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wad of doom

GZDoom: Any way to make player movement not feel like I am driving a car?

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When I am running through corridors, I feel like I am drifting in Mario Kart. There's always been that slippery feel to the player movement. Any way to dampen that using decorate or something so that the player doesn't seem to slide around as much and come to more complete stops?


Edit: I found nashmove here:




It turns out that I had this for a few years already, but could never get it to work. I just found out that it only seems to activate when you switch levels. I wasn't expecting it to feel strange, but I guess it is for Doom. It also doesn't seem to do well with online play, but I don't plan on playing online, so I think this will work.


Edit: Had to disable it as it's too buggy. Does weird things as you're moving while taking damage. Probably other bugs, too.

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