Welcome back. Your technicolor nightmare awaits.   After almost a year in the works, The UnMaking is finally available for the official Nightdive release of Doom 64! This brings all 33 original maps to Steam, plus 7 bonus maps full of some of the strangest and most sadistic scenarios I've dreamed up yet. The UnMaking is half a tribute to Doom 64 and half an experiment to see what kind of unintended shapes I can twist the engine into before it breaks.   The Doom 64 rerelease doesn't play well with PWADs, so The UnMaking has been packaged a little differently than you might be used to. In order to use custom resources like textures and midis, DOOM64.WAD needs to be patched directly, but with a lot of help from @Immorpher and the Doom 64 community, we've put together a patcher that will take care of all the hard work. And when you're done with The UnMaking, restoring the original DOOM64.WAD is only a double-click away.   DOWNLOAD RELEASE CANDIDATE 1 (If you have one of the Beta versions installed you will need to UNPATCH before patching to RC1) If you'd rather play in Doom 64 EX, you can download the older EX version here.     Screenshots:   Map List:   Known Issues:   Changelog: