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Feature Suggestion: Custom Damage Modulos for Projectiles

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laconic version: I think it'd be nice to specify a custom damage modulo for projectiles like you can with A_FireCustomBullets and A_CustomPlayerMelee


I've been pecking away at my weapons mod that uses Realm667 sprites for a bit, and while I was looking at how projectiles in Eternity work over at the wiki, I noticed that the formula of "Projectile Damage * Random Number from 1 to 8" is used for all projectiles, regardless of who fires it. While I'm perfectly okay with that as far as vanilla Doom and Heretic goes, I don't think I'd want a damage range that wide for whatever projectiles I'd like to implement, especially as far as explosives are concerned. The option to disable the damage modulo for projectiles would also be nice as well.

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