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Ded StePPin

jdoom servers?

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I remember back before I got gamespy I would have to find web pages with lists of servers playing Quake II deathmatches. I was wondering if, by any chance, there is a page with a list of jdoom DM servers.
I tried looking but can't find one and was hoping someone could point me in a direction. Thank you

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Hi there, I am new arround here so try not to hurt-me much... That is something I would like to know about too! Are there any places with jDoom server for internet play lists? If not... as I'm willing to play jDoom online anyway (DM, Coop...) I am available to schedule a few games oline with people interested. Anyone "wanna" play? E-Mail me please!

PS: 'Been playing Doom sice 1993... hehe...

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Mmmmm... "Server not found at..." the IP the guy says on the site doesn't work. Well, another day perhaps, I just wish there would be a "Master Server" like it says on jDoom WebPage. It would make things alot easier... meanwhile, the only way I've found to instantly star t playing is to schedule some games with some people and then play.

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