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The DWIronman League dies to: Sunlust

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Here's my demo, recorded in From DOOM with love, complevel 9 with strict mode on (Which disables Tas only features, among other misellaneous things, while not breaking the competition rules)

Died on Map 04, at 18:40 min

Kills: 33/108

Category: Standard 2: This is not a blind run, since I've played this wad before and watched ducino's and coincident's playthroughs


Demo: 2IronSunLol6.zip


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Category 2, died on MAP04, 87/108 kills, MAP03 exited at 21:19





Hey, something I have a decent amount of familiarity with. Going in my outlook was basically if I could get past MAP04 the run was a resounding success. While I didn't accomplish that, I came close enough to find this performance relatively satisfying (although the facerocket death was painful and panic-induced). I did have a decent memory for some secrets, but definitely applied them suboptimally in MAP03. This could have been better, but as is this wasn't bad.


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I will be participating this month. This is the second time this year I’ve been playing through a wad and then it gets picked for this. First scythe 2 and now Sunlust. Lucky me.

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Category 2, sort of? I played on HNTR a few years ago, idk if that counts. I only really remembered map01/02 of what I played, too. 😅

Died on MAP05, 58 / 149 kills. MAP04 exit was 35:58 I believe.






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How exciting, my first run in this competition ever!


And I made it until MAP01, 21/77 kills (Major Arlene had 80 total enemies on MAP01? Surely I had UV set on? Or does this have to do Lost Soul accounting difference between ports?) in 1:36. I guess it's back to Fava Beans and some poor chianti :-<


Played on PrBoom+, complevel 9. I place myself in Category 2, as I have completed the first level month or two ago on HMP, and as I have seen Decino play it.



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33 minutes ago, RHhe82 said:

21/77 kills (Major Arlene had 80 total enemies on MAP01? Surely I had UV set on? Or does this have to do Lost Soul accounting difference between ports?)


ZDoom ports account for lost souls, and all resurrected monsters add to the monster count rather than decrease it.

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Category 2, died on map07 (63/228). Exited map06 at 39:56.




This was a fun run! I knew I could make it to at least map11 but I decided to avoid 2 crucial megas. What a shame :/. I will definitely grind some Episode attempts and maybe a few D2ALLs before I go for the prepared run, I might be able to get to E3 if I try hard enough with what I currently know about the strategies.



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Category 2, UV

PrB+ 2.6um cl-9

Dead on MAP07

Time: 113/228 kills, 1:08:07 approx total time



I knew that having watched Nevanos streams would coincidentally help someday. That said, secret hunter me paid the price in the end - really thought "if I was gonna die, better be in the BFG secret room", and I bit the dust before in an ironic way: being almost full health, having to snag a megasphere, loosing it all in one little fight (the one I feared the most actually). And those close calls from before, like that one in m03 where opengl rendered everything invisible, oof, they say 1hp is enjoyable to watch heh. Oh well, it was fun!



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Couldn't take some time for Alien Vendetta back in February sadly, but for Sunlust I absolutely had to try. :)


Category 2 (I occasionally rewatch UV Max demos on this wad).


Dead on map 07 early on, in some secret.
I knew about the Mancubus, I knew about the mud slowing you down, but I didn't remember there was a nasty Revenant in there as well. Had I switched to the Plasma Gun on time, I could've gone a bit further :/


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I'm happy I could beat the first level of Sunlust without dying, never played it, but I watched some UV-speed back in the day, I get the impression of ultra hard punishing maps while talking about Sunlust or similar maps, so I did never pick it up. I guess this counts as a [1] though.

Died on MAP02 right when the first Arch-vile kicks in, stupid death, bad search for a cover.


Pretty conservative MAP01 playthrough, I never play casual Doom like this, I often run around savespamming like dumb. Fun to try something new.

About 8:30 mins 

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FYI your opening post says "Daddybubinga" instead of "dannebubinga".


Category 2: I played this years ago on HNTR and have watched people play the WAD too, but never played it much on UV myself.


Died on MAP03 at 14:06 with 36 kills. (Exited MAP02 at 11:17)

Recorded with dsda-doom 0.21.3 (-complevel 9)


About where I expected to end up, but the way I died was pretty silly (splash damage from my own rocket). I managed to pull off a completely intentional* death exit on the first map, so that was cool.


