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Switch sounds not working properly


I'm trying to set up custom sounds for my switches but so far without succes.


I did manage to give the switch a custom sound, but not without replacing the original doom switch sound, which is not what I want.


In SNDinfo I defined the sound as follows:


Switch FRT1

Switch FRT2


Then in animdefs I wrote:


switch SHIHO1 on sound FRT1  pic SHIHO2 tics 0
switch SHIHO2 off sound FRT2 pic SHIHO1 tics 0


Upon testing ingame this produced no sounds when hitting the switch, instead I got the default Doom switch sound instead.


Then I put the command "switches/normbutn FRT2" in sndinfo and changed the animdefs to this:


switch SHIHO1 on sound switches/normbutn pic SHIHO2 tics 0
switch SHIHO2 off sound switches/normbutn pic SHIHO1 tics 0


This played the custom sound for the switch ingame but with the caveat that it replaces all the switch sounds instead of replacing the sound of only the one (and intended) switch.


Is there a way to give my custom switch a working custom sound and what are the proper commands for it? 

I would greatly appreciate your help.

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Your SNDINFO definition looks wrong to me. You need to define the sounds by giving them a unique name, like so:


Sound name:                   Sound file:


HexenChainSwitchOn        chnswch8
HexenChainSwitchOff        swtch6


And then in your switch definition instead of switches/normbutn you use the name of the sound, not of the sound file.

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