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Sounds- saving as files?

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Hi again, I've got all the sprites and graphics catagorized in files, now i need the sounds too. I've been trying to use Wintex, but theres what i understand as a known bug where listening to sounds through it will eventually crash Wintex. (I read that somewhere ).

Anyway, I imported about the first 56 sounds, having to reload Wintex about 3 times to accomplish that, because you can't select a sound without it playing the sound too (!) which makes it crash after several sounds.

But now I cant even play/select any sound without it crashing. Ive restarted my computer several times in this process, all to no avail.

What editor can I use to find, and convert the sound files to .wav format? If i was ready to yet, I wouldnt be able to edit the sounds in wintex because i cant do anyhing with the edit sounds option now.

Any help at all, as always appreciated. Thanks, your help has been awesome so far!

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BlueBeast said:

What editor can I use to find, and convert the sound files to .wav format?

DeePsea Export assuming you mean convert the DOOM sound to a sound you can edit with Windows tools:

1. Press F7 to bring up the PWAD tool dialog.
2. Select "Export Lump to a File"
3. (Optional) uncheck all types until only Sounds is left - now click "Show Types".
4. If you want to do all of them at once, click Grouping.
5. Push "Select All" for all sounds. For only specific sounds, press Ctrl+left mouse button as you select sounds.
6. Click WAV - this will create a WAV file for every sound selected. It will prompt for a directory to store the files. The name of each file is the lumpname.WAV. IOW, ALL the files are exported at once with nothing more to do:)

If you meant to take WAV files and put them in your PWAD converted to DOOM format sound, that can be done too. F7, Merge-Import. Change the "Auto Options" (click that button) to change the default from WAV to SND. See bottom of http://www.doomworld.com/vb/showthr...&threadid=12173 to see how to do that.

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If you're using WinTex 4.3, you can turn sounds off when looking at them. When you edit a wadfile, you'll notice at the very top a bunch of options. One of them is 'Music'. Select that, then click on 'No Sounds'. After that, you shouldn't hear the sounds when you select them.

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