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Guess the map [8th edition] (THY ANSWERS REVEALED)

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The idea is simple, you see screenshots of map layouts from the widest pool ever that is doom content, and you're free to guess as many maps as you can. Each will belong to a different wad to make things varied and interesting, and they can belong to Ultimate Doom/Doom 2, Final Doom, Heretic, pwads from those games, and total conversions as well. We are not gonna provide a tier difficulty curve this time (that's right Ozzy, No More Tiers), however the maps will of course be harder to guess the further we go along.


Like before, the screenshots will be accompanied by a hint for each one. New additional hints will be revealed on the 20th of November, and the answers on the 27th. So get guessing!





-Remembered heavily for the walls of chaingunners

-As well as a central set of chaingunners that get revived from arch-viles in the middle.





-The godfather of setpiece hub maps?

-Imps, imps + barons, a hall with a baron and a caco, demon stage, cacodemon stage, barons + cyberdemon, teleporter rooms, and dropping floors





-A lot of inspiration from the one in 01. Plus more chaingunners.

-Even the music is similar to the map it got inspired by.





-You don't necessarily have to be a "master" to beat this heavy-on-bricks map.

-It was in Playstation Final Doom as well





-IT'S THE FINAL COUNTDOWN! (note: I deliberately zoomed in on the arena portion and nothing else in the map).

-Yes I will accept two answers, after further review





-Three shades of the author's previous works come together here.

-Icicles is a very fitting track name for this level given its wintery nature





-The west side has a notorious cacodemon assault at the exit.

-Plus a nasty cyberdemon at the northeast end






-Plus low gravity





-This was a surprising entry into the Top 100 Most Memorable maps given its relatively serene nature.

-There's a fun pinky ambush after dealing with the northeast side





-The water here is not healthy.

-Made by an author who has made long levels for the Community Chest series





-The last level of a jungle-themed set.

-Every main level has Donkey Kong Country 3 music.





-A runner-up for a recent Cacowards

-single level PK3 for GZDoom





-One map that is on both the Top 100 WADs and the Top 100 Most Memorable Maps

-Technically part of a series





-The author of this map made this and one other map that has a Metallica MIDI in the same WAD.

-Has an intermission music for its main MIDI





-Two down, ninety-seven to go.

-Lots of fun lighting here.





-For Heretic, won a Cacoward

-It certainly lives up to being an icy level.





-A notorious exercise in trial and error.

-Gained a sequel in a Doomworld Mega Project, which had more trial and error switches and even reused the original as an easter egg.





-Those are some very spacious sewers!

-A vanilla megawad level with a rock remix of a track from a Mega Man game.





-A rather tormenting single map.

-Doesn't seem to be associated with the author's other works, has many polarizing reviews on its page.





-The two big areas at the west side have a lot of crates as well as two keys.

-Part of an Episode 1 replacement





-Greenland has a supercharge, while Antarctica has a computer area map

-You start in South Africa





-This map is actually a recreation of a Build Engine level.

-You start on the west side where there's "waves"





-The start of a Hexen megawad.

-The wad itself has new scripts, enemies, weapons, but just one single hub





-All those weird squares represent mountains and/or slopes, and this also is an annoying escort mission level.

-The escort mission takes place in the middle of a jokewad, where enemies fall into the mountains to attack at several points.





-Large town level with an Alice in Chains MIDI

-Part of a "lost" compilation


Guess away and good luck!

Edited by NuMetalManiak : ***ANSWERS REVEALED IN LAST POST***

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I can't resist guessing, even though I know how well I'm gonna fare, again.




01: Layout looked familiar, but only the hint turned on the lightbulb above my head: This one's gotta be Plutonia MAP15. What was it's name, Twilight?
02: No hints needed. The Cacoroom trap and BFG-area trick gave it away. Doom 2's MAP08. (Now that I look at the hint, it wouldn't have helped, I think).
03: This one's not familiar. Detailing points to some modern pwad, there are some monster closets that look like Boom. The hint doesn't help either :(
04: Pfft, something from Master Levels, but damned if I can remember the map names or even make distinction between some of the maps there.
05: I should have remembered this without looking at hints, but I went too fast there. This is, without doubt, Lunatic MAP05 (Final Countdown), where you
    have zoomed out the starting corridor where you collect preliminary supplies :) (Surely there are no replicas of this on any rocket zone map slot 26 on any mapset that call themselves valiant).

