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Abit's Deathmatch Map

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Hello, never played much of DOOM but recently had a good LAN Deathmatch experience and decided to create my own map.

This is my first attempt, I like the layout and looking forward to see how fun it will be to play it.


Download: adm_v0_3.wad

Version: 0.3 (1 wip map)

Game: Vanilla DOOM 2 (tested using GZDoom)

Editor:  SLADE


Map 01 - Energy of Pain

Status: WIP, "final" layout

Spawns: 8 DM + 4 CO-OP

Simple map lightly inspired by kprisn36.wad

Chainsaw can be picked-up without jumping but the shortcut is accessible only using jump or running towards it from nearby window.

You can exit with Red + Blue keys but Yellow will unlock you BFG.

Red key unlocks ammo, Blue key unlocks healing items.



- Better textures + decoration




More screenshots available in this Google Drive directory.


Older versions:



Edited by Abit : Version 0.3, post title change and expanded introduction

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I recommend that you add some in-game screenshots. An overlay of the map with all the secrets its nice but it's not saying anything about the tone and theme of your map . . .

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12 minutes ago, Apprentice said:

I recommend that you add some in-game screenshots. An overlay of the map with all the secrets its nice but it's not saying anything about the tone and theme of your map . . .


Thank you for reminding me - after I posted, I started getting Error 500 on whole forum (posts only, maybe the map is already cursed) so I forgot to check whenever I added those or not.

This is the only room I am OK with how detailed and decorated it is (except for light which is 160 for whole map).

The screenshot is from starting room at skill 3 (skill 2 would have only the left imp and skill 4 would add one lost soul between those hanging bodies).


As I do not want to spam the forum with screenshots, I have few more in Google Drive directory for this map (and will be adding more as I am currently working on 2nd version).

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Released version 0.2


Download link in the original post now links towards the new version (0.1 link can be found at the end of the first post).

Even more screenshots were added to the Google Drive directory and map overview was updated.



- Fixed the sky thanks to this tutorial

- Slightly resized the outside area

- Upper-right corner rooms shifted down (makes paths there shorter)

- Yellow key plasma (central-right room) no longer has 2 exits

- Stairs to bottom-right corner changed to drop (one-way)

- The two rooms I am not sure about changed shape (one is even slightly decorated) but I am still thinking about teleporters between them

- Added 2nd red key ammo room

- Bloodfall shifted

- Central cell (next to the pool) increased in size

  - I have tried adding locking mechanism to it but failed - it did not want to open

- Decreased size of Altar room



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Released version 0.3


Now I consider all rooms to have desired theme and during this week, I will try to texture at least some of them.

Traveling the whole map is now more comfortable thanks to the teleport.



- Cleaned sector tags
- Fixed blue key medkit not opening
- Swapped Altar's Barons of Hell to Hell Knights
- Central cell Pain Elemental no longer spawns on Medium Skill (only Hard = skill 4)
- Central cell now has bars (it did not work before as I had it marked as local door and not remote ones)
- Tighter bars at the exit to not walk through after just one key
- Removed multiplayer-only Archwile (standing next to big doors to bloodfall room)
- Small room with long stairs to bloodfall room reworked into a cave
- Bottom-right room reworked into storage area
- Teleported between storage area and cave
- Yellow key room with big doors now contains crates
- Ambush tunnels (leading to Altar room) can now be opened like doors (walk trigger did not always work but stays there)

- Ladder from outside to bloodfall room



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Ok so


This is a really cramped map and not in a good way. Having such tight corridors is not conducive for good movement and dodging. Maneuvering in tight spaces with lots of people is not a fun experience.


There are texture misalignments which are very noticeable and distracting. The lack of lighting changes makes the map flat visually and unappealing, along with the abundance of gray.


Having to do platforming for the chaingun is really silly.


All the spawns should have a weapon under them, preferably shotgun or chaingun, with one or 2 ssg or rocket/plasma, if it is evenly balanced relative to nearby spawns, weapons, powerups


Most DM servers disable monsters in their set ups, for good reason. There is no reason to have monsters in the map.


All the crates obstructing movement and the teleport are not good. Leave some for ducking behind but there is no need to have so many spread around.


Trying to blend single playersensibilites into a DM map simply does not work these days. DM provides all the keys to the player automatically, but aside from that, it causes the map to feel unnecessarily disjointed, and has the players focusing more on the map rather than strategizing to frag - players today more much faster and are much more competent than players of the 1990s, and using old maps as a template generally doesn't work, with the exception of some dedicated maps and sets that explicitly focus on player to player action and allowing the player to work the map seamlessly into their movement, rather than fighting it with cramped doors/closets for guns


The BFG + Soulsphere room is also very silly because it grants a lot of power. However, all the crampedness makes it a chore to move around here rather than anything enjoyable.


Overall it's really just a rookie map - from someone who played an early map and got inspired by it. I can't really rate it good or bad, but rather encourage you to keep making more, and take a good look at the cacoward winning map sets, and wads on this page: https://doomshack.org/recommended.html


Give this a read and try again


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