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Doomworld Community Heretic / Hexen Top WADs of All Time

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After check this thread

some other information here and there I've realized that there is no solid list exist in case Heretic / Hexen field. They are generally rarely mentioned and often poorly known, there is no specific placement or forum exist to track one.


So. The idea is to create one based on similar conditions. Rules will be a bit different here in case, I suppose, less things will be to choose / pick - vote for 3-5 WADs with up to 10 points each, i.e. total maximum is 30. By other hand it's easier to create top 5 rather to 10 from my point of view. In addition I'll also mark here a number of available maps, specific features and overall capability with the mods.


Also. One more thing. Some of the wads might a be series of few, which is not so often thing for Doom or it's quite different in his case. For example Hexen sometimes has a pack of 3 or ever 4 wads that are similar in overall taste. In this case, if you want, you can vote for the series as a one wad, I'll put a links to all of them, or specific one only.



Current Tally. Voters: 5. Wads: 15. Maps: 2.


1. Faithless Trilogy (2020) [27: Not Jabba: 9, ReaperAA: 10, LadyMistDragon: 8]. Currently in beta stage. 3 episodes x 9 levels = 27 in total {3x9}. Contain new weapons, textures, monsters. Poorly compatible in some parts with gameplay modifications in case also have own one included - wad has four keys used, instead of three, custom bosses and some other things. [Cacowards 2020]


2. The Wayfarer (2019) [17: ReaperAA: 7, Fryoko: 10]. {1x9}. Contain own gameplay modification, vanilla+ kind of type. [Cacowards 2019]


3. Sold Soul (2021) [17: Not Jabba: 9, LadyMistDragon: 8]. {1x9}. Few new enemies, 1 weapon, some textures.


4. Elf Get Pissed (2015) [16: ReaperAA: 8, Fryoko: 8]. {1x9}. Regular wad. As for mods. For example you can use Heretical Doom for Heretic and Walpurgis for Hexen, or, anyhow, for both. [Cacowards 2016] [Mods+] [Wiki]


5. Quest for the Crystal Skulls (2020) [8: Fryoko: 8]. {1Hx8}. [Mods+]


6. UNBELIEVER (2019) [5: ReaperAA: 5]. {3x9}. Do not recommend to use the mods here in case it can lead to troubles at some levels.


7. Curse of D'sparil (2010) [4: Not Jabba: 4]. {E3 (replace for third episode), 1x9}. [Cacowards 2010] [Mods+] [Wiki]


8. HYMN (2013) [6: LadyMistDragon: 6]. {1x9}. [Mods+] [Wiki]


9. Icebound (2011) [5: Not Jabba: 4, LadyMistDragon: 1]. Just one regular map that replace E1M3 {1X}. [MAP] [Cacowards 2011] [Mods+] [Wiki]


10. Call of the Apostate (2011) [5: Fryoko: 4, LadyMistDragon: 1]. {E3, 1x9}. [Mods+]


11. Dark Deity's Bastion (2011)  [5: Egregor]. E1M1 {1X}. [MAP] [Mods+] 


12. Treasure Chest (2010) [5: Egregor]. {contain 25 levels splited by 3 episodes}. [Mods+] [Wiki]


13. Blasphemous Experiments (2021) [5: Egregor]. {3x9}. [Mods+]


14. The Realm of Parthoris (2015) [5: Egregor]. {1x9 + E2M1}. Has a lot of custom textures. You can beat with, for example, Heretical Doom, but a lot of random crashes might happen. [Wiki]


15. Shadows Of Cronos (2014) [4: Not Jabba: 4]. 1 hub with 5 maps {1Hx5}. [Hexen] [Mods+]


16. Masters of Chaos (2012) [4: LadyMistDragon: 4] {3x10 + E3M11}. New weapons, monsters, graphics. Jumping allowed. [Cacowards 2012] [Wiki]


17. Shadowcaster (2002) [2: LadyMistDragon: 2] {E5, 1x9}. [Mods+]

Edited by UnknDoomer

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So max of 30 points total for 3-5 wads?

Faithless Trilogy: 9

Sold Soul: 9

Curse of D'Sparil: 4

Icebound: 4

Shadows of Cronos: 4

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So max of 30 points total for 3-5 wads?




Honestly, these are all the Heretic wads that I have played :p

Well. Another reason to fill the list. Perhaps you will find something new after.

Edited by UnknDoomer

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10: The Wayfarer

8: Quest for the Crystal skulls

8: Elf Gets Pissed

4: Call of the Apostate


Unfortunately I haven't played Many other than the well known releases

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Might I say that Heretic Treasure Chest and 20 Heretics Challenge are another 2 Heretic wads that I've played (HTC is well known but kinda forgotten lately and 20HC is much less known). There aren't much Heretic content, sadly...


Ah yeah...there's HUMP too.

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Well. First major goal achieved - now we have top 10+. I've also added Cacowards tags today.

I guess "end point" of the regular renewable list of 50+ wads with around ~ 80-100+ voters can be count as fine for "final stage" in case of Heretic/Hexen field. Which will be about ~ 1/5 of Doom results of creations and ~ 1/2 of voters after about two years+ of last topic exist for that purpose.

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This is a pretty good idea! Here's a few significant efforts that haven't yet shown up on this list. I'm not really sure how to rate them, I just want to get them on the list so ill give them all 5s:


(5) Dark Deity's Bastion (2011) https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/heretic/Ports/bastion


(5) Heretic Treasure Chest (2010) http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/index.php?file=levels/heretic/Ports/htchest.zip


(5) Blasphemous Experiments (2021)


(5) Realm of Parthoris (2015)


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UnknDoomer; it would be helpful if in the OP you made a distinction between Heretic and Hexen for each entry. This should help with making the list more user friendly.

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Neat idea.


A couple suggestions: tags would be cleaner exclusively on the right side of an entry, so that wads could be in a neat aligned row, like: 


5. Quest for the Crystal Skulls (2020) [8: Fryoko: 8]. {1Hx8}. [Mods+] 

6. UNBELIEVER (2019) [5: ReaperAA: 5]. {3x9}. Do not recommend to use the mods here in case it can lead to troubles at some levels.

7. Curse of D'sparil (2010) [4: Not Jabba: 4]. {E3 (replace for third episode), 1x9}. [Cacowards 2010] [Mods+] 

8. Icebound (2011) [7: Not Jabba: 4, LadyMistDragon: 3]. Just one regular map that replace E1M3 {1X}. [Cacowards 2011] [Mods+] [MAP] 


That is a lot easier to read.

Also since you're using the Cacoward tags, I'm glad you're giving awards and runners-up no differentiation, because they are definitionally near-identical anyway.

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Updated list


Faithless: 8

SoldSoul: 8

HYMN A Heretic Community Project:6

Masters of Chaos: 4


Icebound: 1

Call of the Apostate: 1

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