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About main wad creator (rectification)

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I'm not able to put together 3 maps to do a main wad who don't need doom2.wad or other else file. How can i do that? Because after the creation of my whole project (32 levels), i will change the music and modify every little thing reported to the scenario into the wad, this is why i can't use a copy of the doom2.wad and copy/paste my levels over each original doom2 levels.

Rectification : I want a Main wad, working indepedant (wo work without the necessary of a other *.wad file to load the level you want to play, like doom2.wad for mine), who coutains all the 32 levels i will do for my project, called Acid Doom : For Hardcore Doom II Players. A wad named aciddoom.wad of maybe 17 meg who is independent

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I'm not sure I'm understanding what you want to do. When you make a level, do you replace a level in doom2.wad with it? If yes: you don't have to do that, you can simply load your stand-alone levels into Doom without modifying your main wad (i.e. doom2 -file yourlevel.wad).

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