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I know I am very late to the conversation.  The last time I owned a console or PC for gaming was SNES days.  Within the past year I purchased a PS4.  Since I remember the initial release of Doom and Doom95, you can imagine Inwas very excited to play Doom Eternal.

So much so that I decided to create an account here and an initial post.

I see many posts about consecutive PLAYTHROUGHS.  I'm thinking now that I have not yet finished the campaign (BTW I'm offline gamer so no MP), I am just about to enter Urdak.  I've many many hours logged into the campaign.  I have 100% of all collectibles in each level thus far but I'm guessing I should have just played on through and gone back to the Slayer gates?  I made it through them all and let me tell you - Doom felt like Doom should.  I slogged man.  Hard.  

My poor Doomslayer has been through Hell in all senses of the word.  Regardless all keys, toys, albums, batteries and cheats have been collected.


Sigh....perhaps I should have visit here first.


Anyone else do their playthrough this way?  Or y'all played smarter?

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I don't think I ever opened the automap more than a few times. I ignored all secrets, collectibles and upgrades unless they were impossible to miss, turned off voice dialogue, disabled all but the essential hud elements and had a blast playing through multiple times, increasing the difficulty with each playthrough. 100% hunting wears me out and turns almost any game into a chore.

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