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[McD] James

Recommend me some Korean dishes to try out

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I love a lot of various Asian cuisines, and yet I have virtually no experience when it comes to Korean dining. I've read some very positive reviews for this restaurant, but I have no idea what would be a good meal that's beginner-friendly. And if you have any recommendations for any other Korean dishes that are well-suited for novices, I'd be happy to hear them.



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Yup Bulgogi is one of my favourites. Also I never found a Korean restaurant that disappointed me with their fried chicken.


If your climate is cold and you like a warm soup, hot pot is great. Although I don't see that mentioned in the menu.

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Can't go wrong with bibimbap, bulgogi, and dumplings! Make sure to pickup kimchi, too. Some people might not initially like the taste of it but I think it's delicious.

Once you're more comfortable with the food, I definitely recommend the pork kimchi stew (kimchi jiggae), samgyupsal, or bibim naengmyun, or really any soup. 

Doesn't hurt to try their fried chicken, too! Especially if they serve it with pickled radish. 

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Bibimbap is a good straightforward entry point. There's a Korean BBQ place not far from me, in the before times I remember going there and doing the whole thing of cooking the meat on the heater that was built into the table. Also does amazing fried chicken and spinach namul. 

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2 hours ago, vanilla_d00m said:

Kimchi.  Try looking for the ones in glass jars.  

Danger, Will Robinson! Danger! Kimchi is Korean gunpowder in a jar! It will fry your mouth off and leave no witnesses! :)

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Korean BBQ with the inset grill has been one of my top choices for a date night for years. It's also great to take a small group of friends, and go back and forth moving stuff on and off the grill and sharing.


Also, when you go to a sit-down place you get all the pickled appetizers, which is one of the best parts.


The best bi bim bap comes in a hot stone bowl and has a raw egg yolk on top. The bowl makes the bottom of the rice slightly browned and chewy, and then when you mix the yolk in in lightly cooks and makes the whole thing a little bit gooey and delicious.


Cheap fruity soju is great but watch out. It sneaks up on me.

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