06: I would remember that sort of overly long hallways if I had played something like this... but I don't. The hint doesn't help either.
07: Dunno.
08: Looks like something I don't care to know of.
09: No clue, but looks like something I'd care to know of.
10: I don't know. I guess we're out of the "everybody knows" tier.
11: No clew. Maybe Ray Mohawk 2, the final map, whatever that number is (something less than 30?). I don't know.
12: I have such a catch-up to do with modern or even 2000's pwads.
13: Pass.
14: See above, I don't know. I remember hearing Metallica MIDI on some PWAD I was watching someone play in Youtube.
15: ??
16: I can barely remember some of the Heretic IWAD maps, let alone PWADs.

17: My guessing would be a trial and result in error.
18: No clue. Does "Toilet of the Gods" have a sewer level, where all the toilet drainage would flow into?
19: Pass.
20: Looks massive, whatever it is.
21: Finland has no idea.
22: I guess it would help if I recognized the original level, but Duke Nukem 3D is the only one I have played, and I really never looked
    at build engine automaps the same way I look at Doom automaps.
23: There are Hexen megawads?!
24: Geez, someone mapped that... (I don't know).
25: I wanted to see resemblance to Scythe MAP29, and then I remembered it had Symphony X MIDI. 



That's how it went this time :( 

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1. Plutonia MAP15.

2. Doom 2 MAP08.

4. Paradox (Tom Mustaine).

7. 2002ado E3M3.

8. Mock 2 Cacodemon map with low gravity.

13. Chord 3

17 One of the most fun maps ever created! = SPACESWITCH

22 Duke Caribbean: Life's A Beach MAP01 (Doom Vacation)

Edited by pcorf

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01. Plutonia, MAP15

02. Doom 2, MAP08

03. PRCP, MAP20 (looks quite "busy" for a vanilla map, so it took a bit to get in-game mental images)

04. yeah, I know this one, hang on... "Paradox" from the master levels

05. I guess that's the Lunatic map that's also a secret easter egg in Valiant... map 05 I think

06. aaa, Resurgence MAP24, lol I had to reread the hint

07. 2002: A Doom Odyssey, E3M3 (how to forget the final room...)

08. mm

09. nn

10. BTSX, E2M04

11. probably in another hint...

12. oh I umm no

13. pretty sure with a second hint it'll come to my head, or at any random moment the next days

14. .....

15. 99 Ways to Die, MAP02

16. Icebound

17. eh? nah, although I read once in onemandoom about a wad called "Eye of The Beholder" or something, and the difficulty was described like trial and error-ish style, anyways moving on....

18. Hmm, I believe I've seen this already, Reverie perhaps... Doom Core... oh yeah, the latter, and it's MAP05

19. ooh, umm, next

20. Alpha Accident, E1M6

21. earth... jk

22. the rightmost part looks like a large broom upside down

23. Hexen? pass

24. right...

25. feels familiar


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My guesses:


1. Plutonia MAP15 - The Twilight

2. Doom II MAP08 - Tricks and Traps

5. Lunatic MAP05: The Final Countdown (lol you gave the entire name of the map in the hint)

6. Resurgence MAP24: Nuclear Winter (I actually haven't played this map but recognized the part from Speed of Doom MAP05)

Well I thought I was doing well for the first few, but that didn't last...

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You've stumped me this week.


01 Plutonia map15
02 Doom2 map08
03 ?
04 ? [one of the Master Levels, presumably; but the only one of those I know is teeth32]
05 Lunatic map05? This must be a trick question, the clue is the actual map title.

06 ?
07 2002ADO/2002AD10 E3M3, infamously unmaxable, until kmc(?) found a humorous exploit
08 ?
09 Hellcore2, Hobbes End Horror. I forget the slot. MAP09?
10 BTSX_E2 MAP04

11 ?
12 ?
13 ?
14 cchest3, one of Dr. Zin's maps, not map20, the other one, map26
15 99 Ways To Die? Is there another wad with 99 in the title? I needed the clue.

16 ?
17 ?
18 ?
19 ?
20 ?

21 ?
22 ?
23 ?
24 ?
25 Joe Ilya's Lost Maps, map15. I needed the second clue.


Edit after second clues were posted:


I figured out what 11 and 12 are, because for each, I crossreferenced both clues with the Doom wiki.
I shall not officially submit either as guesses though, because they were not, and I have not played either wad.

On the other hand, 25 is from Joe Ilya's Lost Maps. I had to check the map slot, which is MAP15.
But having read the second clue, I had a reasonable idea of where to look, and it is from a wad I have played.

