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too much gameing

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i know this has been done before but here are some new/old ideas to a dyeing thread.
you know when u game too much when...

u expect to see the staircase effect on all slanted objects

u see a rail road spike and think quake

ur room's walls are imp brown, the floor is demon pink/red and the ceiling is doom guy green.

u talk to the doom baddies in ur sleep

u think u play doom in your sleep

u have the doom sound track in your car

u try to buy property on phobos

tour mouse pad is worn down and the letters on the keyboard are fadeing

well that is all i could think of, besides i was bord and passing time while i download doom wads

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You know you play too many games of Doom when:
You find yourself looking around with your eyes like the DG.
You attempt to punch someone in the way the DG does.
You refuse to look up or down-autoaim's good enough!
You will not jump, 'cause the DG doesn't do that.
You wonder the sky doesn't warp whenever you look up.
You attempt to look down in such a way so as to avoid looking at your feet.
You load your shotgun in such a manner that you don't see your hands actually putting the shells in.
You wonder why a little red sentence doesn't pop up in front your eyes whenever you pick something up. (e.g. you pick up a cool million dollars, no YOU GOT THE MILLION DOLLARS! flashes in front of your eyes)
You put these kinds of posts up all the time and think nothing of it.
You are registered here at DooMWorld.

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