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You and three other mappers get together to make a mapset/megawad. Who do you pick?

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Never gonna happen tier: Dario Casali, Milo Casali, and Erik Alm.


Less likely, but not impossible: Pipicz, Years, and RottKing.


Actually plausible, and already happening: WashingMachineEnthusiasts, EnragedEggplant, and LunchLunch.

(Sorry PunchYouInTheFaceMan, they only let me pick three)


And some day, if I can drag them kicking and screaming, and make them build some levels, CombineKegan and Eric631.

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I would just pick 3 of my friends who have dabbled in mapping


Foxtonnes, R3DBelmont456, and DogB01

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Hmm....its tough when you can only pick 3.

If I had to make a dream team of mappers that could mesh well with my style. It'd probably be:

@Insane_Gazebo for his grand architecture and penchant for slaughter.

@Ribbiks For his outside-the-box thinking in regards to encounter setup and map layout.

@Bridgeburner56 Because every mapping team needs a dose of cunt-ery somewhere in the mix. (And he also makes some fantastic slaughter c: )


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If I had any semblance of talent in making a mapset, it'd be a love-letter to Final Fantasy 7- meaning brand new textures, brand new weapons, conversions of the OG music into MIDIs, expansive and detailed maps with tons of Boom trickery, break maps with doom-cute, a steep difficulty curve, and an attempt to makes a fun but X-difficulty boss to try to invoke the same kinda dread as one does when facing Sephiroth.

(I admittedly havent played it in many years because my PS2 is toast, but this is going off all I can remember from years ago)

So, here are the three people I'd handpick: 


1. lupinx-Kassman cuz I think he's the king of making adventurous and extremely picturesque maps with a sense of narrative (his maps in AA, CC4 and REKKR come to mind). Think he'd create the perfect texture pack to showcase the setpieces in FF7. 

[Anteres and Insane_Gazebo came to mind as alternatives, but I havent played enough of their stuff to put them over my selection here.] 


2. skillsaw cuz he knows how to make combat in any mapset very fun and accessible and engaging, and really knows how to incorporate the environment into the actual fight themselves. In addition, I think he knows how to set a difficulty curve for any map-pack perfectly (even tho I wish he wasn't as forgiving as he tends to be as far as difficulty goes, but that's just me lol). Not to mention that he's one of the best doom mappers ever, just as a bonus. 

[I didn't pick Ribbiks/Dannebubunga (who are the GOATs in combat structuring IMO) because I feel a bit of the accessibility factor would be lost given how brutally difficult their maps tend to be. Maybe a guest slot.]


3. Doomkid cuz he's a master of deHacked, plain and simple. Alot of custom monsters/bosses and weapons are gonna be needed to try to convert the turn-based-RPG type combat into an adventurous FPS with Cloud having to be equipped with all the "attacks" that his peers have in the form of ammo/weapons slots- and I think he'll be able to do a great job with that. Not to mention, there's always skillsaw available to help with that :3 

[Also shoutout to Tarnsman, whos great at this kinda stuff too- TPH really really impressed me in this regard.]


So yeah. Btw, y'all can have this idea for free. I just wanna play and enjoy sth like this :p 

Edited by i suck at nicknames

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On 10/21/2021 at 5:08 PM, xdude_gamer said:

(replying to me) We'll see soon. I've definitely got an itch for some music and stuff to deal with. 


On 10/20/2021 at 4:59 PM, Dusty_Rhodes said:

(replying to @xdude_gamer) I'd love to make a wad with you man! I'm a bit occupied, but bring this up down the road and we could get something going.

BTW, just got my PC back yesterday.

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it'd just be people i have already disappointed lol

sorry for dead projects/forgetting to submit/never getting started list: dobu/Xaser/ella guro

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2 hours ago, KUBA18i said:

Bob Evans, Mark Klem, Jim Flynn.

:-( Rest in Peace.

I'm sad now. Such creative mappers.

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@Jimmy my style has been compared to his so our maps would complement each other. He would also be in charge of music as his midis are great.


@40oz I really like his ideas and enthusiasm for Doom. He is also experienced in Team mapping and makes cool textures.


@Doomkid I appreciate his commitment to vanilla and is prolific, which would given how slow I am at mapping. I am sucker for creative DeHacked work as well.

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On 10/31/2021 at 1:38 PM, Jimmy said:

Of those, only Jim Flynn is deceased.

I know, but the likelihood of working with the other too isn't very good. 

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On 10/20/2021 at 10:39 PM, Immorpher said:

If I decided to map, I would desperately need all of the help I could get and obviously do it for Doom 64, so my team would be...

@jdagenet - Has fantastic layouts and enemy encounters for all of his maps.
@AtomicFrog - Awesome in detailing and atmosphere. They had to expand the limits of Doom 64 EX to play his maps!
@sector666 - Overall amazing work in scripting and programming for replayability in maps.

I have to also mention @Ryath (aka scwiba) as they can almost do anything in any Doom engine, so if any team member dropped out, I would beg @Ryath (aka scwiba)to save the project.

You forgot to mention how good looking I am... js 

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Personally, if I get the mapping skills and had a great idea for a breakout success megawad, I would love to collaborate with @Doomkid and @skillsaw for mapping, and the third it would either be @Jimmy or @stewboy for music (Would want both, but this is three people, not four, so I might go with Jimmy on this) Mainly because they're the mappers and musicians who's work I'm most familiar with (Still kinda new to the Doom Community), and they are also the people who's work is some of the best out there you can get. Stuff like Rowdy Rudy 2, BTSX, Valiant, amd Ancient Aliens are some of my favorites from them.

I would love to make a cool, breakout megawad with them, and I would want to see how Doomkid and Skillsaw would make a map together, and how awesome Jimmy's and Stewboy's music would be with them.
I had an idea in the works, but I doubt it's any good until I begin to get good at making my own maps lol. I wouldn't want to drag a project down with them involved with crappy maps.

Oh well, those first few maps of mine aren't gonna make themselves.

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