay-wise, nothing hard , you can find a lot of hidden closets with tons of useful stuff to destroy the few enemies populating the level. You can find a hidden map which greatly helps navigating the level too. 


A very bland but doable map.


File 2) The Unofficial Fists FAQ by aaguudis (1996)


A very special fist FAQ


A fun and unordinary file which simply be opened with your noteblock. It explains you how to efficiently use your fists and how to create custom ones ! Killing a cyberdemon with your fists is not a good idea because you may die of old age before he is dead ! Here is the copy-paste of the full text.



             *           The             *
             *      Unofficial         *
             *          Fists         *
             *           FAQ             *
             *                     *
             *   created by             *
             *     aaguudis             *
             *    (aaguudis@gconn.com)   *
             *                 *

Table of Contents        

SECTION 1:  What are Fists?
SECTION 2:  How to get them to work
SECTION 3:  What they do
SECTION 4:  How to make a fist of your very own! (This is a special bonus)

SECTION 1 -- Exactly what ARE the fists?

    This is an extremely common, question, so i thought i'd adress it
first.  You see, ever since the begginning(DooM 1), iD had a nifty weapon
programmed into the game, fists.  They look like hands, and can almost
actually hurt the enemies.

SECTION 2 -- How to get the fists to work

    Now that you have a little background on the fists, we will
discuss how to get them to work.  This is a very difficult and involved
proccess, but i feel its is worth the time it takes. Follow carefully..

    Step 1:  Press the button on your keyboard marked '1'. DO NOT
CRITICAL IN USING FISTS.  If you did this step correctly, you should see
your new weapon, ready to be used.

    Step 2:  Now, moving on to actually using fists. Click the mouse
button you assigned to shoot once, or press the button on your keyboard
you assigned to shoot.  THIS STEP, LIKE THE ONE ABOVE, IS A VITAL STEP.
right, the fists on your screen will move, in an attempt to hit something.

    Repeat Steps 1 & 2 to use fists again.

SECTION 3 -- What the fists do

    The fists, like any other weapon in DooM, is designed to try to
damage your enemies.  If you punch an enemy with your fists, he will be
damaged an amount depending on how strong he is.  For example, if you
punch a trooper, he will die in fewer hits than if you punch a former
human seargent.  Also, it is important to know the fists do not shoot
anything, and you must be in close range of the thing you are attacking. 
OF OLD AGE BEFORE HE IS DEAD. The fists do very little damage, unless you
get what is called a berserk pack.  This looks like a black medikit.  It
will increase the damage your fists do.  There is, however, a side effect
of berserk.  It is laced with a special hallucinogenic drug that make you
see everything with a reddish tint.  


    As i was creating this file, many people asked me if i could show
them how to make fists of their own, so i thought i'd include it here.
Once you learn, show off your new talent to everyone, and amaze people all
over the land.
    Step 1:  Put your hand in front of you.
    Step 2:  Open your hand.
    Step 3:  Try to touch your fingertips to your palm.
    Step 4:  Rest your thumb in a comfortable position
    Step 5:  Enjoy your new creation!!

There. Now you too can make a fist of your very own at any time!


I stop here for today.

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IT’S TOUGH (2017) by xxxdarkmaster1337


Play Settings

Source port: gzdoom

Difficulty: Ultra-Violence


This is what people who hate slaughtermaps think all slaughtermaps are like. Starts with a long RNG fight where revenants get to take free potshots at you in a hall with no cover and no room to maneuver, followed by that exact same thing again but you’re going through the hall the other way.


“Sparse” is the word that comes to mind here. Nothing looks outright terrible, but it all uses bog-standard textures in bog-standard ways. Monsters are long lines of exactly one type of creature in long hallways built to exactly accommodate them. There’s no soul of any kind here – absolutely anyone could have made this map. Even the name, “It’s Tough”, belies a lack of any creativity.


But even that, I can forgive. That was true of Skylab. What I can’t forgive, simply, is this map’s total lack of cover, which turns absolutely every fight into a battle between you and RNG. “Hard but fair” goes right out the window, making the map frustrating and sloggy rather than genuinely challenging.


Grade: 2/10



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BARTHEX3.WAD by Jim Wiscarson (AKA) Bartman - Hexen, 1995, Played with Zandronum 3.1 beta and bots


Screenshot-Hexen-20211016-004448.png Screenshot-Hexen-20211016-004508.png

Screenshot-Hexen-20211016-004600.png Screenshot-Hexen-20211016-004907.png

This random pck from idgames of tonight is... a thing that you really don't see everyday (and also one of the few, if not the first, times that a map from this game comes to the andventures thread): a Hexen map and a Deathmatch map, nothing a little less! But is this a bless or a curse?

