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NoSp3 Demos [-complevel 21]

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Here's a proper demo recorded with DSDA-Duh'm, can't believe having survived whatever the fuck this MAP15 is supposed to be. Shamefully it took multiple cyberpunk2077 blasts to the face that would kill in a normal .WAD, but gotta love it!


It's not an UV-MAX because I missed something and pretty much a blind run, therefore called UV-BLIND?


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Seasonal demo recording decided to come online as I was playing through the maps and hit map 15.  Took roughly an hour of attempts to get a UV-Max recorded in 3:49.  Not the hardest map to get a run on by any means, but that secret area can be a real nightmare depending on how the viles cooperate.


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Posted (edited)

Map 24 UV-Max in 16:12


YT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gv4hnE3zq8A


The first few minutes of this demo have an absurdly low success rate. The 12 viles and the ring of cybers fight in particular. Thankfully the finale is more or less free once you have the cybers clumped in the center, you have plenty of health to work with. Unfortunately the cleanup is very slow, taking up the whole 2nd half of the demo. Someone braver than I am could try and play this a lot more recklessly and save a fair bit of time here.


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