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MODs and forums?

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well it may not be about doom, but it is about doomworld.com.
I am curiuos as to how the MOD system runs around here? Do you guys swtich off who Mods which forum or are you assigned?
Is someone a MOD for a while then it goes to someone else, like hissy is supose to be doing?

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We're just Mods. The Admins decide who Mods which forum. There hasn't been any trading around that I've seen, as it would just be a hassle for Admins to change Mod status for everyone.

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(from the FAQ)


* Moderators:

A moderator is a member who looks after a specific forum, or more than one forum at Doomworld. Their job is to make sure the rules of the forums aren’t breached, and to act if they are. For instance, if a member posts an offensive or pointless thread the moderator can choose to delete it. If a member posts a thread which should ideally be in a different forum the moderator can move it there. If a moderator encounters a trouble-making user in his/her forum they can refer to them in the admin forum for inspection by the executive staff who can take further action. Moderators can choose their own custom titles, post attachments and view and modify member’s profiles. Some of them can ban members.
* Super Moderators:

A super moderator is a member who looks after the whole of the forums in general at Doomworld. Their job is basically the same as the moderators, except they moderate in all forums. They have all the options of moderators plus executive powers, meaning that if a user persistently breaks the rules they can modify his/her profile and/or ban the user from an individual forum or all forums completely.
* Administrators:

An administrator is a member who oversees the management of the forums and forum staff. They have all the abilities of the moderators and super moderators plus complete executive powers. They can appoint/remove staff from the staff list. They can add new forums and close forums. They can implement new features and generally change the site as they see fit. They also have the final decision in any debate over a member’s future on Doomworld.

Basically, what this means is a mod controls a forum (or forums) and no others. They can do some things like ban, post attachments, post a poll in any forum, ect.

Trading mods and stuff would be pointless and a real pain in the ass for the admins.

If you got the idea of "mod switching" from seeing people being removed from the staff list, then, this next part will explain that.

Some mods may be replaced / removed if :

They do not act accordingly with their status (ex. Kat and me)

They get promoted to a different forum that suits them better (ex. fraggle)

They are replaced by somebody who fits that forum better (ex. fraggle used to be the mod of the Eternity forums, alongside Quasar, but SoM has replaced fraggle as mod of that forum as he is the co-coder of Eternity)

They never post (ex. sotarn and KNorton)

They request to be removed (ex. flathead)

They do something stupid like massprune all the posts ever made (ex. nobody yet, thank God)

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