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You and three other mappers get together to make a mapset/megawad. Who do you pick?

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1 hour ago, xdude_gamer said:

1. @Paf
2. @Dusty_Rhodes

3. @OpenRift


We'd make a nice deathmatch mapset together, or even a set of normal maps. I trust Paf with hard levels, Dusty with short and sweet, combat-oriented levels, and OpenRift with good design process and leadership abilities.


However, my dream mapmaker team would be, more than likely:


1. Romero (I like the aesthetic of his maps a lot. SIGIL is a masterpiece, and not to mention his levels in the original Doom(s), which are the best in the game)
2. @skillsaw (He's just really good at making some modern levels. BTSX, Valiant, and Ancient Aliens have some ridiculous stuff going on. Very talented man.)
3. @Jimmy (I really like his music, and his maps are also really good. Deathless and Earthless have been really great, and I appreciate the somewhat vanilla, but also somewhat modernist, style of his mapping.)


If working with any of the "legends" or alumni, I would choose also:


1 and 2: Casali Brothers [We've got Dario, but no Milo :(]
3: Ty Halderman [May he R.I.P]

I'd love to make a wad with you man! I'm a bit occupied, but bring this up down the road and we could get something going.

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For people that might actually be up for it (I already mentioned @xdude_gamer )

I'd love to work with @Morpheus66 he was a huge help with my Parallel Doomensions maps (I'm finishing up Map08, I promise!), he's a really solid mapper and helped me refine my levels.


(well him and @damned and Noob [can't find his @ right now ])


Honestly, @Doomkid just a humble guy and great mapper. He's also very prolific, so maybe he's be up for something? I can't commit to anything now anyway, my Doom calendar is full.


And @Capellan I think I'm a pretty well known fan of his work, whether it's his MM2 and Alien Vendetta levels, Demonfear, Doom404, or the many other things he's done. I think he'd be fun to work with.


If a fourth is allowed @thelamp is remarkably creative, it would be great to do a project together.


For dream scenarios,


Drake O'Brian, Milo Casali, and Thomas Van Der Velden.


Really love their stuff. In general the guys that worked on TNT, Eternal Doom, CC1 and 2, and Alien Vendetta would all be mappers I'd love to work with. But that's not realsistic in the slightest.


Also great thread.

Edited by Dusty_Rhodes

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If I decided to map, I would desperately need all of the help I could get and obviously do it for Doom 64, so my team would be...

@jdagenet - Has fantastic layouts and enemy encounters for all of his maps.
@AtomicFrog - Awesome in detailing and atmosphere. They had to expand the limits of Doom 64 EX to play his maps!
@sector666 - Overall amazing work in scripting and programming for replayability in maps.

I have to also mention @Ryath (aka scwiba) as they can almost do anything in any Doom engine, so if any team member dropped out, I would beg @Ryath (aka scwiba)to save the project.

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So many great mappers to consider... I'd probably go with Tango, AD_79, and Deadwing.


I feel like we could create a consistently enjoyable megawad together lol

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46 minutes ago, Dusty_Rhodes said:

I'd love to make a wad with you man! I'm a bit occupied, but bring this up down the road and we could get something going.

Who knows? Maybe you could add a bit more stuff to some of my shorter levels ;)

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Xaser, @Eternal and....Fryuko 'cuzhe's done all the best maps in the past 3 DBPs) (alternative choices would be Insane_Gazebo, Lord Entropy dobu gabu maru,  Snaxalotl and Bob Evans).


I'll let you guess what style I'd be going for...:)


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I'd most likely pick creators that share a fair bit of mapping DNA with myself, people who create similar sorts of gameplay experiences while being distinct enough to easily hold interest for a whole project. As a result, I'd say that an even split between myself, Breezeep, Skillsaw and Tarnsman is likely the ultimate dream project. Our styles are similar, we certainly all share some influences, but we each have a unique artistic voice and the project would end up being wonderfully cohesive yet diverse.

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My dream team would be me and my two brothers, even though their both novices. If we could somehow justify the time commitment to pump out a megawad together, that’d be an absolute dream for me.


If it’s people from the community, however. . . 


@Doomkid: For the many, many reasons everyone else has listed, plus I want any megawad I ever make to have each level with a dedicated DM arena based off the theming of the single player level, and Doomkid’s experience would make him invaluable here.

@Xaser: His maps in NEIS were consistently my favorites. Map15 from PRCP is one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had in a Doom Wad. He’s a cool guy. All around win.

@DASI-I: Doom Zero is so freaking solid. The gameplay is original and creative and the levels look great. What a rewarding experience and I’d love that kinda talent on my team.

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Paul Thrussel (wow.wad)
Creator and master of Illusio-pit technology. Show me one mapper who created such a memorable wad using only one room while they were still a toddler.

