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Seven up!

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I just wanted to let everyone know that I posted a bunch of stuff on the Doom2 wads page at Doom Wad Station = http://www.doomwadstation.suhost.com/main

Included in the reviews I re-uploaded from my archives today were a 10 level set called Earth, A castle DM level, Unreal Subworld by Pablo Diccter and Nocturnal Missions by Rishabh Mittal which has 6 levels and new graphics.

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In which case, I'd like to request some...do I just email you with the wad's location?

What's the size limit, and do you review source-port-only wads?

(you know what's coming next....)

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I'll review anything you want me to. Unless it uses a port I can't but I don't believe there are any I can't since I have both a windows XP machine and a DOS machine. Most of the wads I review I host on my site with the exception of megawads and TC's which are usually larger projects and have sites of their own which make it easier for people to pick up the updates but I usually host the demos.
If your wad sucks badly I usually will just tell you that and save the embarassment cuz I don't want to waste space on crap. If you have single player maps that you want reviewed and they are on your personal website then I will usually host a copy and also link to your site so if your site is down for some reason or goes offline altogether then they can still get the wads from me.
my email is interleave1@earthlink.net

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