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You and three other mappers get together to make a mapset/megawad. Who do you pick?

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I think there's been multiple times when I've wanted to make something with almost everyone mentioned here. I like changing up styles and formats, and work with different people and projects. But if I had to choose the two I've clicked almost perfectly in all collaborations (released and unreleased), it would have to be:

  • Tango (Such a huge influence ever since I played Paradise, a super cool dude who makes fun maps and shares my like for intense, balls-to-the-wall type action. He is incredibly easy to work with and one of the most feel-good people I've ever met.)
  • RonnieJamesDiner (An absolute beast creating stunning scenes and some really unique gameplay, always fun and chill to work with. We share opinions and ideas to uncanny levels, where on multiple occasions we've had the same exact idea without even talking about it. Also such a positive and thoughtful person, which to me is one of the most important things in a collaborator.)

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I would pick:


My 2016 self who had the most energy and motivation to create maps

My 2013 self who fantasized making Doom maps, coming up with cool ideas that I didn't know was possible all along

My 1998 self, who saw Doom as truly a special thing. The entire team would probably build the maps based on many of his ideas, wanting to make his dreams come true


We all will be equal critics and inspire one another. The maps we make would be for us, and us alone.

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Tough question, I've collaborated with a lot of mappers over the years of whom I'd love to collab with again, so I'll twist the question into "Mappers I've not collaborated with but would like to":


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6 hours ago, Doomkid said:

Tom Kachel* was the guy who first got me started mapping. We used to talk a fair bit right around the time I stared mingling a lot with the community in 2001. He sent me WadAuthor, and a fresh copy of doom2.wad v1.9, since all I had was the 1.666 bootleg and thus couldn't play online.


Even though we barely talked in the 2+ years leading up to DRE's release, I remember feeling really bad that his work was getting slammed so hard, but I also knew his maps weren't that good since I was already making stuff on par with or a bit above DRE, despite being a dumb kid who just slapped random sectors around.. I'll always be grateful that he was around when he was!

That's a really cool bit of lore! I know next to nothing about the man, but I'm sure he was a cool person. I feel bad for the way his work was recieved, even if the quality was undesirable/slightly illegal. I hope he is doing well.


I might poke fun at someone's work, but that doesn't mean I'm putting them down as a person. Having your hard work get laughed at is a painful thing, but sometimes someone will create something so bad that they'll be loved for it. Tommy Wisseau is a good example. He made something terrible but everyone cherishes him because he truly worked hard and was passionate. I think that's what would have happened if Tom stuck around. I know that's what would have happened.

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I’d jump in bed with @Doomkid, @Big Ol Billy and @glenzinho for a dead fancy limit-removing WAD with built-in DeHackEd. We could all manage 8 decent maps in a year, we’ve all got a bit of DeHackEd and artistic power behind us and the track record is strong.


 If it was GZDoom, I think the mid-2000s dream of Xaser, Tormentor667 and Enjay would do me, although I’d be comfortably the weakest member of that team.


 Of course, I’m hopeless for sticking to commitments now, as there’s too much RL between me and mapping. With that in mind, don’t collab with me!

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I would want a combination that would create the most interesting wad, maybe not a great wad but something that is totally unique.  Such as something like


-Cranium (Made one of the better master levels)

-Original Scythe era Erik Alm 

-A randomly selected member of Team TNT pulled out of a time machine and into the modern world.


A combination would not only be impossible, but it would unleash a monster that people might actually play and to see what would be done would be amazing.

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- Iikka Keranen

- @Soundblock

- @Mechadon


Of course, I wouldn't get anything done since the mood would be swinging wildly between unbelievable excitement and unworthy depression

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14 hours ago, Jimmy said:

Pavera and I have gotten along very well working on projects in the past. Our Joy of Mapping 6 hub map turned out great and the process of working with him was buttery smooth.


I'd love to collab with you again on a episode or something :)




On that note, I'd say my team would be:

@Jimmy (fellow JoM hubber, productive mapping powerhouse, music machine)

@AD_79 (Arrival music genius, also just a really good map maker)

@jmickle66666666 (My Mutiny counterpart, absolutely vital to the themes of that map and hugely influenced my style to this day)


Three people I have collaborated with separately, coming together under one roof to create a powerful force of creative ambition.

