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The Corruption Cards Club plays: Interception II (Seed 666)

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seed 666.png


What's up, everyone? As a big fan of Corruption Cards mod, I came up with an inspiration to host a montly event similar to the one being hosted at DWmegawad club, but with a key difference - an inclusion of Corruption Cards mod! Similar to DWplays, we take a month to play through a megawad of own choice but with a seeded Corruption Card random seed!


This month marks the launch of our first megawad run - Interception II! The premise is simple: download both Interception II and the Corruption Cards mod, and load both of them with supported source port! The mod itself requires GZDoom 4.4.0 or higher, but that should not be a problem for you, right? So here are the links for you to get started:

Download the latest version of GZDoom here: https://zdoom.org/downloads
Download Corruption Cards 3.0 here: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?t=67939
Download Interception II here: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/intercep2

There is another important thing you need to know before participating in this event. All participantss need to choose Seed 666 is order to participate! Enter full options in the menu until you see "Corruption Cards settings". The defaut seed is 0 (which is random seed). Change that number to 666 and then launch Interception II on the following settings:

Difficulty: Ultra-Violence
Corruption Cards Mode: Hardcore (1 permanent choice of cards every level)
Card settings: Regular (all cards can appear).

If you set things right then you should see the same selection of cards as me (on the screenshot below) after loading MAP01. Now try to complete the entire Interception II with those settings! You can post about 2 new maps every day (MAP01-02 on Friday, 03-04 on Saturday and so on). Any keen observations, criticisms, or frustrated ranting goes here in the discussion. Feel free to speak your mind.

Interception II is a Boom compatible community megawad for Doom II that was released in August 2020. As a sequel to Interception, the project was again led by @Moustachio.


Map list:

MAP01: Euphoria

MAP02: Beyond the Living

MAP03: Desecration

MAP04: That Which Shall Not Be Named

MAP05: Astral Castle

MAP06: What Could Go Wrong?

MAP07: The Everlaster

MAP08: Bermuda

MAP09: Belly of the Beast

MAP10: Eldritch Apparitions

MAP11: Slipgate Ex Nihilo

MAP12: Deep Space Mine

MAP13: Habitat Ring

MAP14: Murder Mountain Mayhem

MAP15: Volcanic Research

MAP31: Beamfleot

MAP16: Planet Vertigo

MAP17: Yellow Sea

MAP18: The Golden Palace

MAP19: Asteroid Assault

MAP20: Moonlit Escape

MAP21: Return to Sender

MAP22: System Corruption

MAP23: Asbestos

MAP24: Terracotta

MAP25: The Sad Kingdom

MAP26: Sinister Teachings

MAP27: Cargo Cult

MAP28: Dr. Jones Abby's Malediction

MAP29: All Fall Down

MAP30: Interception II


interception map01.png

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Pretty cool idea. I can't participate right now, but I like this mod, so maybe I would join another time.

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As for me, I have progressed myself to MAP03. I am in no hurry for making notes about my own progress. Just waiting for your own impessions first!

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Got to map 03. This is a good choice for a first mapset: not too complex, but still challenging on its own.


A lot of fun so far!



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Thing is, I got myself sick in the recent week, and I only had enough time for DWmegawad club, but on this wad I still haven't made any progress past MAP03. Still, I can give a word to DWclub folks when the time is due.

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