The level itself is nothing of special, just a big square-y arena with lots of guns scattered around the arena around all the map, at least there's some order and height variations between the various buildings that works as some some of towers. Texture choices is kinda weird. Been unlucky during the random class taken (i've got the Fighter meele homeboy, N I C E, while the bots got better classes like cleric and mage) but nonetheless i've enjoyed the play, even if i've been wasted by the bots.

Overall, a ok map.

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Month 5 Day 17


I play until I die or intentionally stop. I don't comment the wad where I die/stop.


File 1) Trigger-happy (Updated version) by @pintolinh0 (2017)






Trigger-happy is a fast paced almost claustrofobic indoor map with abstract design and filled with nazis to kill. Dare yourself to escape this Mastermind dungeon and face the beast with ULTRA-VIOLENCE.

This is the definitive version of my 2nd map triggerh.wad; it, features vanilla compability, detailed rooms, reworked enemy and item placement, diffilculty spikes and so on.

Higly recommended to play using the Chocolate Doom source port, under 320x200 (or Crispy's 640x400), since it was intentionally made for.


A very odd vanilla-compatible hellished nazi-themed map, which seriously I enjoyed a lot because it contains many enemies and particularly unique visual details. think that in terms of progression, it could be similar to a map that would have been made for a project like Congestion or Claustrophobia, i.e. narrow rooms with a lot of interconnectivity to optimize the use of the space. Also, it's extremly linear but it's far from being a problem because the strong point of this map does not lie in exploration but rather in monster encounters.


Trigger-happy is a rather tough level because , unless if I'm wrong, you absolutely have no armor while we meet a lot of hitscanners as well as mid-tier monsters and especially arch-viles that can become an absolute priority target because of resurrections. However, it doesn't prevent the level to be really fun and despite the difficulty, the author didn't create unfair situations. You will meet a Mastermind at the end , but also a invulnerability to get rid of it (Or you just can exit the level by skipper the boss).


Very unusual and fun nazi-themed level.


File 2) Kill.wad (1994)







There are no monsters, no poison pits, and 2 people must work together to reach the exit.

The map is based on the Student center and pub at U.C.I.


Yeah it's a "school" DM map but it rather looks like a workplace this time. This map looks pretty neat for its time . I appreciate the vast outdoors and the building itself. It's officially impossible to reach the exit if you are alone indeed because you have to press a switch which will temporarly open the exit door but the teleporter to reach it is too far. However, I'm 99% sure you can exit the level by doing a zeropress (look at the last screen). I tried but I failed.


By the way, here are two actual pictures of the UCI university and its pub (I'm guessing because it's changed a lot since 1994 but it looks a bit similar).





I stop here for today.

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OK so I found Beyond the Walls of the Night by Aluqah. It's v1.1, from 2006. I got killed by an archvile, but up to that point I really liked it - a definite non-Doom feel to this one, but that's OK. nice use of slopes and bridges. An ever-opening freeform space - I may well give this another go later on.




Here is my playthrough to where I died (GZDoom, freelook, nojump, nocrouch):



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Well, guess I might as well write this up now, upon consideration I probably should stick to 1 map WADs, just don't really do well with this stuff when there's a time limit involved, especially when the unpredictable event of shit actually happening in my life ended up getting in my way this week, but no matter, this is Doomworld Mega Project 2018 https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/dmp2018, which actually contains two WADs, and I just played the first one, because it was the first one, and I didn't finish it, playing up to map 13 of 18, or 13 of 32 including the other WAD's maps.


Map 1 - Benjogami:

You get a circle and enemies will come in from both sides and you have to figure out how to kill them optimally, in other words not get encircled and trapped. A bit hectic, certainly more 'destructive' than the other O of destruction, it's passable, main weapon they want you to use is the RL, but the area is too tightly packed to really let you use it comfortably. DNF.


Map 2 - Roofi:

Kaizo slaughtermap. Probably would've liked this a while ago, it's a kaizo slaughtermap, in other words it's a level that you start off with nothing but a base shotgun and enough shit being thrown at you from all sides it feels like you're trying to win the Battle of Berlin all by yourself, those levels can have appeal, starting off dying in the first minute and having no idea how you're even meant to begin to approach it, and then 20-30-60 minutes later you finally beat it. Those levels have their appeal, but I think I can blame SlaughterMAX for ruining it for me, they overfed me, and now I just feel sick whenever I see one, maybe I'll actually try and beat it some time in a couple months, but as of right now I have no interest in these kinds of maps, sorry blud. DNF.


