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smog (single map wad)

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single map wad

about the wad
this was originally a map for 3x3 take two, but i  didnt have enough time to finish it for that and  ive got a sudden burst of motivation to finish it now
the gimmick of the map is that i was allowed to use 3 textures (except DOORBLU(2), DOORRED(2), DOORYEL(2) and EXITSIGN because theyre important to level progression), 3 flats (except F_SKY1 because    sky) and 3 enemy types

where to play

for doom 2, boom compatibility (tested with prboom+)


textures and midis by james paddock

map01 "smog" (this is where all of the action happens)
map02 "   " (thanks for playing map)

uv -- quite difficult, gets slaughter-y near the end
hmp -- still a challenge, but not as difficult as uv
hntr -- if you want to take a stroll around the map idk (wasnt properly tested and idk how to make this an easier map)




/idgames archive

update bugfix! please download this instead

Edited by reverie

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Cool map. HMP provided ammo in excess, I never ran lower than 50/300 rockets/cells and even left a lot behind at the RK part and finale. UV was more justified on that, having the same ration of resources for the additional monsters. The mancubi in the last area are prone to get stuck on edges, might want to set block lines around them. Despite that stuff, I quite enjoyed my time, thanks for sharing!

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I really enjoyed your map, the best part of it were the fights, every encounter was unique and interesting, visually speaking it is very nice too, good job! 

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