I know the actual rules are very lax: our quizmasters have accepted everything so far, no-one has been disqualified. Furthermore I do not know to what standards other participants hold themselves: I doubt many even think about it, it has never really been discussed. I have settled on the admittedly subtle difference between "I believe I know, but will check" and "I do not know, and must search", along with "when in doubt, post if and only if I have played the wad".


Edited by RjY : The second set of clues did help. Added #25.

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1. Plutonia Map15, aka "I can't believe they thought the secret levels were harder than this"

2. Doom 2 Map08: Tricks and Traps. For the longest time I thought it just referred to tricking the cyberdemon and barons into fighting, because I was just too used to all the things it did to trick the player. Am I going to write a tangent like this for all my guesses?

4. Paradox

7. 2002 A Doom Odyssey E3M3

13. Chord 3

16. Icebound

17. Sure looks like one of the WolfenDooms, but I didn't see it when I skimmed through the ones I suspected.

19. Sapphire Orbital Research Station (why's it so small in that picture?)

22. I can't believe it's not ZBlood! Unless it's one of the zillions of successors made after Psyren and Doorhenge stopped working on the original? EDIT: I've read everyone else's guesses now and I guess I was on the right track as far as creators (or in this case recreators) are concerned.


Edited by SiFi270

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1 Twilight from Plutonia

6 Map24 from Resurgence

23 Map01 from Serpent's wake


The others I dunno or don't recognise


11 hours ago, NuMetalManiak said:

-The west side has a notorious cacodemon assault at the exit.

Didn't recognise the map immediately cuz I always tried to skip that fight. It'd better to mention a cyber that raises from blood in NE section, or even better, a fake teleporter with a caco trap

Edited by SilverMiner

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14 is hybrid envy (Map26) from Community chest 3. The second clue is useful because Dr Zin made map20 as well with the fore mentioned midi.

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No hints



1 plutonia map15
8 cyberdreams perhaps
21 i have played it or seen it somewhere

With hints


2 doom ii map08, i am very surprised it took me so long to guess it
5 lunatic map05
7 very easy with hints, 2002ado e3m3
8 ok so idk
13 null space? judging by southwest part which would be the exit


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Thy answers given!

01. MAP15 The Twilight from Plutonia (most everyone got it here)

02. MAP08 Tricks and Traps from Doom 2 (again most everyone got it)

03. MAP20 Sinister Daybreak from PRCP (gal)

04. MAP01 Paradox from Master Levels (pcorf, SiFi, gal, two partial guesses by RHhe and RjY)

05. MAP05 The Final Countdown from Lunatic (I gave this one away by accident, but the arena is easily recognizable: RHhe, pcorf, gal, Shepardus, RjY, vdgg)

06. MAP24 Nuclear Winter from Resurgence (gal, Shepardus, SilverMiner)

07. E3M3 Stronghold of Damnation from 2002: A Doom Odyssey (pcorf, gal, RjY, SiFi, vdgg)

08. MAP08 Right in the Crotch from Mock 2 (pcorf)

09. MAP09 Hobb's End Horror from Hellcore 2.0 (RjY)

10. MAP04 Dirty Water from BTSX Episode 2 (gal, RjY)

11. MAP04 Temple Terror from Mayan Mishap

12. Freaky Panties 2

13. Chord 3 (pcorf, Sifi)

14. MAP26 Hybrid Envy from Community Chest 3 (RjY, cannonball)

15. MAP02 of 99 Ways to Die (gal, partial guess by RjY)

16. Icebound (gal, SiFi)

17. MAP23 Spaceswitch from The Twilight Zone (pcorf)

18. MAP05 Echoes from Doom Core (gal)

19. Sapphire: Orbital Research (SiFi)

20. E1M6 Fright Yard from Alpha Accident: Terra Nova (gal)

21. MAP07 Pasaulis from Mano Laikas (partial guess by Deadwing)

22. MAP01 Caribbean Catastrophe from DooM: Vacation (pcorf, also this was a Build-to-Doom recreation of Duke Caribbean)

23. MAP01 Lystern Harbour from Serpent: Resurrection (DoomLover, SilverMiner)

24. MAP18 Intardnet 3 - Cybervalley from Community is Falling 3 (it's the level where you have to escort Shaviro)

25. MAP15 of joe-ilya's Lost Maps (RjY)


@galileo31dos01 will take up hosting role again. Thanks for playing once again and good luck!

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