Map 3 - Phobus:

Techbase. Can't really say much else about it, mostly flat, first level I actually finished, E1 style techbase, basic, nothing too tough, passable quality.


Map 4 - Garbage:

That's his name, not my opinion. If Phobus was passable, then this is downright mediocre, only 20 enemies, 100% flat, only unique thing is its MIDI which is some licensed song I don't know.


Map 5 - Solmyr:

First map in the WAD I'd really suggest is worth playing. Plenty of visual variety, you go from techbase to Hell, a few interesting combat encounters, including some on the tougher side, good pacing that keeps the level design focused.


Map 6 - valkiriforce:

Simple design, big crowds of enemies, 90% of them are hitscanners. I'm finding it hard to really think of any major aspects of it, and I don't know if that's boredom or deja vu from other maps that play identically.


Map 7 - JaxxoonR:

Got a professional quality to it, kind of dark, big crowds of varied enemies, it sticks to a formula when it comes to deploying enemies, but still manages to do so in such a way that surprises you and requires you to be smart about it. Probably the best map I played.


Map 8 - Chaingunner:

Claustrophobic techbase. Too small for my taste, it's one of those maps that borders on being so narrow you can't even dodge stuff, and it's also small in terms of length, not much else to say. At least it's not a Tricks And Traps clone, I guess.


Map 9 - cannonball:

Bland techbase. I'm sure I'd have higher opinions of all these techbases if I played them separately, but back to back, they really just feel completely forgettable and generic. At least this one has a bit of openness in its design.


Map 10 - Philnemba:

It's a techbase with no distinct qualities that I did not particularly care for, was so done with it that I just went pacifist after about the 30% mark. Are you getting bored of me talking about mediocre techbases? I should hope so, because I'm getting sick of fucking playing them.


Map 11 - pcorf:

Simple design, characteristic of Sunder, go into a moderately sized room, push a button/take a key, get attacked from all angles, kill the stuff, and do it some more. Might have complained about slaughtermaps before, but I like killing stuff, so I liked this map, even if its pacing kind of suffers towards the end.


Map 12 - Killer5:

Made in the style of MAP02 (i.e. of Doom 2, not this WAD), and in the first minute, first I'm expected to deal with 5 revenants and an archvile with nothing but an SSG in a room with no cover, and then in the same room out-maneuver a cyberdemon, which in case you forgot has nowhere to maneuver, and then go down to deal with the hallway to the left where you find an archvile on one end, a mancubus who teleports behind me, and more shit thrown in between the two of them than all of the actual MAP02. Kaizo maps have their fans, and I'm not one of them. DNF.


Map 13 - gaspe:

More open than the techbases at least, got a couple exemplary points and some more interesting visual ideas, but for the most part, it's just some standard fragging, not that good, not that bad.

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6 hours ago, Sena said:

only unique thing is its MIDI which is some licensed song I don't know.


Is "Jump" by Van Halen


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Against all the evil the Random File feature can conjure

All the wickedness that /idgames can produce

We will send unto them

Only you


A new ER/iWA awaits!



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Title                       :  Jupiter Carnage 2: To Hell And Beyond!
Filename                :  JUPCARN2.WAD
Release date           :  31st May 2016
Author                    :  Bzzrak Ktazzz
Email Address         : bzzrak.ktazzz@yandex.ru

Maps                      :  (1) - E4M2

Enemies                  : (1) - 94
Secrets                   : (1) - 4

Tries Needed           : 2
Playtime                 : 21 min 

Link                        : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/j-l/jupcarn2












After spawning in a hexagonal blood room with a red star ceiling, the player can grab a chainsaw behind the spawn door. The main door leads into a dimly lit corridor with specters waiting to attack. After defeating them (hopefully) with the chainsaw, the corridor leads to a somewhat narrow hall with two doors.




One is yet another corridor with specters, leading to some health to pick up. The main door leads to a square froom with 4 doors. The first accessible one to the right allows the player to access the ledge visible in the previous room. After hitting a switch, a staircase lowers into the previous narrow hall and a lost-soul fight ensues. Thereafter, a door on the ledge opens, leading first to a hell-knigh fight, followed by an invulnerability sphere and berseker pack.



This is used to punch a whole room of imps to death, in which the red key is located. Back in the square room a new door can be unlocked, leading to extremely tight corridors in an arrow shape (left edge of map).



