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Abyssal Speedmapping Session 59: Watch out for Dracula!

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Link to last months session, which has a link to 58, shush.


Well that was a whole lot of resolving for unclosed parentheses!  But here we are.


Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions, also known as ASS is now back to it's regular numbering system and will otherwise be doing 2 hour and change speedmapping business as usual for this months thrilling entry.


We will be gathering at the usual 1400 Eastern Standard time (yes there was a daylight savings time this month, and I also moved to a state that doesn't observe DST so we will probably all get confused, just a heads up now) on Saturday November 20, 2021.


I still need to set up the desktop so putting a countdown will come later.  Half of those tend to be botched anyway, so it's probably a lot more practical to just get on our Discord if you want in on this little shindig.


Alright, that completes my checklist for the hype thread.  So at this point I leave you all with


Thank you and enjoy your ASS

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WE BEGIN! Here's your resource pack, 15 minutes for resource gathering begins now!

Edited by Obsidian : Updated the resources to fix some bugs.

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14 minutes ago, Scorpius said:

May I ask what light transfers is?


Light transfers are linedef specials 213 (for floors) and 261 (for ceilings) in Boom. The light level of the sector the tagged linedef is adjacent to is carried over to the tagged sector floor or ceiling, depending on which one you use. Hope this helps!

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Hope to have made in time!





Title. Wasting time at the cyberdemon dark castle

Theme: "Heavy" Mid Textures

Build time: 1 hour and 15 minutes

New Music: Michael Jackson - Black or White

Edited by Walter confetti : Added a fixed door tag version

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47 minutes ago, Walter confetti said:

Ah shit, i've missed a door tag, can i put a fixed version time of my map even if the time's up?


Lemme know what it is and I can fix it for you. :)

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