Edited by Pavera : Suppose I should participate in the thread's topic as well

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51 minutes ago, Pavera said:

I'd love to collab with you again on a episode or something :)

Honestly I’m super excited for the projects this thread leads to as people’s ideal teams overlap with each other.

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21 hours ago, xdude_gamer said:

1. @Paf
2. @Dusty_Rhodes

3. @OpenRift


We'd make a nice deathmatch mapset together, or even a set of normal maps. I trust Paf with hard levels, Dusty with short and sweet, combat-oriented levels, and OpenRift with good design process and leadership abilities.


However, my dream mapmaker team would be, more than likely:


1. Romero (I like the aesthetic of his maps a lot. SIGIL is a masterpiece, and not to mention his levels in the original Doom(s), which are the best in the game)
2. @skillsaw (He's just really good at making some modern levels. BTSX, Valiant, and Ancient Aliens have some ridiculous stuff going on. Very talented man.)
3. @Jimmy (I really like his music, and his maps are also really good. Deathless and Earthless have been really great, and I appreciate the somewhat vanilla, but also somewhat modernist, style of his mapping.)


If working with any of the "legends" or alumni, I would choose also:


1 and 2: Casali Brothers [We've got Dario, but no Milo :(]
3: Ty Halderman [May he R.I.P]

Bro I am not that good of a mapper lol, but I'm flattered anyway.

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1 minute ago, Captain Ventris said:

Why yes, I AM excited for Supplice. How did you know?


You're certainly not alone. :D

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3 hours ago, OpenRift said:

Bro I am not that good of a mapper lol, but I'm flattered anyway.

You could definitely make some nice deathmatch stuff probably :)

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On 10/20/2021 at 3:43 PM, xdude_gamer said:

I'm actually curious to see how a mapset would turn out if we'd work together. Would have to wait for my mom to get my PC out of her storage unit, though


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52 minutes ago, Paf said:

I'm actually curious to see how a mapset would turn out if we'd work together. Would have to wait for my mom to get my PC out of her storage unit, though


We'll see soon. I've definitely got an itch for some music and stuff to deal with. 

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A tough question given the sheer number of quality mappers who are active.

If I were to give an answer, it would probably be;

Mouldy (Cyriak)


Dobu Gabu Maru 


I don’t know whether it was the last Dean of Doom episode but I do remember the Nova 2 development very fondly. Plus I think a group like this would make a very tough but very interesting collection of maps given the output from all of these three is very much challenging some of the norms of doom mapping. I think I would be considered boring in comparison. Out of the three, Dobu is the only one I have done a collaboration with for a single map (That is the only collab map I have ever finished/released).

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My picks would be:



As for other one person I would take anyone who wants join in, I'm not that picky... only requirement would be to be experienced with builder and have knowledge how each format works. 

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I've given this more thought than is probably rational (or even healthy for that matter), but I've managed to narrow it down to three while still feeling guilty because I'm excluding other people who are far more talented than I. Anyway, because I'm pretty decent at architecture, I would make the maps, and then they would be passed along in order to reduce the suck-factor.


@esselfortium would provide the textures and music, because duh.

@Tarnsman would fix the layout and make it compatible with fun and engaging Doom gameplay.

@Marcaek would do the thing placement because he's an absolutely sadistic bastard who excels at placing the player in extremely uncompromising positions.


Edited by Megalyth

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To be honest, I have too little experience to even think about doing 3-4 maps in a MegaWAD lol. So here goes :

Dobu Gabu Maru


mouldy (Cyriak)

The goal would be to create the most unique and weird MegaWAD.

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Depends of the situation.

Classic style:

- Pcorf

- Jimmy

- cannonball


"Unorthodox" / abstract style:

- nicolas monti

- Xaser

- yakfak



- Danlex

- Roofi

- TimeOfDeath


I found a way to travel back in time:

- The innocent Crew

- Fredrik Johansson

- Yukio Ide (no joking that much)

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