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Trying to port gzdoom-me-gec-maint1.9 to Android.

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Hello, I really do not understand what happens here, I do not see the need to port this in android, but it is your decision, certainly when I started with this I was not and I am not yet an expert in programming, but it surprises me that at this point They cannot understand the code, they see it so difficult, I did not see it like that in the past when I read the code of Doom 64 EX and started experimenting with it and I did not complain about it, I only did what you see in the port.


At least you see a readable code that can be understood, but I would like you to reverse engineer some program or game, where there is nothing to start with and that is really difficult until you get something to start working with.

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[GEC] news again, glad to see we are relevant again here in 2021.@BrutalDoomisAwesome@BrutalDoomisAwesome I congratulate you on your pursue of making an android Doom Port after the GZDoom GEC ME, keep on going with the hard work. Remember we all have something new to learn everday! Remember when there is a problem, there is a solution. 

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I for one would welcome android port, as I use my android phone with HDMI output to play emulated games, and would very much like to see how Team GEC's port runs on a TV with a controller. E.g. I could play Absolution with all the additional missions via DeltaTouch at the moment, but was wondering how the more faithful rendition of Doom 64 would work.


I have mentioned a request to add DZDoom as part of feedback for DeltaTouch, but I am not sure I got the developer interested as they've stopped responding after couple of emails.


Best of luck to @BrutalDoomisAwesome in your endeavour.

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