Eventually the player reaches a narrow arena with two barons, guarding the blue key. A few nice raising and winding staircases behind the next door lead to a teleporter. From here the player has to face two more arenas, with very simplistic design. Finally a switch is revealed behind a wall, opening the exit door.









Thoughts & Rating:

In all fairness, the overall quality of the map could be described as sub-par. The spawn room and certain bits of the following rooms do look quite visually appealing and employ good usage of dooms mechanics (raising staircases, teleporting enemies, ...). However the overall flow of the map is very choppy and noticably badly thought out. The narrow winding corridors all over the place and cramped arenas don't lend themselves well to the dooms arsenal or play style. Other bizzare design choices seemed to have been made purely because they looked nice in the 2D Top-Down editing view, while being horrible to play (arrow maze). However some neat ideas did shine here and there, even considering the substantial drop in overall level quality after the first room. The last two arenas were actually fairly good, if basic.


Many of these complaints might be harsh, if this map was made in the mid 90s, like many of the /idgames archive maps are. However this map was made in 2016, so even for a beginner mapper some of these pitfalls were easily avoidable.



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Wait, is this one over already? I'll post my remaining ones for this one here.

Might join in on one of the next ones as well.

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Title                       : X_INGS.WAD
Filename                : X_INGS.WAD
Release date           : 05/27/94
Author                    : Stefano Biefeni
Email Address          : -

Maps:                     : (1) - E2M1

Enemies:                 : (1) - 286

Secrets:                  : (1) - 9

Tries Needed           : 2 (Quicksave used once)

Playtime                  : 29 min

Link                        : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom/v-z/x_ings












The map begins with a series of three rooms, all encapsulating the last, forming corridors around the perimeter of each new room. Immediately the player faces a horde of former humans and shotgunners around every corner he turns.






Finally a switch is found at the outer left edge of the rooms, allowing the player to prorgess. Describing the coming rooms is honestly quite hard. With how early this map is and how little was established about best practices at this point, many decisions about how rooms connect, how doors are textured, etc. end up being quite wild and unorthodox. The rooms following the beginning are varied, but tho themes stick out: Marble hallways with marble collumns and the titular "Crossings".






The latter is very unique for the time and consists of four tiny walkways, leading to an empty drop down into a slime pit. It was counterintuitive at first, as the player will expect to run across to the opposite side, but is actually teleported 90 degrees to the right walkway. Walking back and forth essentially teleports the player counter-clockwhise between the paths. After fighting a horde of cacodemons, this mechanic/theme repeats. Only this time it's in the shape of a  big ol' swastika. Not sure why, propably just bordedom of the creator. Finally a cavern entrance opens up, leading to a fight against a spider mastermind, gurading the exit switch.




Thoughts & Rating:

While this loopy, strange map has many shortcomings, especially in terms of player direction and pacing, one can not ignore its creation date in Mid 1994. Scrutinizing such an early WAD in the way we would a modern one is simply not fair and should receive a bit of special treatment, in particular when quite some effort must have been spent on it. Even with all nostalgia and appreciation, the map has a few problems, not all maps of the period had. Doors necessary for progression are often textured as regular walls, strange lift constructions make it hard to continue on the required paths and enemy placement is honestly boring, because corner-peaking a horde of hit-scanners couldn't have been very fun or challenging back then either. The saving grace here is the titular "Crossing idea" and a few nice sections, that made me give it the benefit of the doubt, considering the age.




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Title                       : Dubai
Filename                : dubai.wad
Release date          : Dec 2012
Author                   : Didy
Email Address         : moontrader@gmx.de

Maps                      : (1) - MAP01

Enemies                 : (1) - 139

Secrets                   : (1) - 1

Tries Needed           : 2 (HMP)

Playtime                 : 38 min

Link                        : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/d-f/dubai


























Thoughts & Rating:

This has to be one of the best random picks I have ever drawn from /idgames, period. I was unfamiliar with the creator up to this point, but right from the get-go the quality of this map stunned me. After using a lift to exit the starting area, the player is thrust into a beautifully detailed arena with lower tier enemies. This WAD only extends the base texture set with small additions that perfectly blend into it's architecture. After killing most enemies here, a switch can be found in a maintenance room, opening the two doors on opposite sides of the arena. While one of the doors leads directly to one end of a large facility-like room, the other takes a few branching paths and expands into a few more areas, before allowing access to the same facility room, simply from the other side.


