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Any snow and ice themed maps?

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I was kind'a asking about some snow and ice themed maps, because I've already started my Map which is called the Hemilichich mountain pass which is inspired by both the Himalayas and the ice canyons on greenland

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I consider Scythe's MAP29 a combination of city and snow/ice theme. So that's that, although probably the kind you're looking for, since while there is a ice cavern at the end, the primary theme of the map is city, and not a mountain pass.

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I know of a few:


Akeldama's first episode is an interesting, varied take on an Earth-themed winter aesthetic, reminiscent of Alien Vendetta's early maps in terms of design philosophy.


Cold Blood is a compact, fast-paced outing, with a charming egyptian-winter hybrid aesthetic. I very much support Egg Boy's shamless plug here, it is a good set ;)


Uprising's second episode is winter-themed, with a focus on icy techbases and cities. The set in general is great fun, with almost non-stop combat against a host of dehacked beasties set against the backdrop of a broken, demon-infested earth.


Whitemare 1 & 2 are a couple of welll known CPs from the Russian Doom community. 1 is entirely winter-themed, while only the first episode of 2 is. I haven't played either recently or completely, so cannot really attest to their quality, but there's bound to be some good stuff in there.


Winter's Fury is probably the set that feels most... well, cold out of what I've played, if that makes sense. As a Geezy set, it is able to take advantage of an array of effects in order to really sell its main theme, in addition to just being an interesting and dramatic partial conversion.

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3 hours ago, Egg Boy said:

Self plug

You didn't have to do it because I was gonna recommend this. 😄

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Oh yes! Frozen Lands and Frozen Terror, from Biowar and neodoom are the maps that i know about.


I even want to add waterfalls for my current snow and ice themed map

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