Tom Kachell (Doom: Rampage Edition)
He'll be responsible for building up the hype. So legendary of a mapper that a new Cacoward catagory was created specifically for his work. He is also adept at pirating music, which should come in handy.

Anonymous (Imp Encounter)
Normies might recognize Anonymous first and foremost as the world's greatest hacker. His accomplishments include shutting down Xbox Live and stealing naked pictures of your girlfriend. In fact, your girlfriend was the star of his most famous wad - Imp Encounter. He'll be in charge of Bitcoin mining.

Obviously, I'll be the brains behind the operation.

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Crush list? Crush list.

- Omniarch, Deadwing and Egg Boy (similar taste in visuals, architecture and gameplay)
- Chainie, AD_79 and Breezeep (beautiful aesthetics, great use of colors and textures)

- The_SloVinator, E.M, Moustachio, Valkiriforce and Doomkid (vanilla dream team... yea 5 people sue me)
- Revae, for a new stand alone TC dehacked thing
- Esselfortium, Skillsaw and Xaser (the waaay-out-of-my-league team s2)

It's really difficult to pick only three. A lot of other people could've be on the list as well: Walter confetti, Stupid Bunny, xxWenxx, tourniquet, Albertoni, cannonball, yakfak, nicolas monti (...)

Fun fact: I tried to make some maps with @Egg Boy before, but my inneptude to keep the ball rolling killed the whole thing. I hope we can still work together one day (just need more time for it D8)

Edited by Noiser

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man, I have so many talented mapping friends it's hard to pick!

but, since I have to do 3-

1. Bridgeburner
2. Jimmy
3. Insane_Gazebo

Other great people include antares, Blue Pineapple (I guess ;p), Velvetic, Liberation, Cyano, Misty, Dragonfly, Xaser, and Regular Warren. all incredibly talented and lovely folks. <3

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Hmmm...Ryath, Eternal and Lupinx-Kassman would probably be my picks. I feel like my style would gel with theirs pretty decently. 

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I can't pick three. I'll just make this post instead.


Dragonfly probably helped me in the creation process of the best-looking map I've ever been a part of, that being Joy of Mapping 5's hub map.


Pavera and I have gotten along very well working on projects in the past. Our Joy of Mapping 6 hub map turned out great and the process of working with him was buttery smooth.


MTrop and Xaser are incredible mapping partners too who really know how to polish and refine, and their work with me on Adventures of Square Episode 2 (E2A6 and E2A10) was invaluable.


I've also worked closely with Mechadon in the past and he's been one of the most understanding and accommodating mapping partners I've ever worked with - and the plan is I will continue to work closely alongside him on Supplice!


I'd definitely be more than happy to make a new megawad with any of these folks with whom I've previously worked with.




Thinking more deeply on it though, there's certain people whose work I admire from afar.


Skillsaw is one of those people with whom I've actually interacted very little with, all told - but if he offered me a place on board some new project in any capacity, I'm sure I'd leap on it in a heartbeat.


If I was to make another Heretic/Hexen project akin to Faithless: Trilogy I would absolutely love to collab with rf`Seidolon or A. Gamma. These individuals have turned the Raven games into something very special indeed.


Ryath, NaturalTvventy and hervoheebo have long been on my radar as folks who know how to make really cool new concepts in Doom-engine games and really push boundaries, and I envy that sort of talent for devising "new" things - to be able to look at the capabilities of the Vanilla format and know not only that you can pull off some interesting and innovative new shit, but precisely how you can do so, too.


There's more and I'm sure I'll think of them as I'm drifting off to sleep tonight.

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NaturalTvventy, Tourniquet, Ryath, if it's a big ambitious single map


If it's a mapset, I've no idea about three different people when there's so many, but I do know it'd be a dream experience if Gusta was in the team so we could make ksutra/pl2-like maps. Whoever is into this can join as well, after getting past an interview with our HR of course. 

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5 hours ago, MidnightMage said:

This is way too easy.


-John Romero

-Sandy Petersen

-Tom Hall


I was gonna say this exact answer, partly because it's the only one I'm pretty sure isn't actually possible!


5 hours ago, TheMagicMushroomMan said:

Tom Kachell (Doom: Rampage Edition)
He'll be responsible for building up the hype. So legendary of a mapper that a new Cacoward catagory was created specifically for his work. He is also adept at pirating music, which should come in handy.

Tom Kachel* was the guy who first got me started mapping. We used to talk a fair bit right around the time I stared mingling a lot with the community in 2001. He sent me WadAuthor, and a fresh copy of doom2.wad v1.9, since all I had was the 1.666 bootleg and thus couldn't play online.


Even though we barely talked in the 2+ years leading up to DRE's release, I remember feeling really bad that his work was getting slammed so hard, but I also knew his maps weren't that good since I was already making stuff on par with or a bit above DRE, despite being a dumb kid who just slapped random sectors around.. I'll always be grateful that he was around when he was!

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