*not intentional at all

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Category 2 // This actually caught me while I've been doing a casual playthrough of Sunlust. I've probably played the first 3-4 maps + some of the later ones tens of times now, but I've never done a start-to-end playthrough.

Dead on Map07, approximately 50:03

45/228 kills

DSDA-Doom 0.21.0cl9



The wandering during Maps 05 and 06 really show how little I've touched them compared to the first four. Should have saved that archvile in 06 and got the mega. Or just played better. 07 was going to be rough on me anyway, as soon as I entered the map I realized that I only had vague memories of where traps were, and not a lot about what their enemy configurations were. Oh well.


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26 minutes ago, Maribo said:

Should have saved that archvile in 06 and got the mega.

With the correct angle, you can also rocket jump to the megasphere using one of the platforms. Good demo btw

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Here is my Category 1 run.


Dead on: Map 01

Kills: 42/77

Time: 7:21

Recorded on: PrBoom+




I'd never played Sunlust before, but I had heard plenty about it. I had always meant to play it. I've seen snippets of maps before, but it didn't help me in my run. The only thing I knew about Map 01 was that there were chaingunners in the first room, and knowing that still didn't stop me from triggering them earlier than would have been most advantageous. Still, I didn't have high hopes for progressing very far, so I'm rather happy with how I ended up doing.


As one would expect from maps made by the likes of Ribbiks and Dannebubinga, the maps are stylish, well-made, and lethal. The encounters are well-designed. Admittedly, I only played Map 01, but the encounters don't feel unfair, and there's enough ammo and health to not feel strapped for either. I enjoyed myself with this, and I'm looking forward to going back through it sometime on a lower difficulty.

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Category 2. Map 10 death with 100 monsters dead - exited 09 at 56:26.



I'm pleased with my performance this month. My expectations for how I'd perform were set low but this is a wad I'm very familiar with. I noticed I wasn't playing very well in 10 and had a feeling I'd die to something dumb like that.

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category: 2
died on: map09 (arrived at 1:03:30)

been a while since i last played this wad, so that plus being used to pistol-starting everything without pressure made this run an absolute snoozefest full of peeking, chaingunning mid-tiers and eating rev rockets for days. still, considering how i rarely play past map05, i'm glad i made it this far :)

died in the most embarrassing way possible, memed on by the cyberdemon i apparently forgot existed while trying to remember which way to go, lol. and to add insult to injury, i pressed use out of reflex and restarted the map...


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Now then, I have to unload about something as a fan of the Ironman League concept. (and having participated in every single one since its inception in 2016)


I didn't like this Ironman pick, due to the lack of 1CC option (die on UV, pistol start current level on HMP, repeat on a second death down to HNTR, then a third death ends it; players who get further on UV score better on the leaderboard) that had been previously awarded in the past to DIFFICULT wads that supported difficulty choices (e.g. Combat Shock 2, Stardate 20x6).

Then again, this year I've been kind of disappointed with the general inconsistency of the Ironman League's quality. Going from some interesting picks such as Alien Vendetta, The Eye and Scythe 2 to complete and utter inappropriate trash like World Orifice or uber-difficult megawads such as Sunlust (w/ no 1CC option), Resurgence (in hindsight could also have had the 1CC option considered) and Criticality slapped together with Miasma (imo Miasma would have been fine on its own).

The Ironman League's selection quality now seems to resemble that of an average DMP-style community project; some gems, some trash, some in-between. And considering I remember the more consistent quality offerings of Alfonzo and Naza's reigns, I feel the Ironman League in 2022 needs to go back to having one person run the show, to allow for a better consistency of wad selection. Granted, it's a hard ask since doing the Ironman League (as I learnt in the month I chose Firebox) is a time-consuming process.


With this in mind however, there is somebody who has been running an Ironman "sister league" of sorts for 37 months now, and so I propose in this post that @Peglegbe considered for running the Ironman League as of next year, and in the process ending the criminally much lesser populated Ironeagle to do so. Heck, he could even consider incorporating the Ironeagle-style UV/HMP/HNTR leaderboards into the Ironman League.



Edited by Suitepee

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