It's the first branching area here that made me realize the great pacing at play: After making many rounds in the initial circular arena, the first time you enter this new room, both paths throw a higher tier enemy at you: A mancubus and a hell-knight, which are still tough with the players current arsenal. Add to that the abundant imps and hit-scanners, and sure enough, the player keeps their ground and fights the badies, instead of rushing through. This makes the player focus a lot more on the surroundings in the new room, making it more memorable, which is required later. Many more tricks are employed that help the player build an instinctive knowledge of how all the rooms connect, as if they figured it out themselves.


After a few larger fights, a cramped hallway allowing access to the rocket launcher the quest for the red key began. It sat waiting on a few pillars in the main facility room, with no obvious way to access it. A hallway close to the rocket launcher location allowed the player to view an upcoming arena and ride an elevator that seemed to do nothing. In said arena, accessed from the branching-path room, an archvile fight and a few items await. One switch here raises an L-shaped elevator platform to the red key, which lifts one of the walls inside the previously pointless elevator. The foreshadowing worked, as the player immediately recognized the path they need to take, even if it is quite a long and winding one.


Finally a red-key switch is activated, opening the large exit door with a mancubus inside. After this, the door inside this room opens to the outside. That feeling of finally seeing a skybox was incredibly well timed and relieving. But just as a curve ball, the creator added a custom enemy that hangs from ceilings and spams fireballs. (This replaces the cacodemon, see top part of map). They are easy to kill and just there for a quick ending chuckle.


The architecture, overall level design, pacing and true non-linear nature of this map was phenomenal. Every small part seemed to have multiple uses and meanings, nothing was unaccounted for and every part of the map eventually *clicked* once you were exposed to more information. The ending was relieving and a little cheeky in the best possible way. The only possible bad thing: Only 1 really easy secret. Would have loved to come back and find a few more. Still a brilliant map that deserves more players!




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WAD#05 - Shovelware Adventure!


Title                       : Shovelware Adventure!
Filename                : shovelad.wad shovelad.deh
Release date           : September 2016
Author                    : Doomkid (Doomkid92 on steam)
Email Address          : [redacted]

Maps                      : (1) - MAP01, (2) - MAP02 (Victory Screen, No Gameplay)

Enemies                 : (1) - 724

Secrets                   : (1) - 11

Tries Needed           : 2 (HMP)

Playtime                  : 01:17 (Hour:Min)

Link                        : https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/s-u/shovelad

























Thoughts & Rating:

I was surprised to find one of doomkids levels via the random /idgames functionality. Not only have I played multiple of his maps prior to this one, but I've been a fan of his doom-related youtube content for many years as well! With the deep knowledge this man has to offer others about the inner-workings of doom and the methods for making dehacked, vanilla compatible mods / wads, I was sure he would deliver something great here. And that was not far from the truth!


After spawning, the player looks into a lit up window, giving a sneak peak at a few of the custom enemies / sprites. After hitting tab to open the automap, I was surprised by the high enemy count, which quickly proved to be one of the running themes of the map.


To make it vanilla compatible, not too much intricate sector-detail was placed in the map, allowing for larger open areas, instead of small, yet detailed ones. Beyond the functional, yet rather typical doom map layout, the new enemy types really add something to the experience. From Plasmagun-wielding foot soldiers to marines equipped with rocket launchers, the overall flow of the map, and the familiar dance you typically play with enemies changes more than one would expect. Especially the aforementioned rocket launcher marines gave me some trouble, as I had to manually adjust my gut-reaction when faced with foot soldiers. Even though enemies were littered across every hallway, their placement was certainly not random and made for many interesting fights.


One downside of making such a large map with intersecting paths is remembering the route you took to each area. For a while I knew I needed the red key, and I knew where I saw it before continuing to explore, but I just could not remember the correct path to get there. After aimlessly wandering around for a while, I finally found it. This might just be my own problem in terms of orientation, but the map was more sprawling than it really had to be.


Finally, the map ends with a classic Spider Mastermind vs Cyberdemon fight, with a lift in the center, allowing the player to shoot rockets into an inverted fire-blue cross, which houses romeros head. Upon killing it, the level ends.


While a little confusing, unforgiving and not very visually impressive, this map was a lot of fun to explore and get lost in. The custom enemies really kept me on my toes and many neat ideas were worked into the map, that made most areas memerable enough. One thing we can't forget, is that all of this is done using just WAD editing and a DeHacked file, making this map vanilla compatible. The technical challenges that come with this old approach make this map a lot more technically impressive than a comparable ZDoom map. As such, the ranking falls slightly higher than just maps quality itself would be rated at.





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